Zap Yoga

I recently discovered this incredible woman via a different blog that posted a video of her practicing Yoga on a beach in India. Her name is Zap. Zap is a Russian Model, artist & Yoga instructor amongst many more interesting things. Not only do I find her intriguing and inspiring because she enjoys an array of many different joyful activities but I find her Yoga practice calming & very natural. In comparison to other advanced Yogis who have an air of almost sporty athleticism about them, Zap dances through her Yoga practice as though in a state of grace. Her movements are gentle, innocent, playful, slightly sensual and fluid like water.
Zap is a stunning picture of health, strength, serenity & sweetness. Her evident state of overall wellbeing is truly inspiring. If you want to learn more about her, here is a short video interview of her here and here is her website.

Distinction for my Eating Disorders Course

eating disorders level 3
I can’t believe I received a Distinction! For those of you who don’t know, a Distinction is the highest grade an individual can be given, you can liken it to a A*, I am really proud of this result.
This is another course that is important to my professional development as a holistic community artist. I am gaining knowledge in understanding mental health and specific disorders to prepare me for working with vulnerable individuals from all walks of life. This course in understanding eating disorders was an important one for many reasons. Firstly because I will be attending a workshop in London called “Yoga, Food & Body Image” this August, which trains me to be of assistance to those with eating disorders through Yoga and positive body image. Secondly, eating disorders are closely linked to personality disorders and depression so gaining deeper knowledge into those areas are important to me as someone who wants to work with people who suffer with these issues and thirdly, understanding eating disorders also involves having some knowledge in Nutrition plus Anatomy & Physiology (and I have a diplomas in both), having good understanding of how eating disorders develops involves the professional having fundamentals in not only mental health but also in how the body works and the food we eat can chemically affect our mood and psyche too. So you can see how everything I have been studying is slowly connecting.

I am currently studying a Yoga Philosophy short course with Oxford University’s Hindu Studies Program. It is 7 weeks long with a two thousand word essay at the end. This course is a really good foundation to have because I intend on attending an intensive Yoga Teacher Training in the near future and as with any Yoga Teacher Training you have to learn or have some knowledge of the Philosophies of Yoga so I am essentially giving myself a head start. Yes I am doing a basic Level 4 Yoga Teaching course right now but this one is more for self development and to be able to teach Yoga as a warm up to Belly Dance. Eventually I will go on a more advanced teacher training program after a year or two of dedicated study and practice of Yoga.

Also this year you will see me complete short courses in Business & Administration to give me good Business skills for running my own workshops, a Dance Therapy Diploma to compliment my Art Therapy Diploma and to have knowledge in leading therapeutic Belly Dance classes and Counseling Skills providing me with essential knowledge in listening skills and positive communication between myself and my clients who attend my future workshops.

I am really proud I have come this far already, I have studied so much recently and it feels good to strengthen my professional development. After these last four short courses I already have plans for two intensive training courses next year (One will last about 6 months, the other over two long weekends) so watch this space and thank you for the support!

Lazy Sunday with Henna Design

henna design
After just over 2 weeks of fighting an awful flu bug and Laryngitis I finally have my voice back and I am beginning to feel great again. I have even unfortunately had to miss Yoga class and have not been able to do home practice due to being so weak and fatigued from the flu bug which upset me a great deal but as experts say, this is my body telling me it needs rest so rather than pushing it to do certain things I allowed it to relax and heal itself.
So this Sunday gone was a good one. I felt almost 100% again, I was cozy wrapped up in my woolly blanket, drinking Green tea and watching ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and decided to apply Henna to my hands. I do enjoy doing this as it is very therapeutic and although my level of Henna design is not professional in the slightest, I think the results turned out good. I love the smell of Henna, don’t you? It makes me think of trees after the rain.


henna application

lovely deep red, brown henna

Wanderlust Purse from Wild & Wolf

This Wanderlust Purse is from the Wild & Wolf Collection.
wild and wolf

Wanderlust dictionary definition means: (Noun) Wanderlust – 1: very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. 2: A great desire to travel and rove about. [German, literally: wander desire]
wanderlust purse

I desperately needed a new wallet/purse. I had had my Beatles wallet since my early 20’s, really proud it lasted this long & I love the Beatles but my personality has changed and that wallet had seen better days. I discovered the Wild & Wolf Collection a couple of years ago when mooching about some quirky shops in Exeter and fell in love with the unique design.
wild & wolf collection

This specific purse that Jon bought me as part of our ‘little gifts on Christmas Day’ idea really suits my personality. Not only is the style vibrant yet earthy with the array of animals and tropical plants surrounding the entire wallet but it is has a collage effect much like a lot of my own art work and art journals plus with it being called ‘Wanderlust’ is fitting since I do have this insatiable desire to travel as much as possible right now. You really do get a sort of safari-exotic explorer feel from this purse which I love. Also this purse is bigger than my old wallet with plenty of room to add a small photograph booklet of people I love that I have wanted to do for many years. Overall this is an exceedingly beautiful purse that would make a great conversation starter and it has plenty of space for cards, cash, coins, photos and other essentials.
wanderlust collection

collage purse

looking for a quirky purse for girlfriend?

You can also buy this purse on Amazon here.

Planning our next Adventure

Osprey backpacks for women

low alpine
Jon & I made a promise to each other in September to only get each other small gifts for Christmas Day so that we had something to open because we wanted to wait until the Boxing Day & January sales to buy each other high quality travel backpacks (you guys know how expensive the really good ones are!). When we went to Morocco I borrowed a backpack from a friend and Jon borrowed his from his brother which was great at the time however if we are to go on future adventures we need our own.

This whole idea to buy each others backpacks was and still is really important to me, as goofy as this seems, it’s kind of like the exchanging of rings, a sort of gesture of commitment, not so much engagement but it shows he is devoted to me and I to him, so much so that we are investing in a future that includes adventures around the world together, that we see each other in the picture, he sees me by his side in his dream of visiting Japan and I see him with me in India.

We are currently planning a trip to Nepal in March and to Bulgaria in September to visit my Mum (who now lives out there). This year I turn 30 in October so we will be saving for a special adventure around India to celebrate, perhaps not on the day or month of my birthday, it may well be we have to wait for March 2016 to visit India so that birthday present will be a little bit Be-lated! But I am excited for the near future non the less, I love traveling, it makes my heart sing, I have been to numerous countries in Europe such as France, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium and Turkey. I have lived in Cyprus and China and holidayed in America. Jon & I recently ventured to Morocco, Croatia & Montenegro and I look forward to more exciting adventures together in the not too distant future.