Blagodarya! (Hello!)
It has been a while since I wrote a post so here I am! I am still in Bulgaria, although our holiday is very fast approaching an end. We leave on Wednesday next week but Jon will remain in London to photograph an event over the weekend whilst I continue on to Plymouth.

It has been great so far, we managed to go on some lovely day trips including a nature trail and bat caves, visiting a monastery and the Veliko Tarnovo old town plus excursions to some beautiful waterfalls, a fortress, Yoga selfies in a Gorge and not to mention swimming in my mum’s pool and playing with her three dogs.

Mum seems well adjusted and settled, I am very proud of her for moving to Bulgaria, it’s a massive step that most people would fear to dream of doing so she is an inspiration to me. I adore her new house and it’s gorgeous huge garden, there is still work to do on the grounds but she is lovingly taking her time and just enjoying every moment. Every night here you can hear the crickets sing, the local bat whistling in the trees and the pack of wolves howling at the moon at around 10pm every night. It really is lush here.
I have plans to venture back this time next year and perhaps include a mini break to Bucharest in Romania or Istanbul in Turkey too.

On other news I have passed my Chakra Balancing course with flying colours, my tutor said my work is exceptional and will be posting my certificate to me very soon.
I hope you guys have a lovely weekend and if you didnt know, I now have an instagram where I post daily photos of my travels, belly dance, yoga selfies and lifestyle, hop on over and check it out, follow me to keep up to date with my adventures: Katiesunflowerteeth


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