Budapest for my Birthday!

Apologies to everyone who reads my blog, I am pretty sure you were all wondering where I have been! For about a week before my birthday I was under the assumption that Jon & I were going to spend a few days away in London to celebrate my 30th birthday on the 11th October just gone, turns out Jon had other plans and the moment we got off our coach and stood outside Luton airport Jon presented me with a Lonely Planet guide book to Budapest and told me he had booked a 5 night stay plus a day trip to Vienna, Austria was also on the cards. I was super stoked! I mean I would have been happy to go to London but this was magical! Above is a photo of me doing Dancer Pose just outside Budapest’s inner city church.

Needless to say Budapest is stunning as is Vienna and I can’t wait to do a travel write up about these places!
Over all I had a beautiful 30th birthday and the amount of love I received from friends and family was amazing. Before the trip to Budapest a group of friends took me out for a meal and cake and another lovely friend bought me healing crystals and we enjoyed herbal tea & tarot at a bohemian cafe.
This Sunday coming I am hosting an evening of tea, tarot, pizza, henna and Indian head massage as the 4th installment of my birthday as well as celebrate the coming of Halloween.
30th birthday are mile stone birthdays and usually I enjoy a quiet day out and a pub lunch for most of my birthday celebrations but this time I was glad that my big three zero was not only a long drawn out birthday but also an unforgettable one.

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