Belly Dancing to my Best Friend’s Song

Mid February, as you guys know I ventured up to the North of England to visit my family in Blackpool and best friend in Liverpool. During my few days staying with my best friend Nicola, she invited me to perform at a monthly event she hosts called “We want Women” at Lennon’s Bar, she also suggested we perform together to a song she created with me in mind a few years ago.

We had been talking about collaborating for many years, we’ve had so many ideas about going on tour in a little camper van to teach and perform. We’ve discussed fusing our talents together to create incredible holistic workshops in Belly Dance, Yoga, Dance Movement, Art, Voice Projection, Song Writing, Drama and even bring meditation and aromatherapy into the mix. We are still discussing if this is possible, even if it’s for a couple of months I believe it’s totally doable, perhaps during the summer months because that is festival season here in the UK, more and more people seem more curious and open to try new things.

So this collaborative improvisation between the two of us was something special, it was the first time we’ve ever performed together and although my choreography wasn’t the best due to lack of time to rehearse together, it felt great to finally create a piece of art together. I’d love to do this performance again but perhaps with more production involved similar to how Beats Antique perform their shows. So we’d include professional lighting, art projections behind us, the post produced version of “Little Fish” to have good bass and I’d practice a little more ha! But this video is finally live on youtube (after some technical difficulties) and I hope this is the beginning of future collaborations.
Check out more of my dancing in this youtube playlist here.

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