Arabic Bracelet

Arabic bracelet
Another close friend of mine & I had bracelets comissioned as a best-friendship exchange. Because she is now Muslim and living in a Middle Eastern culture and I do love many things about the Middle East it seemed right to have our names done in Arabic calligraphy. We have never given each other anything special like this before and yet we have been friends since High School.
It seemed like the perfect time to have these bracelets made since we both turn 30 this year and this was our way of celebrating. I love my bracelet and the Hamsa charm that comes with it, it is a little bit too big for my tiny wrist and will need to have some links taken out of it but other than that it’s beautiful and I can not wait to wear it.

On other news, my Chakra Balancing course is coming to an end and I will soon be enroling on the Dance Therapy Diploma. I am also currently trying to organise my trip to visit my Mum in Bulgaria and write my 4th article, so a lot on my plate and I am a little bit stressed but I know all will be well.

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