ABC Dream by The Wild Unknown

abc dream the wild unknown
This is a very beautiful & unusual book created and illustrated by Kim Krans of the Wild Unknown. ABC Dream teaches children the Alphabet using detailed illustrations that stray from the usual ‘A is for Apple’ and ‘H is for Hat’ and there are no words within the pages of the book. Instead the main letter is surrounded by simple yet whimsical illustrations that encourage the child to use their imagination and give them the ability to learn new words like ‘E is for Earth’ and ‘U is for Unicorn’. I bought the book for myself for inspirational reasons but it is definitely the type of book I would like to encourage my own children in the future to read. I personally am not interested in conventional education and I would like to think one day I could teach my children about the more unusual and magical things so that they become wise from wonderment. ABC Dream is definitely catered to the mystical parent who wants their child to learn about big ideas instead of ‘Apple’ and ‘Bear’, what about the five elements, nature or water? This book encourages the child to learn about bigger things and add that into their vocabulary.
And as a woman who is interested in Home Schooling, Hybrid Home Schooling & the Motessorri method I am fascinated by a more worldly approach to teaching children as oppose to regimented educational systems within mainstream schools today.

The book itself has inspired a new project of mine which has nothing to do with children and is more for adults and I am already at the planning stage. I am also working on my second & third children’s books. The second is a personalised book of my nephew Harry and the third is about a mermaid and is a little more complicated, involving a lot of colour, collage and texture.
I love it when I find an artist, book or a piece of music that can really refresh my creative flow and even my outlook towards life.

ABC Dream from the wild unknown on Vimeo.

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