Bohemian Dream Catcher

bohemian dream catcher
This is my latest dream catcher I’ve recently created and gifted to my best friend as a celebration for being friends since we were 19. This one is larger than the others and it’s centre holds a vintage Bulgarian doily.
Every piece for everything I make is intuitively chosen, blessed with sage and given Reiki.
It also includes: A clear quartz for good vibes, blue howlite for wisdom & inspiration, angel wings charm (because my best friend has a tattoo of wings on her back) and the main colour is green symbolizing nature, trees and the heart chakra.

Two more are on the way in a similar style, and I hope to be starting up an etsy shop for people to commission me for bespoke pieces.
My life and creative projects are leaning towards a more spiritual & holistic path and I’m really happy with that. It feels right, it feels like I am finally being me. I think as even as a little girl, I’ve had a love of the mystical and would collect twigs, leaves and stones believing they had magical properties, or I’d ‘bless’ them with good vibes.

My intention is to offer individuals the opportunity to have something unique and captivating, to feel like the things I make for them symbolizes love, magic and protection. I would love to find that people feel comforted when they look at their dream catcher as a sacred object that brings peace to a room.

I feel pulled even more to the world of the mystical, to be a bridge between worlds and show others a life of light, truth and healing through art making, yoga, dance and meditation.

vintage hand made dreamcatcher

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