Joyful Things 18

A town became unexpected friends with a wild wolf.
Artist creates tiny houses for birds that visit her.
Beautiful flower print tattoos using real flowers, how amazing!
Ella Bell tattoo artist I found to create my second tattoo! Her work is literally illustration on skin!
This dance company’s trailer is incredibly beautiful, If I had the money I’d attend their workshop.
Very cute frog photography,capturing sweet moments and showing frogs in a new light.
The love Witch is a very interesting film exploring female sexuality through witchcraft.
In Tokyo you can stay in a hostel that is built like a library, you can sleep inside book shelves!
This belly dance costume shop is amazing!I’m buying some Lilly Loons!
Be still my heart! I am in love with this Samba dance routine!

All my (mindful) Christmas shopping is done, with the exception of a few extra stocking fillers for Jon. Two articles are written and waiting in line to be edited and published, I am working through my TEFL course and making plans for the new year.

My New Years resolution is set with the main focus on being more vocal about my hearts desire but on a physical level I also intend on working more with my body so I want to commit to more yoga classes, attend gym sessions and maybe find a dance class I love, perhaps Samba? I really want to push myself and make an effort in prep for my yoga teacher training and just being as happy and fit as I can possibly be because alongside my Yoga Teacher Training I have had thoughts about doing a level 2 in Fitness Instructing (to music pathway) and it is something that could be a great foundation that combines yoga and dance because they are forms of fitness to music. This means with my yoga teaching qualification I can start teaching as a fitness coach in gyms! Like I said, it’s just a thought but something I may do in the future.

2017 will involve less writing, meaning soon my theory based studies will finish by March and creating articles will come to an end. But more focus will be on body movement and setting up my freelance business in teaching art, dance and yoga.
This also includes more dream-catchers, a new dance costume/choreography, promo material and my illustrated poetry book. I am hoping 2017 will be a very hands on creative year with a lot of joyful movement.

*Photo of me doing headstand, with no supervision (other than support from the wall). As someone who dislikes being upside down, this is a huge achievement for me!

Festive Yogi



I’m not usually a festive person, opting to celebrate mine and peoples birthdays more because you are enjoying that person’s life here on earth-how magical is that? I guess because the Western world succumbs to greed during Christmas and we forget the true meaning of giving. We believe spending large sums of money on mountains of toys and gadgets celebrates love and happiness, but it doesn’t, all it does is fill your home with more crap you didn’t really want or need and now you have to stuff your draws, closets and wardrobes with material possessions that have no room in the house and our kids are becoming more spoiled because they expect the most expensive and most popular toys being advertised so they can gloat to their friends what they have when they go back to school. It is a pointless, vicious circle of “I’m better than you” charade and I really dislike this side to my own culture.

That being said, the giving of gifts CAN be meaningful and thoughtful, it is about being mindful when searching for a present to buy or making gifts by hand is always a pleasure. Greed is probably my most hated deadly sin out of the seven because to me it’s utterly disgusting and it even effects our planet; where do you think all this plastic stuff goes when we pass away? In the bin, in landfills, in the seas! Vomit!

However due to mine & my partner’s Christmas not being so great this year because of work commitments we’ve decided to try and stay positive instead of being all Ba-humbug, we’ve brought the tree down from the attic and decorated it and we are trying to plan a short getaway before the week of Christmas AND we are organizing our next big backpacking adventure for the New Year. For myself I am setting dates for a couple of new (meaningful) tattoos and a good friend of mine who is a costume and prop designer is creating a new headdress for a belly dance performance coming soon and these are things that are important to me, not material things, but things that represent me as a person: travel, dance, art, movement, illustration and doing things out of love. If someone gifted me an object out of love (i.e a book they know I’ll cherish) it becomes something other than materialistic, it embodies love and THAT is the difference!

We are also donating clothes to a homeless shelter and giving food to a food bank this year too, because a part of giving is very karmic, you can’t expect to be given loads of presents like a spoiled child and not have the heart to give something to those who are struggling and would really appreciate your love and support, especially around this time of year. So get off your high horse and be loving and giving to those who really need it.
Go help in a soup kitchen, give mince pies to the homeless, send money to help Syrian refugees, give a tin of cookies to your lonely, elderly neighbour. What ever it is, give with love and that is the true meaning of feeling festive.

Healing my voice, expressing my Heart’s desire


As we are all winding down for Christmas, I’ve been thinking about intentions I wish to set myself for 2017.
So far every year I have stuck to my goals and I am really proud of that. This year was all about working with my Solar Plexus and healing wounds associated with my identity and confidence. I’ve spent the year truly focusing on what I want for my life and career and setting those intentions in concrete foundations for me to build up on.

This 2016 you saw me become a kids yoga teacher, publish my first prose poem with elephant journal and become a contributing writer for Bad Yogi Blog. I also got my first tattoo, modeled for a sports company, started my training as a TEFL English teacher and worked as an activity leader for a language school. If you told me five years ago that in 2016 I’d have done all this, I’d have laughed and said “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m the shyest person the planet!” But I have done it and I kept to my intention of allowing myself to explore the possibilities and not allow certain individuals to judge my choices, telling the pessimists to take a hike is one of the biggest achievements and confidence building exercises I have ever conquered.

So, for 2017 I want to focus on the combined energy of my heart and voice. To speak from the heart, to speak with truth, fairness and love, to not be afraid to voice how I feel, what I desire and how I am going to get what I want. The fear of speaking my mind comes from knowing people will be negative, they’ll try to put me down with harsh words, criticism, back stabbing and viciousness. But my heart knows what it wants and my vocal chords are not afraid of being the voice for my heart, to speak out what it wants to manifest.
Here are a few things I am telling you WILL happen:
I will be getting more tattoos, you don’t like tattoos? Tough, it’s my body (and soul) you don’t own me.
I will be publishing my poetry book and hopefully performing some spoken word. You don’t believe I am capable of such things? Watch me do it.
I will be doing Teen Yoga teacher training and my Level two in Reiki. You think I’ve done enough studying? I disagree, the world is our school and I love learning and growing and evolving, if you don’t then that’s your prerogative.
I will set up and deliver kids yoga classes, belly dance workshops, performances and costuming. You think building my freelance career is a waste when I should be working more shifts at my normal job? Kiss my ass!
I will be living in Thailand for three months doing my 200hour yoga teacher training and doing volunteer work in the local community. You don’t think I am independent enough, strong enough, smart enough, whatever enough to do this? Watch me wave my middle finger at you as a get on that plane.

2017 is going to be a big year, it will be the making of who I truly am, the year I fully bloom. There is a rebellious heart trapped inside of me and for too long I’ve been told “you can’t”, “do as you are told”, “be quiet”, “know your place” and “you are not a free spirit” but I won’t be kept in a cage any longer. Life is fleeting and I intend on doing things I love now, in the present moment. I don’t want to wake up middle aged living in regret.
I know I deserve so many wonderful things and to be surrounded by loving, kind & supportive souls. I will express everything that I am without restraint. I feel good and I feel like it is my time now to shine.

How I make Dream Catchers




I start by wrapping coloured ribbon around the hoop. If the hoop is smaller & thicker I tend to wrap wool around it instead. I then glue parts of it in place to prevent it from unraveling as I continue to wrap the fabric round the hoop.

Once secured, I choose to create a basic web, adding beads as I go or use wool to tie a vintage doily in the centre to give the dream catcher a bohemian, shabby chic look.

So after that, with the glue gun I glue ribbons, string and lace to the bottom of the dream catcher, this is in place of feathers. You can include feathers but for me they get damaged really easily and you can make your own using plastic or cardboard. Charms can also be tied to the bottom with the ribbons to make it personal to the person you are gifting the dream catcher too.

The dream catcher above includes a Bulgarian vintage lace doily and will have less beading tied to it and the dream catcher below is smaller with a thicker hoop and will be very bead heavy. I hope to start up an etsy shop in the new year to take custom orders and eventually develop my style.
This post is a very basic “how to” but I hope to create a step by step guide soon and will be teaching dream catcher workshops alongside yoga sessions for kids, teens & adults! Watch this space!




Looe, Cornwall




As stated in a previous post, we’ve been in Cornwall for a few days. We ventured to Looe which is not that far away from Par Sands where we were staying. It’s one of those places we kept meaning to visit, perhaps as a pit-stop on the way back to Plymouth but never got around to it until now.

Looe is a pretty coastal town with cute gift shops, plentiful boats and even an arcade. The weather wasn’t the best but as long as it wasn’t torrential rain and we were wrapped up warm then all was fine. In fact I do enjoy the rain and don’t mind being outdoors in less picturesque circumstances because life isn’t always sunshine and pretty flowers. Sometimes its cloudy and a bit brisk, you know?

We didn’t stay too long in Looe because it wasn’t the right time of year to be there, I am sure in the summer months this place is thriving and there is more to do and see but then would we like to be there when swarms of tourists are crammed in every street corner? probably not. Sometimes the best time to visit a place is during the off season, the weather may not be perfect but it means you have the location mostly to yourself, prices are cheaper and you can really soak in the environment as oppose to battling for a parking space or queuing for a burger whilst seagulls rob you of your candy floss.

I’m an introvert with a hint of extroversion. Meaning I love performing on stage and playing around with characters and do I love going to a coffee shop to meet good friends but as primarily an introvert I really dislike the public, I hate mass consumerism and crowds of people so sometimes for my well-being I NEED to get away from society and the dullness that comes with it that makes me feel numb inside. Being in Cornwall was a welcome break from the rat race but we are looking to try having mini breaks in Europe in the near future, especially over winter when flights are cheap, I’d much rather spend 3 to 4 days in Prague than the UK but until then Cornwall has a quietness I desperately needed.