Milly’s first Swim!

swimming puppy
Jon’s Parent’s recently brought home a puppy and named her Milly. She is now 16 weeks (4 months old) and is now allowed to explore the outdoors safely as she has had all her vaccinations. She hadn’t been given the opportunity to have her first paddle yet so Jon & I took her to Plymbridge woods where there is a gentle stream that she can practice in. We wanted to see how she’d take to the water first and didn’t want to rush her. Before long, her confidence grew and she would run into the water herself and she began to paddle in order to retrieve a stick. We kept her on the lead during her swimming sessions, just in case we needed to reel her in for safety reasons. We created a short video to capture such a sweet memory, enjoy!

swimming dog



Kids Yoga Photoshoot

kids yoga
A few weeks ago, I organized a kids yoga photoshoot which was very last minute. It was slightly rushed because one of the mum’s had come back from Spain and was therefore trying to catch up on everything so very kindly fitted in this shoot as a favour, both mums were preparing their kids to go back to school and Jon & I were to dash to Cornwall for our mini break straight after the shoot. We had one hour at the yoga loft and the pressure was on! I needed images for three articles and promo material to promote my kids yoga classes in my local area so there was a lot to get through in just one hour! The four girls already had a full morning of hockey and then straight after an hour of yoga with me they were to attend a badminton session, however everyone was full of cheer and all four girls were excited to be yoga models.

childs-pose asana

yoga for kids

kids yoga class in Plymouth

kids yoga teacher, Devon
Angel, Melody, Kornelia & Inga were a perfect choice for being kiddie yoga models. All four girls are encouraged by their mums to be sporty, healthy and are exposed to numerous extra-curricular activities. Angel and Melody play hockey, netball and badminton throughout the week whilst Kornelia and Inga have a regular yoga practice at home with their mum who is also a Nutritional Advisor and has a passion for healthy living. Because this shoot was only for an hour and I had so much to get done, I needed kids who in essence knew what they were doing and knew what was expected of them and therefore needed very little guidance from me.

yoga and art for kids

yoga with kids

little yogis, kids yoga
I am also very passionate about cultural diversity so it was very important to me that the kids were from different ethnic backgrounds. Angel & Melody are half Chinese and Kornelia & Inga are Polish. I want all kids to feel included in my classes and I want to promote my workshops around my local community to refugees, orphanages, support centres, children with illnesses plus the Muslim, black and ethnic minority groups.

teaching yoga to kids

tree-pose asana

meditation for kids

holistic education for children
It was also really important to me to keep the group very small for this shoot.
Having four girls kept it all balanced and enabled me to sit or stand in between them (with two girls on each side) just kept things photographically harmonious. In total there were eight of us in the studio as the kids mums came to watch too. This was enough for me because I do suffer with high anxiety, anymore people around would have probably caused my anxiety to flare up. I needed the whole vibe to be mellow and quiet. I was fortunate that both mums have quiet personalities and that is reflected back on their kids, Inga has a cheeky side but she was by no means loud or obnoxious so the whole atmosphere was very calm yet playful.






Another reason why I chose these four girls to be a part of this photoshoot is because all of them and their mums have been through a lot, especially this past year and I wanted to do something special just for them. Both mums are super women who work so hard (with very little support) to ensure their girls are healthy and happy. I know what this feels like, coming from a working class family with my mum as a single parent struggling to earn ends meat. How we lived off her wage alone is beyond me, there were times she couldn’t afford to pay the gas & electricity. And so these are the families I want to reach out to, to show them they are valued and give them opportunities and a safe place to be themselves.





I managed to get all the imagery I need and these photos are the final 30, some have already been sent with the three completed articles to my editors and will soon be published, others will be used on leaflets, flyers and a webpage to promote my offerings to schools, leisure centres and community centres around Devon.
I have plans to do another shoot with Angel plus a few of her friends in order to promote a Tweenager (10 to 13 year old) class and some images with Jon’s Niece Bella and one of her friends for some outdoor yoga as I want to capture us all wrapped up in Autumnal and Wintry clothing surrounded by falling leaves and auburn colours.

The plan is to promote two hour workshops teaching yoga and art activities to kids from the age of 6 to 13. I am also very interested in taking yoga and art outdoors too as I have researched a lot about Forest schools & fusing the arts with forest therapy that encourage kids to essentially play in the great outdoors and learn from nature which is why the next step involves Jon’s Niece Bella and a photoshoot outdoors! Stay Tuned for that!

So I want to say a big thank you to Jo for letting me use the yoga loft, thank you to Jon for supporting me and being the photographer, thank you to Xian & Joanna for letting me borrow your girls and a massive thank you to Angel, Melody, Kornelia & Inga for being amazing yoga stars.
This is just the beginning! I can’t wait to show you more things on the horizon!



Yoga teacher/director of shoot: Me (Katie Ness)
Photographer: Jon Roberts
Venue: The Yoga Loft
Mini Yoga Models: Angel, Melody, Kornelia & Inga

You may not take images from this post without permission.

Joyful Things 14

laughing meditation in Cornwall
Artist puts dress in Dead sea and the results are beautifully astounding.
Baby has no idea she is queen of dress-up whilst she sleeps, very sweet photos.
Very cute children’s toys called Maileg Mice, so adorable!
The egg story completely blew my mind!
The Wild Unknown created a Spirit Cloth to place your tarot cards on. I need this in my life!
The Barefoot Diaries is a gorgeous nature magazine.
Beautiful dance video starring a woman named Princess Mecca Romero.
Interesting short documentary of how this photographer creates his work.
Have you see this yoga magazine? It’s pretty amazing.
This mermaid skirt is beautiful, might treat myself!

How has your week been guys? Mine was super busy trying to catch up on things I had to put on hold over the summer but I remained focused and I’ve caught up. I’ve written three articles which are yet to be published, passed my first module for the dance therapy diploma and directed my kids yoga photo shoot which I am now editing, I am also looking into attending a Paediatric First Aid refresher course for October. Happy mid week everyone!

Par to Fowey: A Coastal Walk

yoga in Cornwall

coastal walk UK

Yoga on the beach

Cornish coast

Par Sands

Par to Fowey coastal walk

Fowey to Par coastal walk

Visit Fowey
About a week a go, Jon and I spent a couple of days in Cornwall just to get some peace and quiet. Jon’s parents own a caravan at Par Sands which is an hours drive from Plymouth and whilst we regularly visit here for a short break at least twice a year we’ve never walked the coastal path from Par to Fowey so we took up the challenge!
It took us four hours altogether and I’d say this is a good walk for intermediate walkers, definitely not ideal for beginners, those with small children or have a disability. What makes this walk slightly challenging is the winding and uphill paths. I attend yoga on a weekly basis, I am a professional belly dancer and my BMI is 19.49 so I am quite clearly a fit and healthy person but I struggled on a few occasions, I was breathless and felt out of shape so this is definitely not a relaxing leisurely walk! If you feel like you would be up for it, the walk has spectacular views with pit stops in sweet bays and coves for a picnic or maybe stop off at Polkerris beach which is a popular hot spot for tourists as it provides restaurants, accommodation, water sports and an art gallery. The coastal walk from Par to Fowey was reasonably difficult but not impossible, we did make it to Fowey hurray! Then we took the local bus back to Par and treated ourselves to Cornish fish and chips!
Get more information about the Coastal walk here: Par to Fowey
This is the caravan site we stayed at, you can rent caravans at a good price: Par Sands

Before the walk Jon treated me to some pretty yoga photos on Par Sands beach because he was testing out a new lens. The photos will definitely be used as promo material for my new webpage because they are a good combination of light, airy, earthy and cute. These are the perks of dating a photographer but then in exchange I do assist and support him on his photo shoots, I never just expect him to take photos of me, there has to be balance and a positive exchange of energies don’t you think? Sharing is caring.

Quiet Time

Currently taking some time to myself so I’ve been merrily wandering around craft shops to buy material to make dream catchers. This is my mini break from EVERYTHING. No article writing, no huge blog posts, no emailing, no work, no essays, no cleaning, no freelance business stuff, no nothing! I am really enjoying this time, especially since Jon is away for three days in Spain, it feels good to just day dream, stick on a movie and finally get round to making my dream catchers I’ve been meaning to make for at least a year now. The intention behind the dream catchers are to create a bit more promo imagery for art workshops, a “how to” blog post and each creation will be a gift for a few ladies I know. This quiet time is really important to me because I am aware I do take on board too many things and it is really hard to juggle the work load, I am also aware I spend too much time on the laptop just constantly writing articles, essays and blog posts and it feels like I’ve become a hamster on a wheel telling myself I have no time to make art, practice yoga at home or just read a good book.

On other news; I went to my first EVER opticians appointment a few days ago to have my eyes tested. Happy to say, I have almost perfect vision and it is predicted I might need reading glasses in my early 40’s, Optician thought I was 21 and was surprised I am nearly 31.
I also had a routine check up at my Doctor’s, found out I’m 8.9 Stone (56.5 KG) and my BMI is 19.49 which is slightly below my average so the nurse told me to eat more cakes (advice taken, happy to eat cake!).
Whilst mooching about Hobby Craft, I saw their Halloween Aisle and fell in love with this witches hat! I didn’t buy it at the time but now my inner child is nagging me to just treat myself and buy the hat!