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This Home

I adore this place, it is exactly how I would decorate my own home with wooden floors, high ceilings and white walls plus numerous house plants, trinkets, art & collected objects from around the world. This place feels bohemian, homey & cultured. There is an offbeat dream-like quality to the spaces that inspire creativity such as painting on a lazy Sunday or writing poetry during dusk. Even though surrounded by antiques and other quirky pieces this space still feels airy and bright. This home has definitely made it to my pinterest board!
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At Home

artistic eccentric couple in UK, Katie Ness

Jon Roberts Photography
As a creatives working on numerous art forms (Me through Dance, Yoga, Art & Writing and Jon through photography, video, media design and even house renovation) things at home can get a little odd sometimes. When I am not reading a book and Jon isn’t playing clash of clans we can be seen building strange things or having weird conversations. Yet this is completely normal for us and it would be wonderful if my future kids joined in with the craziness!

Recently I have been embodying a new character for my Belly Dancing as well as a performance piece that will be set up in the dining room and recorded. This character is part warrior, part savage, part mystic and part inner child. It is a primordial being, a huntress and sooth-sayer. The inspiration comes from my Pictish ancestors and the T.V series ‘The 100‘.

Jon built a structure to hold a hoop with a paraffin soaked rope attached to it in order to photograph a tennis racket floating through a ring of fire once the rope went up in flames. This was for a photo-shoot with a Tennis brand. I have no idea how he managed to do this because on that night it was cold, blowing a gale and raining; you’ll notice that his lights are protected by the elements with plastic bags.

I am on the second edit of my video and choosing photos for the Croatia post! Also some exciting news is on it’s way, stay tuned for the announcement!

Around our Home

home décor

Ikea big white book shelf

house plants

glass candle holders with sand

Pillows with Hare illustrations
First Photo: This is my cute little table that I redesigned myself. Originally it had a working clock face and was brown, I bought it from a charity shop for a fiver! Now it is duck egg, looks aged and is also a music box. This table sits at the top of the stairs, right outside our bedroom and has certain objects displayed on it that make me happy so you can kinda call it a shrine of happiness I guess?

Second Photo: I love books and I love this book shelf. This is in the master bedroom which we are primarily using it as a guest bedroom/photography studio/Yoga & Dance space. This is our creative space and so I love seeing my arty & holistic books on display with Jon’s vintage camera and my Hindu Statues with the smell of essential oils burning. Really brings me into a state of calm when dancing or doing Yoga.

Third Photo: Jon recently bought himself his first house plant. We named him Jimothy and he was on sale, we wanted to bring him home and give him lots of love. The smaller plant is called ‘Plantie’ I photographed them together meeting each other because I am sentimental like that. I do treat plants as though they are human, studies have shown that even talking to them with love or positive words they grow faster and healthier. Everything on this planet grows well when it is loved. We plan on buying more house plants in the future, I quite fancy some Cacti.

Fourth Photo: I bought these candle holders about a year ago, they were going cheap and I recently decorated the sandy bit with pine cones and concurs because it has that autumn vibe mixed with that serene Buddhist feel. I love candles and was given a candle making kit for my birthday. I also quite fancy collecting more candles, preferably some black and some white.

Fifth Photo: I received these giant pillows from Jon’s mum as Christmas present. I adore nature, I adore woodland creatures and the fact that these look like quirky hand drawn prints or illustrations make me love them all the more. I would really love to find a cushion with a fox illustration and one with a stag, if anyone knows where I can find these let me know!

Believe it or not, our home is styled on a budget. We love finding bargains that we can recreate ourselves, our furniture is mix and match but well colour co-ordinated so it works. If I was to describe our taste or our home in three words it would be: minimal, bohemian & earthy. Who needs expensive & flashy things when you can collect lovely objects and furnishings or add something hand crafted by an arty friend making your own home individual and unique? People can spend something like 50 to 100 pounds on a mass produced so called ‘designer’ or branded vase for example from shopping malls which to me is an absolute joke, instead you can have something made just for you by an artist on Etsy or a friend, making that object unique to you and your home. It is a no brainer to me, I enjoy supporting local artists or charities. But then I personally dislike mass produced consumerism, although I know I do have to live in it as I need clothes and food etc, I am not consumed by it and it’s silly advertisements.

House renovation update

house renovation project news

Here is the house renovation update:
We spent all last week working on the finishing touches of the house and cleaning it from top to bottom so that it looked perfect for the estate agents to visit & revalue it after 2 years of renovation. I am excited and proud to say we received some amazing feedback and some good news from all 3 agents. We want to celebrate this project coming to an end with a happy ending by going abroad for a week in August, we haven’t decided where just yet, it will be a last minute booking to somewhere in Europe, we both like the idea of exploring Croatia though. Both Jon & I have life changing plans coming up which I will be sharing with you guys shortly. We are currently photographing the house to put together a before, during and after album which I have been promising you since we started this renovation project and you will be seeing the results soon! Jon is now toying with the idea of renovating a second property because he enjoyed working on this house so much.

I do apologize for not blogging a lot this past week, I have been full of a cold with vertigo and revising for my Anatomy & Physiology exam which I will be taking on Monday morning, I am so nervous! Wish me luck!
Until we make a house renovation album, here is a picture of Jon being silly. He hid from me, behind the sofa whilst I went to make tea.

New kitchen floor

White lino kitchen floor, Home décor, house renovation

blue striped lino shower floor, D.I.Y Home design

The big finish of the house is happening very soon. We still have a cupboard outside the upstairs bathroom to completely redo & a window seat/storage space in the master bedroom to build but these can wait as they are not a major priority.

The kitchen floor was essentially the last big piece of the puzzle to finish off the entire house and was done last night by a lovely carpet fitter. He stayed until 10:30pm last night to get it all done for us, he also included a new floor for the downstairs Loo & Shower Room. I can only give you a glimpse as to what we chose because at some point soon Jon will be photographing all the rooms and I don’t want to give too much away at this point.

This weekend Jon and I are going to do a massive spring clean and put everything back in order and ready for an evaluator to visit and revalue the house within the next two weeks. This includes adding flowers to window sills, putting shelves up on a wall in the living room, a mirror cabinet in the bathroom, tidying up the basement & finishing off some paint work; generally just making the house aesthetically pleasing and looking homey. Soon after the revaluation we hope to arrange a mini victory party to celebrate with friends & family that this project has come to an end, perhaps a BBQ might be on the cards? Soon after that we will put an album together plus a video to show you guys the transformation between what the house looked like when we first bought it, the mess in between and what it looks like now. I am so excited as this has been a labour of love for a year & a half, to me it was like working on a massive art installation and I am excited to see peoples reactions so stay tuned for the grand finale!