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Day off Ceremony to feel Delicious

I’ve been working super hard this past month on numerous things. I’ve taken on extra hours in my part time retail job for the ‘big save’, Writing articles, planning summer workshops in belly dance with yoga & a kiddo yoga & art session. Not to mention garden renovation and the upkeep of my yoga study & practice. I took a day off from everything on Thursday to pamper myself and to enjoy ‘ dolce far niente‘ which means: “The Sweetness of doing nothing.” I leisurley woke up at 10am, did a gentle yin yoga stretch, read books and enjoyed making myself (and our bedroom) smell divine. It felt amazing to just be in the moment and take time out for myself and my mind. As a predominatly Vata dosha, my body has a lot of nervous energy and my mind is like the road runner, I am always thinking of new projects, pieces of art, things to write about and how to help others. It’s so important in this day and age to rest yourself completley so on this particular day off I titled it “Day off Ceremony to feel Delicious”, calling it a ceremony enables me to feel that is an important event rather than just your average “Day off” that gets wasted. Making it a ceremony also reminds me I am worthy of a beautiful ritual and so this was a gift to myself from my heart. Here are my instructions in case anyone would like to enjoy the ceremony too.

Day off ceremony to feel delicious:
*Shower and wash hair with Banana shampoo.
*Condition tips of hair with Honey strength restorer balm.
*Lather salted caramel body wash over skin.
*Once dry, massage chilli mango body butter all over skin.
*Spray Satsuma body mist gently over body.
*Notice that I smell like a yummy fruit salad.
*Light my jasmine & frangipani essential oil burner.
*Make light lunch with plentiful fruit.
*Drink a soothing, earthy Green tea from favoruite tea cup & pot.
*Read books that relax yet expand my mind.
*Draw a Mermaid.
*Prepare loving, Reiki infused Curry for Jonotron.
*Be grateful, give thanks, sending loving vibes round home, remain humble.

Being by Sanctuary Spa

Being by Sanctuary Spa

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What do you like to do to take care of yourself? What self care rituals and ceremonies do you like to do on your day off?

Yoga, Dandelions & a Doggy

Last Sunday Jon and I took Milly for a walk around a local park in Plymouth. Walking along the fields we saw hundreds of Dandelions and Buttercups dancing in the sun. I love Dandelions and there were so many of them along the grass at and were dotted about like little clouds, I wanted to lie in the grass and do some yoga around them…Milly wanted to join in!

The weather in the UK has been reasonably decent these past few weeks, with the exception of the rain storm during the May bank holiday. We have been able to get out in the sunshine and we hope this pleasant weather stays whilst we work on our garden and it’s just been so great not having to take my huge winter coat everywhere I go, all I need is a light jacket.
There is just something about nature that airs my heart out and because I now live nearer to the countryside (the South West of England) I’ve become even more appreciative and fascinated by wildlife and botanics. So much so, it will be something I study in the distance future to perhaps grow and dry my own herbs and create my own concoctions and potions!

In general with my life, I am quite content with everything. I’ve never been so happy in my body and mind as I am now, I have a plan and direction of where I’d like to go with my career and I feel very fortune to certain individuals (including Milly) who have come into my life and shown me love and kindness or an appreciation for my quirkiness, these lovely souls sincerely love me for who I am and have not judged me or attempted to change me and I think these people have come into my life recently because I was beginning to practice self love which in turn attracted the right people, my little tribe of wild flowers! I feel truly grateful for all I have and all that is coming!


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Yoga with dogs

Finally renovating our Garden

garden design
We are finally renovating our garden after demolishing the old flowerbed wall over winter and having to leave the soil in a clump underneath some tarpaulin until now. We’ve already got a design created and the new plan involves building a semi-circular seating area that stretches from the back door to the back gate. Behind the seating area will sit the palm tree and two flowerbeds And the entire semi-circular bench will be built using breeze blocks, cement, wood for the top and it will be painted blue with a tiled feature piece. The aim of this new design is to create a sense of flow from the house into the garden and feel more communal. During the summer months cushions and lanterns will be added to create a Mediterranean feel also. To keep costs low, Jon is doing all the labour work himself (with a little assistance from me) and we’ll be taking clippings of flowers and plants from his parents garden, they’ve already given us three variations of blue bells.

I’m really excited about this project because I don’t know much about garden design or gardening for that matter, whereas Jon grew up with all this information from his parents. His Dad is currently building decking for their own garden and his mum knows almost everything you need to know about flowers and when or where to plant them. It is something I want to learn, primarily to study their medicinal properties and how to help local wildlife and one day I’d love my own herb patch to create my own herbal teas so this renovation project will be great for me to learn new skills to build my own herb garden one day.

You can find some of our garden ideas via my Pinterest board.


garden renovation

Yoga on the Hoe

yoga in Plymouth
Today I met up with a woman named Jeanette who is friends with my yoga teacher and is currently doing her yoga teacher training. I offered to be her yoga guinea-pig whilst she assessed my sun salutations and we discussed me performing and teaching a belly dance class at her yoga festival this September in Newquay.
Initially the weather was beautiful and warm but it suddenly turned very cloudy and chilly so we ended up practicing yoga in our coats! Jeanette taught me some lovely partner yoga stretches to music called Isochronic tones and after a sun salutation warm up she disected my salutation asanas to help me see where I may need improving which was really fun and interesting. We learned that both my cobra and down-dog are beautiful and near perfect but my forward fold and chaturanga needs adjusting. To be fair, it was rather chilly so my hamstrings were reasonably tight however Jeanette showed me ways to find space in my hips as I bend forward and to slightly balance on the balls of my feet rather than resting on my ankles in order to get that proper stretch my hamstrings need. She also suggested to practice this asana with the wall behind me as I fold to help encourage an aligned folding. And my Chaturanga (Plank) was good but we noticed my core wasn’t 100% activated and I was pushing my butt up slightly to compensate for lack of core work during this asana.

We also chatted a lot about our mutual love for different yoga styles and holistic therapies and Jeanette showed me a map of what the festival is going to look like and where I’m probably going to be teaching. Her personality and temperament is similar to mine (including that day dreamy look I have when thinking of things.) and our sense of humour is the same. It’s so lovely to meet such a kindred spirit and we’re already talking about attending different types of yoga workshops together, she’s even invited me to try Yoga Nidra and Womb yoga with her soon.
It was a super fun day!

sun salutation

cobra and down dog

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Quiet Pastimes

knitted mermaid tail
We spent the weekend relaxing in the Caravan in Par, Cornwall. It’s been so lovely to be wrapped up in my cozy woolly mermaid tail, listening to the heavy rain and reading the original Brother’s Grimm Fairy tales over herbal tea and chocolate cake.
Many people don’t like rainy days but it’s one of my favourite past times listening to the rain and watching birds play in the puddles.
It’s the simple things in life I cherish the most, I am not one to always like grandiose things because although sociable I’m also introverted. I just adore quiet things, cute handmade gestures, kindness, sweet kisses, the sound of my fingers leisurely turning the pages of a good book or enjoying a soft fruit smoothie.
On other news I’ve completed my third Pagan Priestess initiation. I’ve learned so much about the sacred celebration of Beltane and it’s symbolic flowers, colours, trees and deities.
It’s been quiet over here as we’ve been catching up on some much needed rest.
I hope everyone had a happy Beltane and May bank holiday.