Wanderlust Mermaid & Ruler Of The Empire

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I discovered the online store shopdixi that sells boho & grunge jewellery through a chance meeting with a woman in a shopping mall here in the UK. On her index finger she wore this gorgeous crystal ball ring and I just HAD to know where she got it from. I have been searching for a crystal ball ring for some time now, there are some on Etsy that are lovely but the ring mounts tend to be of cheap metal, meaning even though I’d be paying premium prices for something handmade, it’s not so nice when the metal rusts or turns your skin green! So the discovery of Shopdixi was a magical moment for me, their ring mounts are high quality sterling silver and their crystals are to an excellent standard also and considering these are high quality boho jewellery pieces, their prices are pretty reasonable.

I obviously bought the “Ruler of the Empire” clear quartz Crystal ball ring as well as two simple stack rings with text “Wanderlust” and “Mermaid” stamped into the band. I felt like these words resonated with me considering I do have Wanderlust (huge desire to travel) and with my dancing said to look slinky & watery plus with my very tiny waist, people have commented that if I was a mythical creature I’d be a Mermaid which is pretty awesome since Mermaids are my favourite folkloric imaginary being. These rings go beautifully with my collection of other ‘magical’ things such as my Wild Unknown Tarot deck & my Fortune Teller’s Teacup. I will be buying more products from this lovely online store as there is just so many beautiful pieces of jewellery I’d love to own. Their Harvest Moon collection is simply divine & I am wild about this Sea Gypsy Necklace, which will probably be my next treat to myself.
If you enjoy the wilder, magical side to life and if your heart skips a beat at all things quixotic & tribalesque then this jewellery is for you, go and treat yourself, I promise you won’t regret it. Visit ShopDixi!

shopdixi, mermaid ring, wanderlust ring, fortune teller's teacup, wild unknown tarot

Croatia: 2 days in Rijeka

Rijeka was both a relief & a slight disappointment. A relief because it felt good to be out of our drenched clothing. After Plitvice we jumped on the last bus at 9pm and headed to Karlovac to jump on another bus to Rejika, needless to say we arrived at our hotel in the early hours of the morning. We had spent over 12 hours in cold, damp clothing and we were desperatley looking forward to hot showers. It was a disappointment because the weather for the last 2 days of our holiday were gloomy, our hotel was noisy and there isn’t much to do in Rijeka. However when we booked our flights we knew Rijeka was going to be our least favourite destination, we booked to fly out from this place because it was cheap and it enabled us to travel up the Dalmation coast in order to visit amazing places around Croatia. Ideally we would have loved to have finished up in Zagreb which is the capital but flying out from Zagreb was expensive.

For our last 2 days we opted to stay in a Botel (a boat converted into a hotel) we thought this would be a quirky aspect to our trip, I mean it’s not everyday you get to say you stayed in a botel! It was a cheap novelty but so noisy, not only did we unfortunatley have a room opposite the most vocal family ever known to man with an energetically loud tween and screaming toddler (this toddler continued to cry & scream during breakfast-clearly very spoilt) but right next door on another boat, someone decided to have a giant, extravagant birthday party in the middle of the week until 4am! The manager of our botel was as surprised as we were and told us “That party boat doesn’t usually allow for parties until the weekend” and he did go over there to try and tell the party to turn the music down. It would not surprise me in the slightest that that boat party was hired by some spoilt rich kid celebrating their 18th and has absolutley no care for anyone else but themselves. However me being the up-beat & positive person in the relationship I always look on the bright side and to be honest, no holiday is perfect, things go wrong and you just treat it as a learning curve. It was fun to stay in a Botel and there were aspects to Rijeka that were charming and therefore it is worth visiting this city for a day or two.






I think if the weather remained sunny & warm then memories of Rijeka might have been better, although I am aware this part of Croatia boarders Slovenia and Austria so it is bound to recieve changable weather. Rijeka is quite classy with it’s baroque architechture, quaint art galleries and lush cafes giving it a glamourus Italian feel. Jon & I spent 2 days wandering about some exhibitions, gorgeous book shops and enjoying plentiful home made chocolate cakes with hot chocolate which to you might seem sickly but after our very watery time in Plitvice we welcomed some indulgence and warmth. We also discovered a beautiful Tea shop which I fell in love with as it housed all kinds of tea from around the world, the way everything was presented, displayed and packaged was a delight for the eyes, I would love to own and work in a cute little shop like that. That is something great about Croatia and Croats in general. Croats have a sense of class and style which I believe comes from their culture being closly aligned with Italians. Croats enjoy everything to a high standard from making the most delicious cake, to creating a well presented art exhibition to owning a beautiful shop. These people are avid readers, jazz and blues music can be heard everywhere and numerous individuals value having a crafty hobby whether that is to paint, make jewellery or write songs. Croatia to me is my slice of cultured heaven, I could live here and feel safe, enjoy the climate and immerce myself in the elegant and artistic lifestyle.

One hightlight for Jon was our discovery of a shop turned museum created by an avid collector of vintage & retro toys, games and technology. His museum is called “Peek & Poke” and should be on tripadvisor for places of exellence to visit. I enjoyed viewing old children’s books and vintage dolls and Jon was extatic to be allowed to play on a retro PacMan game! This place was created out of love and the owner was a delightful, cheery man who got excited when we asked him to give us a tour. He genuinley loves this museum that, like most Croats, started off as a hobby which then became too big and he was unable to keep everything in his own home so he decided to turn the project into a mini museum to share with others. Now many Croats and people around the world donate retro toys to his place and it is constantly growing and changing. Most Croats have a love for creativity and whimsy and some start up a buisness or project out of their passion for their art. Many artists own art shops, writers own cute book shops and jewellery makers can be seen selling their one-off pieces on a little stall in a market. I just adore the way of life here, Croats are just incredible people!







After 2 days in Rijeka it was time to fly back to the UK but we were already planning our next adventure to Nepal. We loved the laid back pace of Croatia, this holiday was needed because Morocco was so fast paced with early starts, many activities and late nights we came back to the UK exhausted (in a good way) but then we went straight back to work! We needed a holiday to relax from Morocco! This is what Croatia was for us. Croatia was a good balance of adventure because we travelled up the Dalmation coast but it was also relaxing because we spent plenty of time swimming in the sea, sun bathing and pottering around galleries, art markets & the old towns. We also managed to visit a whole other country as well, Montenegro is also worth visiting if you have time. It was overall a peaceful holiday and Croatia on the whole is absolutely stunning, I highly recommend visiting here for a glamourus European break, for a honeymoon or charming, quiet family holiday.
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Soon I will be posting about our 18 days backpacking around Nepal which also includes a video!
I am also on TripAdvisor.

Fearless Dreamer on Yogi Approved

My 2nd article has now been published! I am really proud of this piece for many reasons. Firstly I wanted to show people my writing style and it is only recently I found out this style has a name and is called “Prose Poetry” which according to wikipedia it is: poetry written in prose instead of using verse but preserving poetic qualities such as heightened imagery, parataxis and emotional effects. Prose poetry should be considered as neither primarily poetry nor prose but is essentially a hybrid or fusion of the two, and accounted a separate genre altogether.
I have been writing this way since forever and I think my entire lifestyle has a sense poetry to it, even my dreams are poetic so it kind of fits me. Secondly you may notice a rebellious streak hidden in some of the verses, this is slightly targeted at certain people around me who live a certain way (which is fine if that makes them happy) but when they try to project their lifestyle onto me, to try to change me, it is a massive bugbear- No I don’t care about your expensive sofa and I am not interested in making more money or discussing my hours at work, what part of ‘That is not the real me’ don’t you understand? I have countless interests and I am working on many things, talk to me about any of them, pick one-it’s not rocket science! Phew!

Also these words I wrote are true to me in so many ways, I do wear odd socks, I talk to my house plants and I have met ‘soul mates’ in the strangest of places. I think it is important to always be yourself regardless of what society thinks. Yes, I do live in this superficial, consumerist world but that does not mean I am brain washed by it. And lastly, I wrote this in honour of my Auntie Carol (My Mum’s eldest sister) who lead a tragic life and died in a psychiatric hospital at the age of 60. When my Aunt was younger she was an incredible playwrite and poet and she even had two of her poems published in a book. Some family members have commented that I look like her with my jet black wild, curly hair and that parts of my personality resemble her because she was quirky and very artistic. So this piece is dedicated to my Aunt.
To view my latest article click on this link: I am a Fearless Dreamer
I am super stoked the editor loved this piece (including the quote which is actually mine) because it did come from my heart and I hope you guys like it too. I am currently working on my 3rd piece and the editor of Yogi Approved is featuring me alongside other writers as an inspiring contributor so stay tuned for that!

Chakra Balancing

After my Business & Admin course I took a break from professional developement, my mind needed a rest for a month or so because I have been gaining knowledge in numerous subjects for about a year. But today I enrol on a 6 week Chakra Balancing course, this is a sort of follow up from the Yoga Philosophy diploma since part of the philosophies of Hinduism & yoga delve into the chakras, the Nadis and other energy centres around the body which then correlates to other professional developements I have done involving the body, mental health imbalances & nutrition. The Chakras, when out of balance can affect physical and emotional aspects of the body and even food we eat can causes blockages in the chakras. I am deeply interested in energies within and surrounding the body and how these energies interact with each other, with other people and with encompassing environments. I already know a fair amount about the Chakras as I have been studying them since my mid-teens and I felt like being certified to utilize Chakra Healing in my Dance workshops would be an important aspect of my professionalism as a holistic & creative teacher in training. After this course I will go on to study 6 modules on Dance Therapy towards the end of this summer.

Alongside this, I bought some new books that are nutrient rich food for my soul:
The Chakra Bible-Love for knowledge, to help with my studies.
Anatamy of the Spirit– Love for the soul & Chakras.
Rumi’s little book of life– Love for loving.
Black Elk speaks-Love for the earth and nature.
Osho: Living on Your Own Terms-Love for life.

This is a deeply spiritual time for me, I am absorbing a lot of information centered on the subtle body, divine love & cosmic mysticism. Yum.
On other news I am working on a Yoga Photography project with an old analogue film camera & writing up three short, poetic meditations which I hope to record & produce with soft music and upload onto soundcloud. Stay tuned for that!

I also have a craving for Pomegrante. It is a crazy sexy peice of fruit, don’t you think? Pomegranate juice contains phytochemical compounds that stimulate serotonin and estrogen receptors, it can also decrease symptoms of depression, it has potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects, lowers blood pressure & Lowers cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors. Therefore Pomegranate is a juicy turn on for my tummy.

Belly Dancing at the Ganges Restaurant

This was the second fundraiser I performed at for Nepal and this one raised £2,450! It was a brilliant night full of fantastic performance artists, awesome music, lovely people and delicious food. Everyone was so happy and so welcoming, it is just great to be a part of something that helps others on a huge scale. I wanted my dancing to be slow and slinky with a drum solo to end. People gave me such lovely feedback about my performance afterwards which for any artist it is always nice to be appreciated for something that is more than a passion or a job, it’s a way of life. There was another belly dancer there, different to me but very lovely; she was so playful, flirty and graceful. There were also some spoken word poetry, kizomba dancers, chanting, traditional Nepalese dancing, an art auction and an after party disco. The restaurant was packed with many people having to stand but when surrounded by a big, beautiful collection of humans, excellent entertainment and a buffet of yummy food, you can’t complain can you? It was such a special night not only to raise money for the Nepal earthquake relief but on a personal level too, it’s been a while since I have enjoyed a night out and made new friends so it felt great to just let my hair down and have a bit of a boogie on the dance floor with such delightful people.

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I hope you all enjoy my video, I just love belly dancing so much! If you do like what you see please take a moment to comment on the video’s youtube page.
On other news, I have a bonus performance video on it’s way of a 3rd routine I did on the same night and I will be performing at ‘CultureFest’ this August coming so expect another video soon.
I am currently organizing my dance workshop that will be happening on the 16th of August and have just enroled on my Chakra Balancing short course!
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements! Have a lovely weekend and Eid Mubarak to all my wonderful Muslim friends!