2018: What I am manifesting!

yoga in Vietnam
So I am back from my three week backpacking Christmas adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia! What an incredible way to end the year 2017! Last year was a pretty good year for me, it did have its ups and downs in regards to family and personal challenges but overall plentiful amazing things have happened too. 2017 was the ‘Big Save’ year in which from the beginning of March up until mid December I worked my butt off in my part time job- literally taking as many extra hours as I could and ultimately working full time, because of this sadly this meant I had no free time to publish articles or spend time crafting new art work or poetry, but it did mean I could save larger chunks of money towards my 200hour Yoga Teacher Training. That being said a couple of years ago I did set up a savings account in which small amounts of monthly payments were squirreled away so I already had a large lump sum saved by the beginning of 2017 however I wanted to really push myself to save the last big amount needed for something so life changing and to set me up on a more fruitful career path.

I also received a scholarship to train as a Teen yoga teacher which was an amazing experience and I went on holiday to the North West, UK to visit friends and family as well as a mini break to London, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Bath & a week long break in Bulgaria to visit my mum in June. On top of that I got a couple more tattoos (which I still love-no regrets), I co-facilitated my first women’s yoga & belly dance workshop and taught my first Teen Yoga & Belly Dance class too! So all in all, it was a pretty good year!

So what can you expect from me this year, what am I manifesting for 2018?

I was so inspired by my trip around Vietnam and Cambodia and I had a few people come up to me with their kids to practice English with and an activities company ran by a British woman on Cat Ba Island was interested in me teaching yoga (once fully qualified). So what does this mean? It means I feel ready to make that big change. Very soon I will be booking my place on the yoga teacher training I’ve had my eye on for quite a while, it’s on a Thai island and I’ll be out there for two maybe three months and then I might get a local flight from Bangkok to Ubud, Bali, either as a two week holiday or potentially find work- There are English teaching jobs in Bali and it is also a popular place for yoga teaching too, with my other skills in teaching belly dance and art as well as an array of knowledge in Mental Health, Nutrition and massage added to my bow I am sure someone will snap me up fast! Just knowing I can earn $20 an hour as an English teacher as oppose to £7.50 an hour in my part time retail job here in England makes me feel both stupid and insane for not taking that calculated leap of faith to actually change my life and my job prospects! So I have that to look forward to early this year!
teaching English in Vietnam

Other things I want to do are:
*Do a day intensive training in Thai foot massage. This will compliment the Indian Head Massage training I did a couple of years ago and once trained to teach yoga I can then do specialist training in Thai yoga massage therapy in order to offer bespoke one to one full body yogic massage healing.

*Jon and I want to take our CBT motorboke//moped training as we feel it will be a great driving license to have both in the UK and especially in the Far East where scooters and motorbikes are the most popular way to get around.

*We also want to try and backpack around Thailand (and Laos) three weeks prior to my Yoga Teacher Training on the Thai Island of Koh Phangan, this gives Jon a holiday with me since he won’t see me for three months and it also means I get to Thailand and my training safely as I am dyslexic I need a bit of help with this sort of thing.

*A cliche one but an important one: I’ll be hitting the gym soon, not to loose weight but to tone up and gain strength in order to help me find my core strength in advance yoga poses, I want to feel a bit more body confident when attempting headstand, crow or handstand for example.

*I am continuing work on my new website! So excited to be launching The Wild Yogi.com! It will include all my teaching offerings from yoga to dance, art and TEFL, it will showcase prices, time tables and other offerings like massage and meditation sessions or sacred feminine workshops. It will also include samples of my dream catchers with a direct link to my Etsy shop to purchase a bespoke dream catcher and it will also include tabs to all platforms I am published with as a poet and yoga & travel writer.

*Jon and I are trying to plan a mini break to Italy for his birthday in March and I’m planning a trip up to Liverpool & Blackpool (North of England) this February to visit friends and family again.

*Once qualified as a Yoga Teacher I aim to specialize in Yin Yoga as well as Yoga for Mental Health, I’ll most likely do these courses when I come back to the UK.

*I need to continue saving money for the little ModCons whilst on my training. These include: A new travel backpack and rucksack, a GoPro Camera, Hard drive to store photos and videos, new professional yoga mat, new laptop or Ipad as I plan to document my time in Thailand and on my training for Bad Yogi Magazine! Plus all the usual vaccines, travel & health insurance etc. All these things cost money, hence why I won’t be quitting my retail job until a few weeks before I go.

*I will also be organizing kids and teens yoga classes in and around Plymouth as well as a few other yoga & belly dance workshops with Jodie– dates and prices coming soon!

And that’s pretty much me for 2018. The biggest thing to look forward to is the 200hour Yoga teacher training. I have a rough idea of when I’d like to go, I’m still saving as much as I can for it just so I can fully enjoy my time in Thailand and not feel worried about money and also have some savings to come back to for living expenses and not feel pressured to find a shitty part time job the moment the wheels of the plane hit British concrete!
I’m excited and nervous but its time now to realize my potential, as I stated earlier I am already being asked if I am available to teach English in Vietnamese schools or Yoga for studios, summer retreats or leisure companies and yet I am holding myself back? I know its out of fear, but I need to be taken out of my comfort zone.

As my partner said “Its not like you are leaving a high paid career-like job and you have no children or other responsibilities, you have nothing to lose, you need to do this otherwise you’ll regret it.”

So here’s to 2018 and the epic adventure I am about to go on in 5 months time!
Ninh Binh, Vietnam

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