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Hello! My name is Katie, I am many things!

I am a Belly Dance, Kids yoga (soon to be teens yoga) and TEFL English teacher currently living in the South West of England (Devon). I am also an Artist, Writer and trainee Pagan Priestess meaning I will be able to facilitate goddess & sacred feminine circles once I’m fully initiated.

I am a Northern Lass from Lancashire (with Celtic & Romany Iberian Ancestry) but after my Fine Arts degree I moved to Plymouth to live with my partner Jon who is a professional photographer & videographer.

As a Traveling Yogi I have visited 20 countries, 3 of which I have backpacked around (Morocco, Nepal & Croatia) and I have lived in Cyprus & China. My Mum now lives in Bulgaria (whom I visit often).

Sunflowerteeth Blog is my one-woman labor of love (I get no earnings from doing this) where I write about my life journey, travel, publications, recent art or dance performances, my yoga stories, book reviews and interview inspiring people from around the world.

I love magic & mysticism, herbal tea, books, essential oils, candles & beautifully strange things.
I also love raw vegetables, the smell of earth after the rain, cat-naps, henna design, dream-catchers, Beluga whales & day dreaming.

I have exhibited videos & performed around the UK as well as Cyprus, Bulgaria & Morocco.
I have been featured in publications like GEEKED, Tribe Magazine, The Voice (Cypriot Newspaper), Belly Dance Vogue, F*ckyeah Journals! and voted one of the top 25 European yoga bloggers of 2016 by  DoYouYoga.

I’ve been a contributing writer for 2 years with  Yogi Approved & Bad Yogi and had featured prose published with Elephant Journal Rebelle SocietyEat.Breathe.Thrive. I am now on a writing hiatus to expand upon my own poetry book and grasp new writing opportunities with other platforms. Contact me for details.

I am available to perform at your local festivals, teaching dance, yoga  & art fusion workshops, interviews, book & product reviews & other cool things.
Welcome to my little Sunny corner of the Internet.

If you are more of a visual person here is a blog post that sums me up in pictures rather than words: “Hello! I’m Katie & I’m an Artist.
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