Puppy Sitting Milly

DSC03446 copy
Today Jon and I were Puppy sitting this little lady. Her name is Milly, she’s 10 weeks old and is a Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever cross. Jon’s parents brought her home last Friday and she is still learning about her new environment so everything is exciting for her. Soon we’ll be able to take her out for walks around local parks and beaches which we are looking forward to. It is always great fun walking dogs on the beach.

We are also looking forward to teaching her tricks and having her stay over at ours if his parents need us to dog sit for longer periods. We’ve really missed being in the company of dogs and one day we’d love our own although we do argue over which breed is the best for us. I tend to love weird looking breeds like Sheepadoodles, Pulis and Basset hounds. Whilst Jon prefers what he calls “Real dogs” such as Huskies, Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers so we would need to compromise if we brought home a dog of our own. But right now our lives are revolved around traveling, traveling and more traveling in-between the usual work-life routine.
Having a dog (or in my case many dogs) is definitely in the future pipeline and spending time with Milly until then will be super fun!

Healthy Vibes

“When your yoga teacher inspires & encourages you to keep on practicing arm balances like Crow (Bakasana) yet you are sh*t scared of face planting the hard wooden floor so you create a pillow mountain….Safety first!”

Due to my busy schedule over the summer until the end of August, I am unable to attend regular yoga classes which is a shame. However it has pushed me to develop a good home practice using Yogi Approved, CodyApp and Bad Yogi video tutorials.

I realized I am really struggling with arm balances and it is not necessarily fear that is preventing me from progressing because there are many things in life I am afraid of yet I still give it a go. I realized I need to build strength in my arms properly and so Jon & I will be enrolling at a gym together in September. It is a nice thing to do together as a couple but at the same time we’d be working on totally different fitness regimes. We’ve also decided to shop at local farmers markets for fresh fruit and veg instead of sourcing our produce from supermarkets. This helps maintain a healthier diet and decrease our intake of pesticides and chemicals.

We also use our small Tibetan singing bowl regularly to help clear the energy (or “Bad JuJu” as Jon calls it) primarily in our bedroom, to keep the space calm and romantic. I’ve added a blender or smoothie maker to my birthday wishlist too as I’d love to try making healthy fruit and veg smoothies, I have so many recipes I want to play with!

What little health kicks and tips are you bringing into your lifestyle and why?

Updated Business Cards

Designing business cards, yoga business cards
Whilst I am still finishing off my qualifications I decided to update my original business card design that I created after my degree. This is a temporary update and then I will be designing a whole new batch that is slightly fancier and really establishes my freelance business as something smart, interesting and people want to remember or be a part of.

I had ran out of my original batch I had printed 5 years ago and needed something at hand in case people wanted my contact details between now and early next Spring, so I printed off a small batch of 75 cards. It is so much more professional giving individuals your business card than it is jotting your information at the back of their diary, which they may well forget is there.

Even though I am waiting until all my teaching qualifications are finished to design a more glamorous business card, I still felt I needed to start establishing myself as a teacher now, showcasing my skills in teaching yoga to kids, belly dance to adults & running arty workshops; which is why new information has been added to the original design.

Between now and early next year I will be completing a dance therapy diploma, my Reiki level 2 and training to be a TEFL teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) as well as potentially become a yoga teacher for teenagers as I prefer to work with tweens (11-13) & young adults than small children. Once all these are completed, then my brand new, stylish business card will be designed alongside the new webpage to promote my freelance holistic teaching business.

I have much to work on and to think about but you can see from the image below of my old card stock how far I’ve come. I’ve gone from Contemporary artist fresh out of Uni to teacher and workshops facilitator, and I am pretty proud of that.
Business card design

Joyful Things 12


Amazing breadless sandwiches that will make you drool.
At Ancestry.co.uk you can find out your DNA heritage, where your ancestors have come from.
A woman went running alone throughout Iran, here is her story.
Funny photos of woman on her honeymoon alone because her husbands visa was rejected.
Check out this Amazing group Acapella performance.
Awesome kids nature & eco magazine called Eco-Kids, take a look!
Talia Sutra is my new favourite Yogi & yoga teacher at the moment.
Great recycling & air-conditioning idea for hot, poor countries.
I am weirdly in love with this song & choreography, does this make me a Belieber?
How to grow an Avocado tree from an Avocado pip!

Apologies for being unable to blog for a short while, I am now mid way through my Activity Leader contract with a summer school and it’s tiring but great experience. I have also updated my business cards and I am currently planning a kids yoga photoshoot for the beginning of August, the best photos will be used to create flyers and imagery for my new webpage. Other than that Jon & I are brainstorming a new project together.
I hope your week hasn’t been too hectic and you’ve been enjoying some lovely sunny spells in between the showery intervals here in the UK.

Love and all is coming


I am rather happy right now, there are things I am working on that need changing because they don’t make me feel fulfilled but I’m patient for the day I can finally let go of things that no longer serve a purpose. I think it is vitally important to always remember that you do actually have a choice to make a change, if you hate your job but obviously need a job, you can work towards boosting your CV and doing online courses in a career path you desire and when the time is right you’ll feel ready to apply for a better suited job, this may take 5 months or 5 years, that part doesn’t matter because time is in many ways irrelevant and a man made concept, what matters is: Your mind has woken up to realize everything is in your grasp and all it takes are baby steps towards the change you want to see or want to be.

I recently met an amazing person who is a professional handstand practitioner and I asked him what his secret to success was and he said “Well, for a long time I was struggling in dead end jobs, I was a kitchen porter, a waiter and a gardener and I wanted a change, I said to myself ‘this is not my life.’ I had a passion for stunts and doing all kinds of arm balancing and hand stands and so began working on what I love. I shut myself away from social media and socializing for 3 years so I could be dedicated to my practice and now I am followed by thousands of people on instagram and I teach workshops around the world, tomorrow I fly to Hong Kong to teach, I love my life, it’s busy but it’s doing what I love every day!”

it’s people like that, that prove if you manifest what you truly desire and put it into action, it will blossom. It is hard work, which is why most people don’t want to try, it’s a lot easier being controlled by a corporation, moaning about things and taking home a pay check every month, I know this because I’ve been there. But as an artist, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and so I made a decision to take ownership of my life and happiness and I am only just seeing the fruits of my labour, my seeds are sprouting but I still have to nurture what I am manifesting whilst it is slowly beginning to blossom. I’ve made sacrifices along the way, I don’t socialize much and I’ve opted not to own a car or the latest Iphone so I can save money or spend it on things I need for this passion. My life is far from perfect but I am happy because I am working on what I love which in turn makes me feel love and thus I become love, I embody love.

You can not fully grasp love in it’s all encompassing, cosmic vibrancy if you dislike yourself or have nothing in your life that makes your cup over flow. In the end it comes down to you to make that change, to find something to nurture and enjoy, the key is devotion like my favourite Yoga Sutra 1:14 Practice becomes firmly grounded when continued for a long time and with reverent devotion.

So here is where I am at now: I work two jobs, one I dislike but gives me a steady income and one I enjoy as it is giving me confidence in teaching and leading classes but it’s a temporary contract. After years of continuing professional development in numerous topics like mental health awareness, anatomy, the subtle body, creative therapies & kids yoga teacher training I am now ready to go freelance. This will be a slow process and I will have to keep the part time job I dislike for a short while but this September I will be promoting myself as a Kids yoga teacher around Devon (and even internationally), I hope to start teaching at least two classes a week which will eventually build up over time and will also include art & meditation in these classes. The same will happen with belly dance classes, teaching twice weekly and will include Reiki, Chakra Balancing & Champissage. This is what I am currently manifesting and I have other bigger life changing events I am also working towards. Not that long ago I was lost, had little or not support and wanted to give up my dreams to work full time in a job I hate, but something inside me was broken open & freed. It has taken 4 years to come this far and from the ground up I rebuilt my life again, the very first step was learning to love myself. You have nothing to fear; Love and all is coming.

Photo by Jon Roberts//DoSportLive Campaign.