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My Wild Flower Tattoo

tattoo dust'n'bones
After my Kids yoga teacher training in Brighton at the end of April last year (2016), the friend I was staying with encouraged me to get a tattoo with her. It is both a symbol of our friendship and celebrating the completion of my first teacher training, I opted for a honey bee for many reasons. It was also a tester tattoo to see how I handled the pain because I knew that the main tattoo I really wanted was a dream catcher designed by myself and that is eventually going on my back somewhere.

This new tattoo is an extension of the honey bee because the bee kind of looked a little lost on my wrist. Another reason for this tattoo is in celebration of finishing my TEFL teacher training. This TEFL teacher training is very important, most people know that teaching yoga is not always a lucrative career, it can be, but it depends on many factors in order for you to thrive solely as a yoga teacher and so training to be a TEFL teacher will hopefully provide me with a comfortable income and both teaching jobs will feel really rewarding! It is the reason why I chose Wild Flowers; they represent freedom and beautiful chaos, they don’t conform to specific structures like other plants, they grow how they please and you see them dancing together in vast meadows.

I am a wild flower and for many years I’ve been growing for too long, near those who have attempted to make me sit in a row and be just like them. I can only ever be me. This tattoo also symbolizes a Japanese proverb I love and very much agree with:

Kachou Fuugetsu
Experience the beauty of nature, learn about yourself.

Other people have likened me to a wild flower because I am free spirited and a little bit hardy, I’m feminine but I don’t need to be preened or fussed over and I’ve grown up being taught to be very independent, meaning whilst I am loving and sociable I am also my own person, my relationships do not define me, my lover has no control over me. To coexist with me, people need to respect my wild and quirky nature.

The tattoo includes a poppy, bluebells and a feather. Poppies represent beauty, success and dreams in cultures around the world, whilst the bluebell (one of my star signs flowers) represent everlasting love, gratitude and devotion. The feather once again means freedom, limitlessness, inspiration and the element air (which is Libra’s element). So you see everything I do is with deep meaning, therefore I will not regret my tattoos or piercings. They are picture symbols that are symbolic of me.

This tattoo also reminds me of my favourite film Practical Magic which involves two witch sister and their aunts, living in this beautiful white house full of plants, herbs and magical books. I definitely feel more in tune with my witchyness every time I look at my wild flowers.

Another reason why I got this tattoo and want more is because I’m a tribal fusion belly dancer, it feels right to be adorned with tattoos and I am very much drawn to ancient cultural beliefs of sacred tattooing to mark a right of passage, as a form of protection, for beauty, to show which tribe you belong to, to show your status, for medicinal reasons and so much more. In ancient history there were holy women/temple priestesses who were decorated with tattoos and practiced sacred dancing, I find that incredibly beautiful that these women existed.
And lastly, as a joke I tell people my bee was hungry so I gave her some wild flowers from which she can feed from and retrieve the sweet nectar.
The next tattoo I hope to have done is of a mermaid holding a rose to represent my alter-ego and the fourth and final tattoo will be the dream catcher with a Thomas Hardy quote.

This wild flower tattoo was designed by the lovely Ella Bell at Dust’N’Bones tattoo studio. Her work is beautifully witchy and botanical. I trusted her so much that I gave her total artistic freedom for the creation of this tattoo and she did not disappoint. Ella is a truly remarkable artist.

wild flower tattoo

But if God is the Hive & the Honeybee



do not

believe in

God because I’ve

never seen him. If he

wanted me to believe in him,

then surely he would come and speak

with me. He would come in through my door

saying “Here I am!” But if God is the hive and

the honeybee, and pollen and nectar and sun and moon,

then I believe in her and I believe in her at every moment, and my

life is a prayer and a celebration and a communion with the eyes

and through the ears. I honor her by living spontaneously,

as a woman who opens her eyes and truly sees, and

I call her the hive and the honeybee and pollen

and sun and moon and I love her

without thinking of her, and

I think of her by seeing

and hearing, and

I am with



by Fernando Pessoa

Isn’t this passage just so beautiful? I discovered it in a book I am reading The Shamanic way of the Bees and instantly fell in love. I do not believe in a God in a religious or traditional sense but I do believe in a force that lives in all creatures like the honey bee, to me ‘God’ is completely feminine because it is always creating or giving birth to new life. This force of nature also resides in us, living via us and with us, it is ‘I’ as it is the ‘Un-I-verse’

Save the Bees!
*Image from here.

Arabic Bracelet

Arabic bracelet
Another close friend of mine & I had bracelets comissioned as a best-friendship exchange. Because she is now Muslim and living in a Middle Eastern culture and I do love many things about the Middle East it seemed right to have our names done in Arabic calligraphy. We have never given each other anything special like this before and yet we have been friends since High School.
It seemed like the perfect time to have these bracelets made since we both turn 30 this year and this was our way of celebrating. I love my bracelet and the Hamsa charm that comes with it, it is a little bit too big for my tiny wrist and will need to have some links taken out of it but other than that it’s beautiful and I can not wait to wear it.

On other news, my Chakra Balancing course is coming to an end and I will soon be enroling on the Dance Therapy Diploma. I am also currently trying to organise my trip to visit my Mum in Bulgaria and write my 4th article, so a lot on my plate and I am a little bit stressed but I know all will be well.

Wanderlust Mermaid & Ruler Of The Empire

shopdixi, ruler of the empire crystal ball ring, wanderlust, mermaid ring
I discovered the online store shopdixi that sells boho & grunge jewellery through a chance meeting with a woman in a shopping mall here in the UK. On her index finger she wore this gorgeous crystal ball ring and I just HAD to know where she got it from. I have been searching for a crystal ball ring for some time now, there are some on Etsy that are lovely but the ring mounts tend to be of cheap metal, meaning even though I’d be paying premium prices for something handmade, it’s not so nice when the metal rusts or turns your skin green! So the discovery of Shopdixi was a magical moment for me, their ring mounts are high quality sterling silver and their crystals are to an excellent standard also and considering these are high quality boho jewellery pieces, their prices are pretty reasonable.

I obviously bought the “Ruler of the Empire” clear quartz Crystal ball ring as well as two simple stack rings with text “Wanderlust” and “Mermaid” stamped into the band. I felt like these words resonated with me considering I do have Wanderlust (huge desire to travel) and with my dancing said to look slinky & watery plus with my very tiny waist, people have commented that if I was a mythical creature I’d be a Mermaid which is pretty awesome since Mermaids are my favourite folkloric imaginary being. These rings go beautifully with my collection of other ‘magical’ things such as my Wild Unknown Tarot deck & my Fortune Teller’s Teacup. I will be buying more products from this lovely online store as there is just so many beautiful pieces of jewellery I’d love to own. Their Harvest Moon collection is simply divine & I am wild about this Sea Gypsy Necklace, which will probably be my next treat to myself.
If you enjoy the wilder, magical side to life and if your heart skips a beat at all things quixotic & tribalesque then this jewellery is for you, go and treat yourself, I promise you won’t regret it. Visit ShopDixi!

shopdixi, mermaid ring, wanderlust ring, fortune teller's teacup, wild unknown tarot

Zap Yoga

I recently discovered this incredible woman via a different blog that posted a video of her practicing Yoga on a beach in India. Her name is Zap. Zap is a Russian Model, artist & Yoga instructor amongst many more interesting things. Not only do I find her intriguing and inspiring because she enjoys an array of many different joyful activities but I find her Yoga practice calming & very natural. In comparison to other advanced Yogis who have an air of almost sporty athleticism about them, Zap dances through her Yoga practice as though in a state of grace. Her movements are gentle, innocent, playful, slightly sensual and fluid like water.
Zap is a stunning picture of health, strength, serenity & sweetness. Her evident state of overall wellbeing is truly inspiring. If you want to learn more about her, here is a short video interview of her here and here is her website.