Bohemian Dream Catcher

bohemian dream catcher
This is my latest dream catcher I’ve recently created and gifted to my best friend as a celebration for being friends since we were 19. This one is larger than the others and it’s centre holds a vintage Bulgarian doily.
Every piece for everything I make is intuitively chosen, blessed with sage and given Reiki.
It also includes: A clear quartz for good vibes, blue howlite for wisdom & inspiration, angel wings charm (because my best friend has a tattoo of wings on her back) and the main colour is green symbolizing nature, trees and the heart chakra.

Two more are on the way in a similar style, and I hope to be starting up an etsy shop for people to commission me for bespoke pieces.
My life and creative projects are leaning towards a more spiritual & holistic path and I’m really happy with that. It feels right, it feels like I am finally being me. I think as even as a little girl, I’ve had a love of the mystical and would collect twigs, leaves and stones believing they had magical properties, or I’d ‘bless’ them with good vibes.

My intention is to offer individuals the opportunity to have something unique and captivating, to feel like the things I make for them symbolizes love, magic and protection. I would love to find that people feel comforted when they look at their dream catcher as a sacred object that brings peace to a room.

I feel pulled even more to the world of the mystical, to be a bridge between worlds and show others a life of light, truth and healing through art making, yoga, dance and meditation.

vintage hand made dreamcatcher

My Flower Crown

flower crown
My flower crown was recently completed and here it is for you all to see! This headdress is inspired by Balkan and Slavic flower wreath crowns worn by women during Spring festivals and Pagan celebrations. I will be performing wearing this headdress and with in a new costume this Monday and I am so excited! This new performance is slightly funkier than past dances and its in celebration of my new found sassiness. I also wanted a flower crown to represent my current spiritual journey into Paganism, I feel connected to nature and I’ve been enjoying learning about ancient gods and goddesses from around the world and so this new dance piece will also reflect this.
This flower crown has been made with faux flowers, wire and felt and took Laura two days to complete. I wanted this headdress to have an autumnal feel as it is my favourite season and I was born in early October, I just love that time of the year where the leaves are turning orange and red and there is still a soft summery warmth to the air.
I’ll be performing for the event ‘We want Women’ in Liverpool and I’ll be dancing to two songs. One is a solo piece, the other is a collaboration between my best friend and I. Stay tuned for a video and photos of the night!

Slavic flower wreath

Pagan headdress

Pagan flower crown

I’m a TEFL Teacher!

TEFL English Teacher
I am now officially qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language! So where do I go from here? Nothing is set in stone but I do have a general plan of action. I realize I’m not a young whipper snapper who still lives at her parents anymore, I have commitments and responsibilities to sort out so I am not going to rush over to Kuwait or Kathmandu any time soon. I don’t have that luxury like those fresh out of Uni and intend on traveling as a gap year.

So what do I want to happen? Well first I need to discover my teaching voice and boost my confidence by teaching English online and continue to set up children’s yoga classes in and around Plymouth. I am going to do this over the rest of this year whilst continuing to acquire the last few training courses for my professional development. These include: A Fitness Instructing Level 2 (Fitness to music pathway), Teen yoga teacher training plus a couple of specialist TEFL courses in ‘Teaching Online’ and ‘Teaching Young Learners.’ This will make my resume look the Bees Knees to employers/schools. Not only am I knowledgeable in Nutrition, mental health, creative therapies and child protection but I’ll be a skilled teacher of English and fitness (yoga & dance) to kids and adults. Also this year, there will be a lot of emphasis on my body too, so more yoga, dancing and gym sessions. I really want to be as strong and fit as possible for a 200hr yoga teacher training intensive I hope to do next year.

So alongside gaining teaching experience and finishing off my professional development, I am also in a long term relationship with Jon who owns a house and pays a mortgage every month. So again, I can’t just jump on a plane to Tibet right now! Jon and I are in talk about perhaps renting out the house and for him to try and get a sabbatical. This is difficult because it is a very good job and he is a senior member of staff and is therefore not seen as a disposable employee.

In early 2018 I do intend on going to Thailand for a 2 month long yoga teacher training, after that I may decide to stay a little longer to teach English at a local school on a short contract (and teach yoga and belly dance on the side) and Jon can just visit me as a holiday. We are potentially thinking about spending Christmas backpacking around Thailand before Jon drops me off at my yoga teacher training and then after I am qualified 2 months later he’ll hop on a flight to meet me again in the far East, perhaps in Indonesia? Who knows?

We both have the wanderlust bug, it is just a time in our lives where we need to figure out what is best for both of us. We may eventually move abroad or I may be content in being an online English teacher (& run my own freelance yoga, dance & art classes) in the UK but go on awesome backpacking adventures twice a year? Who knows? All I know is, this TEFL qualification is life changing for me because it will replace my retail job and catapult me into the role of teacher and leader as oppose to a number who registers her shift at a clocking in machine and is treated like dirt by consumers. It is important to me to live a life I can be proud of and feel free to tailor it how I want, it’s not about money to me (although that is a bonus), I’d rather be happy in the present moment, doing what I love and making my own choices than being told what to do every single second of the day by the Zeitgeist.

My Wild Flower Tattoo

tattoo dust'n'bones
After my Kids yoga teacher training in Brighton at the end of April last year (2016), the friend I was staying with encouraged me to get a tattoo with her. It is both a symbol of our friendship and celebrating the completion of my first teacher training, I opted for a honey bee for many reasons. It was also a tester tattoo to see how I handled the pain because I knew that the main tattoo I really wanted was a dream catcher designed by myself and that is eventually going on my back somewhere.

This new tattoo is an extension of the honey bee because the bee kind of looked a little lost on my wrist. Another reason for this tattoo is in celebration of finishing my TEFL teacher training. This TEFL teacher training is very important, most people know that teaching yoga is not always a lucrative career, it can be, but it depends on many factors in order for you to thrive solely as a yoga teacher and so training to be a TEFL teacher will hopefully provide me with a comfortable income and both teaching jobs will feel really rewarding! It is the reason why I chose Wild Flowers; they represent freedom and beautiful chaos, they don’t conform to specific structures like other plants, they grow how they please and you see them dancing together in vast meadows.

I am a wild flower and for many years I’ve been growing for too long, near those who have attempted to make me sit in a row and be just like them. I can only ever be me. This tattoo also symbolizes a Japanese proverb I love and very much agree with:

Kachou Fuugetsu
Experience the beauty of nature, learn about yourself.

Other people have likened me to a wild flower because I am free spirited and a little bit hardy, I’m feminine but I don’t need to be preened or fussed over and I’ve grown up being taught to be very independent, meaning whilst I am loving and sociable I am also my own person, my relationships do not define me, my lover has no control over me. To coexist with me, people need to respect my wild and quirky nature.

The tattoo includes a poppy, bluebells and a feather. Poppies represent beauty, success and dreams in cultures around the world, whilst the bluebell (one of my star signs flowers) represent everlasting love, gratitude and devotion. The feather once again means freedom, limitlessness, inspiration and the element air (which is Libra’s element). So you see everything I do is with deep meaning, therefore I will not regret my tattoos or piercings. They are picture symbols that are symbolic of me.

This tattoo also reminds me of my favourite film Practical Magic which involves two witch sister and their aunts, living in this beautiful white house full of plants, herbs and magical books. I definitely feel more in tune with my witchyness every time I look at my wild flowers.

Another reason why I got this tattoo and want more is because I’m a tribal fusion belly dancer, it feels right to be adorned with tattoos and I am very much drawn to ancient cultural beliefs of sacred tattooing to mark a right of passage, as a form of protection, for beauty, to show which tribe you belong to, to show your status, for medicinal reasons and so much more. In ancient history there were holy women/temple priestesses who were decorated with tattoos and practiced sacred dancing, I find that incredibly beautiful that these women existed.
And lastly, as a joke I tell people my bee was hungry so I gave her some wild flowers from which she can feed from and retrieve the sweet nectar.
The next tattoo I hope to have done is of a mermaid holding a rose to represent my alter-ego and the fourth and final tattoo will be the dream catcher with a Thomas Hardy quote.

This wild flower tattoo was designed by the lovely Ella Bell at Dust’N’Bones tattoo studio. Her work is beautifully witchy and botanical. I trusted her so much that I gave her total artistic freedom for the creation of this tattoo and she did not disappoint. Ella is a truly remarkable artist.

wild flower tattoo

The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas, Bad Yogi

health benefits herbal tea

I enjoyed writing an Herbal Tea article for Yogi Approved so much that I wrote one for Bad Yogi as well.
This one includes four different herbal teas alongside Green Tea and Chamomile. I just love learning about herbs and I think one day I’ll own my own herb garden and little house somewhere with wooden beams so I can hang my herbs to dry. My best friend loves learning about essential oils and in her spare time she creates essential oil soaps and shampoos and I love researching old wives tales about herbal tinctures and concoctions brewed to help heal wounds, cure headaches and aid pain relief during child birth; and I like the idea that someday I’ll be creating home brewed herbal teas of my own for similar reasons (and for enjoyment too). It’s all very earthy and wild and I see myself being the eccentric wise woman on the end of her street whom people come to for advice or perhaps for some yoga and my house will be decorated with plants, dream catchers, vintage records, books galore! And objects collected from around the world, ah a girl can dream!

But without further adieu here is my Herbal tea article with Bad Yogi plus illustrations by a good friend of mine Esther Lankaar.

“An ancient Chinese proverb says: Better to be deprived of food for three days than of tea for one.

Tea has been a favorite beverage worldwide for hundreds of years. A pot of tea shared among friends can bring an air of enchantment to an afternoon, and a cup of tea with a book on a rainy evening can bring warmth and peace of mind to any restless soul.
The tea plant been called the Plant of Heaven for 4,000 years and has been highly valued as a drink of pleasure and as medicine.

Peppermint tea is famous for easing aches and pains associated with colds and flu, as well as headaches and bad breath. Rosemary tea on your scalp can encourage hair growth. Chamomile tea in your bath does wonders for your skin and aids relaxation. And Thyme tea is a powerful antiseptic and helps heal infections.”

Read more here: The Health Benefits of Six Herbal Teas