Croatia: day trip to Milna

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Milna is a small village on Brac Island off the coast of Split. We chose this beautiful sleepy village for a day trip instead of Bol because Bol is a massive tourist destination and hundreds of people would have been clogging up the beach and ruining the surrounding natural beauty. I do always try to avoid Touristy hotspots as it tends to ruin my day. Who wants to spend hours contained in a place full of screaming children, tomatoe burned Brits and miles of trash all over the sand? Not me. As an unconformist, I tend to try and venture to places unspoiled and peaceful.

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Milna is a short ferry and coach ride away but do keep checking the time in order to catch your coach back to the main port otherwise you will end up having to stay overnight. There are other cute villages on Brac Island alongside Bol & Milna so if you have the time or have a longer stay in Split I do recommend visiting them. Milna is situated in a deep bay oriented towards the island of Mrduja and Split Channel, on the west, meaning you get breath-taking views looking out to sea and the added quietness due to little or no tourists around. This place is a local secret, this is where Croatians like to go to (like me) avoid the tourists. Here you can potter about, enjoy some home made icecream, take a dip in the azure waters and sun bathe without a care in the world.

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Both Jon & I agreed that if we had the money and the means to support the cost of living, this would be an ideal place to live. From the look & feel of this place I’d imagine reasonably wealthy families & retired couples live here. And who can blame them? It’s a beautiful place! I began to day dream what it might be like to buy & renovate a potential appartment/Dance Studio to run workshops and retreats, oh the possibilities! The crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing & fast connection to the main land make it an ideal place to emigrate and enjoy a beautiful lifestyle.


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Projects & Progress

Apologies for being absent from the world of blogging, not only have I been busy planning projects but I also wanted to take time out from social media since the weather here in the UK has been lovely and I have been spending time outside doing Yoga, cloud gazing & enjoying a huge hot chocolate in a gorgeous bohemian cafe with a friend.
It looks like this whole summer is pretty much jam packed full of juicy projects and my Yoga progress is coming along nicely, I am really enjoying heart openers at the moment. I may not always be able to afford weekly classes but I do make sure I practice as often as I can at home, watch video tutorials and study many books. I do try to attend one Yoga class a week, sometimes I manage to go to two if I feel like I can afford it and I hope by this Autumn I want to ease myself into a routine where I am going to thrice weekly Yoga classes alongside home practice, that is the challenge I am working towards.
analogue camera and black & white film
So here are the Projects I am currently working on:
*Yoga photography series-Photographing two Yogi friends with an analogue camera and Black & White film, if successful, there is potential to publish this series.
*Planning workshop in Glastonbury-Super exited about this! I will be running a 3 hour belly dance & chakra healing workshop in August! And another workshop in December.
*New promo posters & video-Because I will be leading a workshop, I am in need of new promo imagery & have been designing new posters and short video.
*Writing up draft to second & third articles for Yogi Approved-This second article will be a short prose about the magic of life & the third potentially about my life changing experiance in Morocco.
*Performing at another Nepal Fundraiser on the 28th June-Another fun belly dance drum solo and being a part of something that helps others.
*Finishing off children’s book for my Nephew-This one has taken me a while, I have some extra illustrations to add and soon it will all come together.
*Intensive Training with Eat.Breathe.Thrive-In London to fuse knowledge of body image, mindfulness & yoga together to help those with disordered eating.
*Completed the Business & Admin course, now about to study Dance & Chakra Therapy-Because I am highly interested in the Chakras and want to use this knowledge in my dance workshops I felt I needed proof of qualifications before I tell others I can work with the Chakras.
IMG_2849 Some music I have been listening to whilst practicing Yoga:
Hozier-Work Song
Jan Amit-Butterfly Season
Poolside-Harvest Moon
Sia-Fire meet Gasoline
Snatam Kaur-Ong Namo
Jun Miyake-The Here & After
Desert Dancer-You Dance inside my Heart
DSC09451 Reading numerous books, it is safe to say I have a book addiction:
Just finished the classic novel ‘Anna Karenina’ and about to start ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’.
Also in my pile of books by my bedside are:
Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda
The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier
Women who run with the Wolves by Clarrisa Pinkola Estas
Hatha Yoga Illustrated by Martin Kirk
IMG_2836 Going to leave you all now with an Inspiring Video of Erin Motz practicing Yoga to Hozier’s ‘Work Song’. I am totally in love with this short video, I must have watched it 100 times already. (Been working on a similar routine involving upper arm stregnthening & heart opening poses).

Shewolf Belly Dance

Apologies for taking time out from Blogging, I needed a mini break from social media for a short while. I spent some time editing videos, writing up my second article, doing Yoga in the local park & reading books. This video of my latest performance was a challenging one for me, as it represents a side to me I have repressed for a long time and I wanted to set it free. In many ways I am a force of nature, I don’t conform to social expectations & I’ll never be obediant to anyone (unless respected). This performance involves me invoking the Wolf as a spirit animal and enjoying being very primal & earthy, and just like a Shewolf I can be solitary & private, although very loving & loyal to those closest to me. I performed at the Medicine Music Festival in Glastonbury and it was so much fun, I was surrounded by such lovely and encouraging people and I had my Aura photographed. It was a proper Hippie Festival full of magic and oddities, just utterly delightful!

The feedback I received was nothing but complete enthusiasm and support, people were approaching me telling me I bewitched them, that they have seen numerous belly dancers and yet none as good as me, asking if I teach and would I consider running workshops? I told them it is all in the pipe line with a lot more to offer! This is exciting times for me and I will be announcing some awesome news very soon! In the mean time, do have a watch of my dance video and I hope you guys love it as much as I loved performing it.

tribal fusion bellydance uk

Belly Dancer in Glastonbury

Medicine music festival Katie Ness

Wolf belly dance

Croatia: 3 days in Split

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After Dubrovnik we hopped on a coach and travelled up the coast to our next destination: Split. The distance between Dubrovnik and Split about 215 km following the coastal road and can take between 4 to 6 hours depending on traffic. We based ourselves in Split for 3 days and one of those days we ventured to a nearby island called Brač which I will blog about separatley next week. Split, upon first arrival appears modern and geared towards families on a budget holiday or for the individual who enjoys the nightlife. Along the promanade lie a row of take-away food stalls & souvenir shops selling plastic buckets and spades, beach balls and keyrings. On the opposite side of the road display an impressive port where large ferries and ships come to dock-I have never seen such huge ships up close and wanted to compare my tiny physique against such a grand vehicle.
Our holiday appartment was clean and modern and very spacious. The landlady gave us a complimentary bottle of wine on arrival plus had the cleaning lady do our washing at no extra cost. Split is perhaps a little rough around the edges and has a very contemporary & young feel to it in comparrison to Dubrovnik. It is quite vibrant at night with numerous bars and cafes playing loud music to entice tourists to enjoy a few cocktails and stalls & the art market remain open until 11pm; whereas Dubrovnik, (other than Jazz and Blues bars) calms down as the sunsets.

Croatia Split





Split is a very down to earth city, probably not as charming & elegant as Dubrovnik due to it feeling more urban. Many walls and lamp posts are graffittied upon plus there are numerous damanged billboard posters dotted about making Split slightly loose it’s allure. However once you walk into the main area of the old town there are a few hidden gems to find that demands your attention. The main square is small but grand and again like Dubrovnik, the floor is made from shimmering marble slabs. Facing the harbour, Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most imposing Roman ruins in existence and where you’ll spend most of your time while in Split. Don’t expect a palace though, nor a museum – this is the city’s living heart, its labyrinthine streets packed with people, bars, shops and restaurants. Split, in general does offer a wealth of museums and Roman ruins under a dramatic mountain backdrop that opens onto a vast expanse of sea.

things to do in Split

a lovely holiday in Split




It was a lovely relaxing three days here, surprisingly Jon & I didn’t do much but explore the main square, enjoyed a little bit of shopping (I bought a pair of funky Harem Pants), walked around the promanade in the evening, marvelled at the art market & ate some yummy food. This is unlike us but after trying to jam pack a few activities into our stay in Dubrovnik we actually enjoyed winding down and being at a slower pace here in Split. It was just lovely waking up in the late morning thinking “what shall we do today?”, we had no immediate plans, we had no day excursion to be up a dawn for and we leisurly mooched about Split to appreciate some historical buildings. As an Art History geek, I do delight in learning about certain features of a place and will go to numerous museums, galleries, exhibitions & ancient architectural or archeological places to really soak up as much information of an area as I possibly can. There was also a wonderful little antiques market on the way from our appartment towards the main square every day until late at night.


tourism in Split


Croatian holiday, our time in Split


On one of our days here we ventured up to Marjan (pronounced “MARyan”) is a hill on the peninsula of the city of Split and it is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea, making it a unique sight. Originally used as a park by the citizens as early as the 3rd century, it is a favorite weekend excursion destination and a recreational center for the city. It is also the setting for numerous beaches and jogging trails as well as tennis courts and the city Zoo, all surrounded by the scenic forest.



Split tourism, things to do

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Climbing to the top of the clock tower to embrace the breath taking views of Split was astoundingly peaceful, although I do recommend maybe trying to do this early in the morning or just before closing in the evening to avoid a build up of tourists. It is doing simple pleasures like this that really make you appreciate life and the beauty of living. Soon after that we enjoyed watching traditional Croatian music called “The Klapa” which is a form of a cappella singing and some instruments are included. This was a wonderful end to our time here. But before left we had our photos taken touching the big toe of a statue of a saint (currently being renovated) for some luck-we saw many passersby and tourists doing this and thought to join in.



enjoying a holiday in the sun, a week in Split




Split over all is a lovely place, it’s relaxing and full of things to do and see. From Split you can opt for day trips to nearby islands and quaint towns and there is always an art or antique market being displayed for your viewing pleasure. If you are looking for a holiday on a lower budget in Croatia then Split is your answer, you can definitley enjoy an idle week away here soaking up the sun, history, culture, nightlife and sleepy way of life here. Split also offer a number of Yoga classes and retreats which is something Dubrovnik strangley didn’t advertise to tourists. The people of Split are probably slightly more geared up towards welcoming outsiders than Dubrovnikians, perhaps because Dubrovnik wants to preserve it’s beauty whereas Split wants to continue to modernize and share more with tourists from every spectrum. I would say, a number of upper middle class families or retired couples celebrating their aniversay may opt for a holiday to Dubrovnik whereas perhaps lower middle class and working class or maybe students would opt for Split because with Split, not only can the average person enjoy the beauty of Croatia but you can also let your hair down and enjoy time away on a budget.

Next up I will be blogging about a day trip from Split to a village called Milna on Brač island so stay tuned for that next week!
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Dance is in my Genes

vintage photo of my gran as a tap dancer
My Sister recently found a vintage photograph of our Nanna as a tap dancer when she was 10. She continued to dance into her late teens at Blackpool Tower’s ballroom and then at age 21 she married my Grandad and tragically gave up dance to raise seven children. This photograph holds so much meaning to me, dancing is in my blood, it’s in my DNA and this tiny image confirms it. I can’t help but just dance and learn through movement and even watching professional dancers of other styles moves my soul in such a way it goes beyond the realms of happiness. I was born to be a dancer and to move and to teach what I know. I even see Yoga as a form of dance, it is a dance movement between body, mind and spirit and it has similar poses to Indian Classical Dance so why not? Yoga is a dance, Yoga is creative movement, it is more than a type of fitness or spiritual practice, it is intellgient, graceful dance movement.

As a Belly Dancer & Yogi learning to teach my dance style, this photo made my day, it reminded me of who I am and what my destiny is. I have to achieve this dream not just for myself but for my Nanna too who lead a tragic life and ended up giving up her passion because back then women had very little or no freedom so I want my Nanna to live again through me.
On other news I have been asked to teach an afternoon workshop of belly dance, therapeutic body movement and meditation up in Glastonbury town so right now although nervous I am excitedly discussing dates and planning promo images & a new video….Exciting times ahead!