Yogi Approved: Advice for teaching Yoga to Kids

In this article published with Yogi Approved I write a little bit about my first ever class I taught and discuss the 7 things I have learned as a newbie kids yoga teacher. I had a great time writing this because it was just so nice to reminisce about my summer spent working at the Language school…

“I was a newly qualified kids yoga teacher . . . fresh out of my training, with bundles of ideas. Amidst all of my excitement, I agreed to teach my first yoga class. Soon, my commitment sank in and the nerves did as well. I was worried if this was something I could truly facilitate or if it was a huge mistake.

Prior to this, I taught art workshops and belly dance classes in the community. But teaching yoga is very different than teaching art, and all the knowledge I gained from my previous teaching experience went out the window. I had to tap into my intuition and just go with the flow. Que Sera, Sera!…”

View the full article here: 7 simple pieces of advice for teaching yoga to kids

Sneak Peak: The Adventures of Harry Molloy

I planned this children’s book for my Nephew a few years ago, I started working on it soon after my first book “Bella likes to Laugh” which I created for Jon’s Niece. However my life gradually became busier and I had to work on other projects and commitments. When I made the first book I was unemployed, looking for work as I had just moved to Plymouth and finding arty projects to keep me busy. I had plenty of time on my hands to make Bella’s book but with Harry’s book it kind of had to take a back seat.

Now I can focus on finishing it as I am nearing the end of my professional development and training, my Resume is looking fantastic with wonderful work experience and my current art projects are easy to juggle. Harry’s book will include more illustrations and slightly advanced text because he is now 6 years old. The chosen language for him to learn is Spanish and I want the entire book to feel like Harry has already had his hands on it with crayon scribbles, finger marks and mud appearing on the pages because Harry loves nature and being out getting muddy in the great outdoors. The framework will be a timeline with illustrations of him as a baby right up to when his sister Darcy was born. I am just so glad I can finally work on this book once more and I hope to have it finished and published by Christmas.

I will not be making any more personalized children’s books, both mine and Jon’s sisters have had another baby each, and whilst it would be nice to make our nieces Darcy and Nicole a book as well and perhaps do the same for friends children, to be honest I really can not be bothered. Making the Bella and Harry books are painfully slow and monotonous, the whole process of making a set of illustrations from photocopies of photos using tracing paper is so tedious. Plus I really want to focus more on my illustrated poetry book (which I hope to be published with Amazon) and keep on making dream catchers.

The poetry book is a lovely ongoing project I can work on when I am inspired or a poem jumps into my head and dream catchers can be made on a rainy afternoon. This is where I am at artistically, only wanting to make things for the simple pleasure of crafting or if I am paid to teach/create a workshop or piece for clients.
These images are a sneak peak as to how Harry’s book will look and feel, with about 30 main illustrations plus drawings of wildlife and plant life will be added to compliment the sketches of Harry on his adventures. I hope you like them?



TEFL practical training

Last weekend I attended my practical TEFL training! For those of you who don’t know what this is; TEFL means ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language.’ and it is something I have been thinking to do over the past few years but didn’t have the courage until now. This is my second to last teacher training to fully set me up on this new career path.

Every yoga teacher knows that teaching yoga is not always a sustainable career path; it’s not impossible but many teachers opt to do a different full time job as well as teaching yoga classes perhaps at the weekend or for summer retreats. This is one of the reasons why I decided to become a TEFL teacher, this qualification gives me the opportunity to teach English as a full time job and have a comfortable wage.

Not only that, it seems both fun and rewarding to teach English to kids and adults whose mother tongue is different. I love people from different cultures and most of my friends are not English.

Another factor is; Jon & I are in discussion about living and working abroad, even if it is only for a year because in the past as 20 somethings we never had that opportunity to take a gap year from Uni to travel like a lot of people we know. Now in our 30’s we both feel like we’ve missed out on that experience. TEFL is a fantastic qualification to have for me to find work in a school whilst we are traveling, it would be a great gateway job for the locals to get to know me and I may find a local yoga studio to teach in on the side?

The TEFL practical was actually really fun, our teacher was amazing and encouraged what’s called “student to student” interaction, so lots of group work, pair work and lots of discussion. There were moments where we’d become the students we might be teaching so to better understand how it feels to struggle learning a new language. Our teacher did this by teaching a short lesson in Catalan and we were not allowed to ask for help in English, we had to figure out what was going on by body language, repeating words our teacher taught and recognizing “false friends” which are words that sound the same as English. The training was very holistic and humanistic with a lot of focus on being playful within a simple framework. I felt so relaxed and confident during the intensive and I highly recommend it.

I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, I began my professional development in learning more about mental health, art & dance therapy, anatomy, special needs, child development and yoga philosophy among others. This year I qualified as a Kids yoga teacher and I am officially a trainee TEFL teacher. It will take me 6 months to fully complete this course and my absolute last course is my 200hour yoga teacher training which will happen some time in 2017, making me fully equipped to teach English, Yoga, Dance & Art to adults and children. I could even incorporate art, dance and yoga as part of my lesson plan for my English classes.

I feel amazing to have created this path for myself pretty much from scratch and with very little support.I am proud of where I am at in my life right now. This life has not been down to luck, this has been hard-work on a road less traveled, and I just never gave up.

Yoga in Horsham


A couple of weeks ago Jon invited me at the last minute, to assist on a photoshoot in Horsham (between London and Brighton) to interview an amazing Free Runner called Drew Taylor because the original assistant had to cancel. I do enjoy these day trips where I get to be involved in something creative and be completely hands on with a project.

The weather was surprisingly glorious, Horsham is a very pretty place and after the shoot we headed to the local park where Jon photographed me doing my Yoga thing by a pretty pond in a rock garden and on the grass as the sun was setting.

Soon after that we ate incredible enchiladas and chocolate churros at a motorway service station.
All in all, a very eventful day. Not many people can say they’ve photographed a celebrity Free Runner, did a back bend next to a swan and ate Mexican food all in one day; Pretty awesome if you ask me! I just love days that shake up your entire routine, makes you enjoy the unexpected and appreciate how magical life can be, if you let it.

Joyful Things 15

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AND IT WAS MY 31ST BIRTHDAY yesterday! I do love birthdays, I think celebrating a birthday (whether it is your own or another) is special and heart warming because you are showing you are happy that person is alive and well and you are celebrating living life. Enjoying birthdays is so much more important to me than Christmas because in my opinion Christmas is over rated, over commercialized and perpetuates greed. Birthdays honour a person and lets them have one day every year that makes them feel special. Yesterday Jon & I went on a day trip to Tavistock, walked up Great Mis Tor on Dartmoor and had a lovely meal at a Nepalese restaurant. This evening I am having a meal with friends at a Mexican restaurant because I wanted a relaxed birthday this year. Last year for my big 30 we were in Budapest & Vienna which was fantastic but right now I am happy to take it easy because we have two very big travel adventures in the pipeline for next year.

Photo taken by Jon, cake bouquet created by Hayley Traynor