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Zap Yoga

I recently discovered this incredible woman via a different blog that posted a video of her practicing Yoga on a beach in India. Her name is Zap. Zap is a Russian Model, artist & Yoga instructor amongst many more interesting things. Not only do I find her intriguing and inspiring because she enjoys an array of many different joyful activities but I find her Yoga practice calming & very natural. In comparison to other advanced Yogis who have an air of almost sporty athleticism about them, Zap dances through her Yoga practice as though in a state of grace. Her movements are gentle, innocent, playful, slightly sensual and fluid like water.
Zap is a stunning picture of health, strength, serenity & sweetness. Her evident state of overall wellbeing is truly inspiring. If you want to learn more about her, here is a short video interview of her here and here is her website.

Wanderlust Purse from Wild & Wolf

This Wanderlust Purse is from the Wild & Wolf Collection.
wild and wolf

Wanderlust dictionary definition means: (Noun) Wanderlust – 1: very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. 2: A great desire to travel and rove about. [German, literally: wander desire]
wanderlust purse

I desperately needed a new wallet/purse. I had had my Beatles wallet since my early 20’s, really proud it lasted this long & I love the Beatles but my personality has changed and that wallet had seen better days. I discovered the Wild & Wolf Collection a couple of years ago when mooching about some quirky shops in Exeter and fell in love with the unique design.
wild & wolf collection

This specific purse that Jon bought me as part of our ‘little gifts on Christmas Day’ idea really suits my personality. Not only is the style vibrant yet earthy with the array of animals and tropical plants surrounding the entire wallet but it is has a collage effect much like a lot of my own art work and art journals plus with it being called ‘Wanderlust’ is fitting since I do have this insatiable desire to travel as much as possible right now. You really do get a sort of safari-exotic explorer feel from this purse which I love. Also this purse is bigger than my old wallet with plenty of room to add a small photograph booklet of people I love that I have wanted to do for many years. Overall this is an exceedingly beautiful purse that would make a great conversation starter and it has plenty of space for cards, cash, coins, photos and other essentials.
wanderlust collection

collage purse

looking for a quirky purse for girlfriend?

You can also buy this purse on Amazon here.

A girl swims in Jellyfish Lake

A girl swims in a lake full of harmless jellyfish and captures the entire moment on her Gopro camera. This short but sweet video is so captivating yet eerie, I can not imagine myself swimming in such deep waters however I’d love to swim with these gentle jelly fish.
I love that technology is advancing so fast that we now have cameras that can record good quality imagery underwater. I will let the video speak for it’s self.
This video takes place in the lovely Jellyfish Lake located in the Pacific island of Palau, the only place in the world where people can swim along with jellyfish. The jellyfish in this specific lake have no predators, so they’ve lost their stinging defence.

The most beautiful Children’s books 0/1

The book of Dreams, children's book illustration, picture books, Shirin Adl

Every now & then I like to hunt for beautiful & inspiring Children’s Books for my Nephew and for myself. My idea of inspiration is if the illustrations are enchanting & captivating with interesting text design then the child will learn something through visual stimulation. All three of these books have that quality and all three are unusual in that they are not formatted in a basic and regimented educational way but they are more flowing & speak to the imagination to allow the child to learn through independence, enabling them to create their own sense of the world.
Tell me a Dragon, children's book, Jackie Morris

In regards to myself, I realised I have a guilty pleasure in treating myself to a picture book once in a while and this is because not only does it inspire my own illustrations as an artist and I am interested in a more Holistic & Humanistic approach to education & life but also my own life is so heavy with work & study involving psychology, therapy, mental health & teacher training plus philosophical novels by my bedside like Anna Karenina & ‘The Signature of all Things’ I kinda need a break and I enjoy reverting my mind back to being child-like and flipping through the picture book’s pages because it soothes my mind. Just looking at the colours & textures encourages my brain to naturally day dream and if you suffer from insomnia I recommend having a read of a picture book as it is really soothing, it’s a really lovely way to help your mind & body relax and drift off to sleep and because picture books are over-loaded with wondrous colours and patterns you can be sure to have sweet dreams too.
Animalia, Graeme Base, Alphabet picture book

If you liked the three picture books I showed you today, you can buy them from the links below.

The book of Dreams by Shirin Adl

Tell me a Dragon by Jackie morris

Animalia by Graeme Base

And if you want to see more beautiful children’s books view this blog post here.

In between work, study & dance I am also sketching, researching & drafting future children’s books, one for my Nephew, one about a Mermaid, for Special Needs and another will be a book of poems called ‘Hello Magical World!’, it may take a while to finish all of these but they are on my To-Do List!
If any local & international artists who has created a children’s book and wishes to send me prints or a copy to review & promote on my Blog, contact me through my contact page.

Bewitching Imagery

the high priestess

tribal tattoos on a woman's face,Berber tattoo

tribal ankle bracelet

black henna patterns

boho chic flower fashion

wild woman, hedge witch,women who run with the wolves

do more what makes you happy

bollywood vintage picture,rajasthani Gypsy

Moroccan carpet

Arabic woman, belly dancer

sexy collage art

strange portrait of a woman

breasts and hands adorned with coins and tribal jewellery

vintage flower photography

Berber men in the desert

tribal trinkets and jewellery

magical forest, the beauty of nature, the mystery of the wild

vintage kiss photograph, 1920's

stars in the night sky photography

little Indian Gypsy girl

spanish fortune teller, crystal ball

vintage Russian gypsy poster

belly dancer dancing with children

Rachel Brice with snake

As you guys know I adore collecting weird and wonderful imagery from around the world or from ancient cultures, it makes me happy and really inspires my art and dancing. I love images that are very earthy and sensual or has a mystical quality to them. I wish I could print off all the beautifully strange images i’ve collected and put them in frames to display around the house, how cool would that be and what a great conversation starter when we have guests?
All of these images were found whilst rummaging around Tumblr.