Studying a short course on Dyslexia

I’m dyslexic, I’m also a kids and teens yoga teacher. My current interests and specialty is knowledge on mental health and helping kids of all ages who are struggling with their mental health; using yoga, mindfulness, dancing and art.
I have had training in psychological trauma (L2), eating disorders (L3), and understanding Aspergers (L2). I figured this short course in understanding Dyslexia (L2) would add to my growing expertise in the vastness of mental health and help me better understand my own learning difficulty.

I will then go on to study a Counseling Skills (L2) and Mental Health Awareness (L2). I have also found a day training course in Bournemouth called special yoga for Dyslexia which is geared towards helping kids with dyslexia via yoga which I may do at a later date.

As a kids and teens yoga teacher, I do want to work with mental health and dyslexia organizations as well as forest schools (nature therapy), PRU unit (pupil referral unit) and refugee children. These are the main groups I feel passionate about.
Eventually I’ll do a level 3 in Counseling and then go on to train as a Yoga Therapist predominantly working in the field of mental health for young adults as well as Yoga therapy for women (womb yoga/sacred femininity).

So, what is dyslexia? Many people are misinformed about this type of learning difficulty and think it means I can’t read, write or spell and there is a stigma attached to dyslexics that we’re “thick”. Whilst some people with dyslexia do struggle to read, write and spell words- that is only a small aspect to what is really going on in the brain and in the lives of each individual, much like Autism, dyslexia has a spectrum and actually research suggests that dyslexia is a very, very, very mild form of autism since those with dyslexia do have similar traits to those with autism, albeit on a milder scale. Continue reading

Why I became a Teen Yoga Teacher- Bad Yogi

why I became a teen yoga teacher
It’s been a while since I published articles and soon after my Teen yoga teacher training  in August 2017 I felt called to write about my experience and what I had learned. I am also very passionate about mental health in young adults, I think its an area of mental health that is severely overlooked even though its hugely important because teenagers soon become adults, and those adults battle through the world with unresolved issues and complexes thus continuing the vicious circle of human beings living in a state of unhappiness as though that’s normal? If we can help kids and teens now, they’ll grow up to be happier adults- simple! I don’t know why the public and our government don’t see this?

This article is part one in a series of three and discusses my personal journey on becoming a teen yoga teacher and what I learned on the course, why I feel its important and what my future aspirations are.

The second in the series is being published soon and its a book review of books for teen yogis and the last installment of the series is an in-depth look at why yoga is beneficial for teens!
Do have a read of this first article if you fancy!

“Teen yoga teacher training was something I started thinking about soon after I had completed my Kids YogaDance teacher training, Yoga Philosophy short course and Chakra Balancing diploma back in 2016.

I felt that whilst the training to be a children’s yoga teacher was excellent (My inner child greatly enjoyed The Hungry Caterpillar yoga session) and I am excited to offer yoga classes to Tween girls (age10-12), I realized I felt more drawn to helping and teaching teens and young adults. Continue reading

New House Plants

pagan living
In the spirit of Imbolc and the coming of the Spring Equinox, Jon and I have begun spring cleaning and in general just welcoming spring into our home. Jon is doing odd D.I.Y jobs around the home to help it feel refreshed and he’s soon to re-design our little back garden and I really wanted some new house plants to be company for our current house plants but also to encourage me to learn more about Plant life and lore.

Imbolc, in the Celtic and Pagan seasonal calendar marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life. It is the ‘quickening of the year’. The original word Imbolg means ‘in the belly’. All is pregnant and expectant – and only just visible if at all, like the gentle curve of a ‘just-showing’ pregnancy. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life’s insatiable appetite for rebirth. Hence the reason why I brought plant babies into our home as a blessing.

We spent an afternoon round a garden centre choosing appropriate plants. I really love hardy green plants, plants that can largely take care of themselves, not just because I’m new to all of this but because I guess it reflects my personality too. I’m very low maintenance, incredibly emotionally independent and rather solitary by choice. Jon likes unusual plants so he chose a couple with purple or orange leaves.
So all in all we brought back: A Succulent called Blazing Glory for the kitchen, two peace Lilies and a Calathea for the living room, a beautifully smelling Jasminum and a Chlorophytum for the bedroom.

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D.I.Y Bathroom storage cupboard

D.I.Y bathroom cupboard
It’s been a while since Jon had free time to do some D.I.Y due to his very hectic work schedule but now his contract has slightly changed he has time to work on the odds and ends of renovating our house he didn’t manage to finish such as rewiring plug sockets and adding light fixtures, building extra book shelves, making a window seat in the master bedroom and building a brand new bathroom storage cupboard. Another reason we’re going through the house to see what needs doing or needs some TLC is because we’re now ready to consider what the future holds for this property- do we sell or rent it out completely? Do we keep it and turn it into a family home? There is talk of us going traveling for a short while, which is one of the reasons why this year (2018) is Jon’s year of saving and I’m preparing for my 200hour yoga teacher training which will fully set me up (along side English TEFL teaching) to find work abroad. We want the house to look its absolute best for whatever we decide.

The massive cupboard outside the upstairs bathroom was left as just a random D.I.Y job to do whenever- with the majority of the house finally renovated to a high quality standard, it was just another paint job we’ve neglected until now. Before Jon worked on this cupboard, it really was a site for sore eyes, the doors were made from thin, cheap wood falling off rusting hinges and the whole thing had turned into a smokers yellow colour which didn’t look great considering no one living here smokes and all the walls in the house are white.
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A stormy Cornish Mini Break

visit Cornwall
As you guys may already know, Jon’s parents currently own a static caravan at Par Sands in Cornwall. They bought this caravan I think ten years ago as a way to visit Jon’s aunt (his mum’s sister) who lived in Par, however sadly a few years ago she passed away. His parents opted to keep the caravan so that family members can continue to use it to have mini breaks away from general stresses of daily life.

Jon and I did just that, we needed to get away for a few days, I personally really struggle with city life, even though Plymouth literally sits at the top of Cornwall and is surrounded by the lush coasts and woodlands of Devon, the city itself is a bit shit if I’m honest and I feel shit being in that energy. I’ve come to realize I’m really sensitive with environments and city life as a whole is just not for me. I grew up in Blackpool which is a small coastal town in the North West of England and whilst Blackpool itself is a very run down town, it was small and had a slower way of life and it was so much more closer to really interesting and beautiful places like Liverpool, Lancaster, the Lake District, the Trough of Bowland, The Peak District, Pendle Hill and much more. I do kind of miss that are of the UK because it had so much going for it. I wouldn’t move back to Blackpool but I would move back to the North West if that was a possibility. I just really don’t like Plymouth, I’m unhappy here.
Devon and Cornwall holidays

So that being said, Jon has been away with work recently so took some time off in Lieu to spend a few days with me and his parents dog Millie. The weather was predicted to be stormy but we didn’t care, we just needed to be out on an adventure and in nature. I was also excited to visit the beach that the caravan site is situated next to because I wanted to collect shells and drift wood for my latest collection of dream-catchers. Continue reading