Yogi Approved: The Crown Chakra

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In connection to the physical body, the Crown chakra is the entry point for the human life-force which pours abundantly into the body’s energy system from the greater universe (God or the Tao). It is this force that nourishes the body, mind and spirit, and it distributes this energy throughout the physical body and down the lower chakras.

This is why activating the Kundalini energy and the Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala (the main nadis, or energy channels of the body) is vitally important because it not only encourages energy from the base to rise up, but it also enables the Crown chakra energy to freely flow around the body and into the lower chakras.

The seventh chakra influences the major body systems: the central nervous, muscular and skin. Therefore skin issues such as rashes, acne or eczema could mean your Crown chakra is in dis-harmony.

On an emotional level, the Crown chakra generates devotion, inspirational and prophetic thought, mystical connections and transcendental ideas. Having incredible dreams lately? It could be your Crown chakra communicating with you.
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Joyful Things 11

The Meddy Teddy is an adorable mindfulness teddy bear that can bend into yoga shapes.
The wild unknown animal spirit cards are officially in stock! I love animal magic & shamanism.
The spider who couldn’t hide video is amusing.
This meadow flower summer dress by Sailaway is divine. Might treat myself.
Celebrities photoshopped to look like their bad fan art. This is rather funny.
The Kid’s try Yoga video is adorable and hilarious!
This all in one organic shampoo/shower gel is amazing, can also be used to wash clothes.
Beautiful, sexy dance video by Brazilian dancers Charles & Arline.
Check out this beautiful tattooed Yogi on Instagram.
Gorgeous retro photos of Iran in the 60’s & 70’s before the revolution and strict dress code.

*Photo by Postcards from Ken & Joann, friends of ours from San Fransisco.

Yoga on Dartmoor








Jon & I have been super busy these past couple of weeks, organizing and sorting out small tasks involving the house, preparing it for our lodger to move in with us on the 1st June. However last Sunday the weather was glorious so we ventured up to Dartmoor for some fresh air and the opportunity to have meaningful discussions about life and our future. We did some yoga play and Jon wanted to attempt some arm balances which I felt he was pretty good at and in fact much better than me and I managed to secure a very strong wheel pose, hopefully soon I might be able to kick a leg up into the air!

Dartmoor is a wonderful place for a day trip or potentially spend a week here if you wish. With it’s rolling hills, waterfalls, craggy rocks & quaint Bed & Breakfasts and local pubs tucked away in small woodlands you can’t go wrong. We come here often even in the rain or blustery weather because often when it’s warm, many people flock here which kind of ruins the tranquility. Many people from around the world venture here to meet the wild Dartmoor Ponies, go wild camping or attend a trekking group. You can go on walking trails off the beaten path to find old Tors such as Hexworthy & Devil’s Tor; and numerous rock climbers, lone runners & cyclists can be seen all year round in the elements. Families bring their children here on hot summer days for a picnic or BBQ, lovers can be seen holding hands under trees and dogs are free to roam and swim in nearby streams & rivers. Probably not as stunning as the Lake District or Snowdonia but it is a place of gorgeous natural beauty in the UK so it is worth paying a visit, especially if you are a nature lover and photography enthusiast. Surrounding Dartmoor are Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes & Torquay if you wish to be near the sea or fancy a bit of shopping. There is much to offer here in Devon and Dartmoor national park so do come and visit.
Learn more about Dartmoor here: Visit Dartmoor
There is more info about Dartmoor here: The Dartmoor Visitors Centre
This is a riding centre that also offer accommodation: Shilstone Rocks
This website offers walking trail information & advice: Dartmoor Walkers
This site offers information about accommodation: Dartmoor Accommodation

I feel really good right now in this moment of my life, it is by no means perfect but I am super stoked for all that has recently come into my life such as becoming a qualified kid’s yoga teacher, being published with elephant journal, being featured in DoYouYoga & having had a lovely mini break in Brighton; these are all such wonderful events that I am so thankful for! But I am also excited for what is coming between now and early next year such as our 2 week holiday to Romania & Bulgaria this June, becoming an activity leader for a summer school from July to August and setting up my kid’s yoga-dance classes & adult belly dance classes at the beginning of September plus much more! Both Jon & I have big things to look forward to which is why we are busy bees putting the foundations and framework in place now in prep for the bigger events waiting to happen, the fruits of our labour should be reaping in October and I’m literally on the edge of my seat, I can not wait.

For the first time in a really long time I feel like there is a massive change in the air, I feel my wheel of fortune spinning faster and it feels like I can finally sigh “Thank Fuck for that!”
I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and remember: Be kind to yourself, you are where you need to be, you’ll get to where you want to go. So don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy your short life, enjoy being you.

All photos © Jon Roberts Photography 2016

DoYouYoga: I’ve been featured!

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A few days ago I came home from work and checked my messages over a brew and to my surprise I received an email from DoYouYoga.com telling me that they love my blog and have featured it! I was honestly so in shock and on a high from left over chocolate birthday cake from Jon’s brother, that Jon had to try and calm me down as I danced like a silly maniac in the living room. I was and still am over the moon. Being featured with DoYouYoga means a lot to me because I have spent at least 3 years maintaining this blog, I’ve poured so much love and time into it even when people kept telling me it’s a waste of time because I don’t get paid, that I should be working more hours in my normal part time job.

It shows that actually people are reading what I post, that my audience is growing and that following my heart and gut intuition was the best thing to do! I could have given in, neglected this blog and agreed with the critics but I didn’t and it just means the world to me that incredible sites like DoYouYoga and people all over the world find my life and blog interesting and inspiring. I find it crazy to fathom I am considered one of the top 25 European yoga bloggers! Wow! So I am incredibly thankful for this feature, I don’t know how this came into being or how DoYouYoga found me but I am truly grateful and I would love the opportunity to write at least one article with them in the future.

Click on the link and scroll down to find me: 25 European yoga bloggers to watch

Yogi Approved: The Third Eye

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Opening the mind and discriminating between thoughts motivated by strength, fear and illusion are all challenges of the sixth chakra. It is learning to develop an impersonal mind and detaching oneself from physical and mental illusions. We can transcend our thoughts, worries, and fears to know our souls truly from within.

The third eye holds a unique combination of facts, fears, personal experiences and memories that are continually active within the energy of the mental body.

Deciphering what we believe to be true and what is genuinely true is at the core of this chakra. Sometimes a negative memory can manifest as truth to an individual later in life. For example, if a person is made to believe they are fat or ugly their entire life, then this can manifest as fact within their thought patterns and as a result, they will develop body dysmorphia and low self-esteem.

To read more, click here: The Third Eye Chakra: How It Connects Us to Our Intuition

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