Bulgaria: A day of lounging in the Sun

We finally made it to my Mum’s safe and sound. When we first arrived in Sofia it was cold, dark and raining. We worried that maybe our entire holiday would be like this due to the weather forecast showcasing numerous thunderstorms on their way throughout the rest of the week. Apparently these thunderstorms have been happening almost every night for the past 6 weeks but clear up by morning.

Jon has been a bit poorly with what seems like a flu virus and so traveling to my Mum’s in Veliko Tarnovo took it’s toll on him so we had a nap the moment we arrived and a long nights sleep soon after tea and woke up at 10:30am the next day. Jon is now on the mend, with his fever completely gone, sore throat calmed down, his appetite back and only a slight cough and gruff vocals left to clear up.

We spent most of today relaxing in the sun by the pool and playing with the dogs, allowing Jon extra time to heal. We are now planning a day trip for tomorrow whilst munching on a fresh tomato, cucumber & goats cheese salad that Mum brought us back from the market.

The weather has been glorious all day at 25°C and we’ve already caught the sun on our faces; so far this holiday has been delicious! I wonder if another thunderstorm hits tonight? I do love them, they are a favourite weather system.
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