Bulgaria, Lonely Planet
The time went by so fast! I remember when we had just gotten back from Nepal in March and feeling awful knowing we had to wait 5 months for our next trip but it’s flown by! We are now off to Bulgaria for 10 days to visit my Mum who moved out there to her new home last November, I haven’t seen her in almost a year and even though I have been to Bulgaria before (when I was 6) I have never seen her house, other than in photos and I have never visited Balvan in Veliko Tarnovo so it’s all exciting stuff! Plus Jon and I do really need a break, we have both been working on varied projects the past 5 months and it would just be lovely to relax, take a dip in my mum’s swimming pool and wander about local attractions. In comparrison to Nepal this will be a peaceful, slower holiday much like Croatia was to Morocco.
I will as always try to do mini updates whilst away, although the internet is not so good.
If you would like to view previous travel write ups click here and I also have a TripAdvisor account.
As well as this I now have an Instagram too! I will be posting photos whilst away so if you wish to follow me click here!

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