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Joyful Things 21

Yin Yoga, Sacred Dance, Sacred Women
Spout the Wonder Pup tries to play with his Yogi Mum.
Very cute Acro-Yoga Proposal, I love the woman’s reaction.
Sailaway Dress company have brand new home decor products, playsuits & day dresses, Woop!
I love this Belly Dancer, her name is Zoe Jakes, I love scrolling through her instagram.
I still really want these Oracle cards, may treat myself next month.
This poetry book looks beautiful and interesting, it’s a poetic response to mental health.
Found this Belly Dance Teaching manual, again something to purchase very soon methinks!
Fancy living a nomadic lifestyle? This couple living in a van are very inspiring.
I’m switching to using Bamboo toothbrushes & hair brushes to reduce my effect on the planet.
This & This Yogi Tea mug sets are super cute, I’ve been looking for a new mug.

Today I am just relaxing by myself after a long week of work and yoga, Jon flies back to the UK today from being in New York for 2 weeks, he’ll be in Plymouth later in the afternoon. I’ve been studying this Yin Yoga book tremendously as I think in the distant future  I’d like to specialize as a Yin yoga teacher (when I can find the funds!) but I think my approach might be slightly different to the traditional ideas of Yin and I’d love to incorporate Yang like Sun salutations as warm-ups to a belly dance lesson and maybe a short Yin cool down with a meditation to end? Who knows? I’m also studying ‘Sacred Women, Sacred Dance’ to freshen my knowledge of ancient and folkloric dances in the world in preparation for teaching my up and coming workshops and I’ve been asked to teach belly dance at a Yoga festival in Newquay, happening in September, this is totally for free as it’s a brand new festival and I’m happy to be a part of it all. I am in a really good place right now in my life, lots of things are brewing, although aspects to my life are far from perfect, it is the first time in a long time I am content within myself and where I am going, and it’s a beautiful feeling.

20 Things I want to do before I become a Mum

ustrasana, camel pose, Spring
A friend of mine Cara, who is also a lifestyle blogger recently published a blog post about turning 29 and listed all the things she’d like to try and do before she is 30. This inspired me to do the same, obviously I am no longer 30, I turned 31 last October but I have plenty of things I wish to achieve before I do the whole settle down-get married-have kids milestone. A lot of the things on this list will be travel related but there is no particular order. So this is my three year plan of things I want to do before I become a mum.

1: Get my 4th and 5th tattoos. I am already planning the 4th.
2: Publish a book, I’ve always wanted to do this & I’m working on an illustrated poetry book.
3: Visit Ireland & Scotland because these places are part of my heritage.
4: Learn how to drive a car and a moped.
5: Do my yoga teacher training in Thailand for 2 months in the distant future.
6: Visit Bali (after yoga teacher training).
7: Go skydiving just once, I’ll be petrified but I’ll do it!
8: Start learning how to grow my own herbs.
9: Organize or be a part of a yoga & belly dance community project to help others.
10: Attend Spanish evening classes, I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish.
11: Learn to trust people again, create close friendships.
12: Try doing a spoken word poem performance.
13: I’d love to be published with Kinfolk magazine.
14: Be able to do the splits (childhood dream).
15: Teach internationally (alongside my local classes), perhaps Spain and Portugal?
16: Visit Cambodia & Vietnam (perhaps before yoga teacher training?).
17: Swim with Dolphins (Making sure they are not in captivity).
18: Pluck up the courage to attend a Latin dance classes.
19: Go hot air ballooning somewhere amazing (not the UK).
20: Visit a place of paradise (like the Maldives) as part of my honeymoon.

Wish me luck! That’s a pretty epic list! A lot of these things I know I will achieve within the next few years (I hope) and you’ll notice I didn’t include any European destinations to travel to and that’s because, whilst I may go on mini breaks to maybe be a guest teacher (who knows), I am fully aware that places like Italy, Czech Republic and Spain are easy to visit with kids, so certain destinations will be put on hold until I have kids to go on family holidays in Europe. It’s a lot harder to visit the Far East with children and sometimes less fun when you know have to be responsible for little people. I already have ideas for a potential wedding and honeymoon and knowing me, it will be unconventional, not on purpose but if I ever did get married I really don’t want the fuss of dealing with a huge bunch of people, my wedding day will be simple and very minimal with a bohemian flare. I’d be totally happy getting married on a beach somewhere (for example) with only a small group of loved ones present with flower garlands and dream catchers dotted about.
In regards to number 11, I realized I’ve never truly enjoyed close relationships with others and it’s a massive shock when someone is kind to me. I’ve unfortunately had a rough time growing up in a difficult family life and meeting dishonest people who took advantage of my kindness. This, over the years made me reserved and I question peoples motives. I do have one best friend who I love dearly but I now want to cultivate strong bonds and happy friendships with more people, this has already started, I met two beautiful, sweet young women I consider my younger sisters and my yoga teacher is slowly becoming a true friend. It’s finding people on my life journey who truly love me no matter what and my heart is slowly healing, this feels good.
cherry blossoms
Photos by Jon Roberts.

Joyful Things 20

herbal tea in teapot

The most beautiful, deepest, cleanest lake on earth.
Anyone ever heard of a Quokka? They are super cute animals that enjoy taking selfies with you.
My Aunt Valerie interviewed for Exodus Travel, she is so inspiring.
This is the cutest baby sloth I have ever seen! I’d love to meet a sloth one day.
Find out what kind of man or woman you are attracted to based on your signs!
I am loving this instagraming yogi and her dog at the moment.
Nepalese designer goes back to Nepal in this stunning short video.
This beautiful devotional song to Durga is brilliant for meditation work.
Sweden has run out of rubbish we should all learn how they did it.
Sailaway dress company now include homeware in their shop and it is gorgeous.

*Photo: I’m working very hard on my new website which will showcase all my offerings, prices and schedule. I am also plowing through the usual form filling involved with teaching insurance and yoga teaching memberships, phew! Tea is very much needed! This very cute Teapot & cup was gifted to me by my best friend and I love it.

Triple Moon Goddess Tattoo

triple moon goddess tattoo
Whilst in the North of England spending time with family and friends. My best friend and I managed to get matching ‘friendship’ tattoos together. We have been friends since we were 19 (and we are now 31) and we’ve been through a lot together with numerous different heartbreaks, traumas, mental health issues and general ups and downs of life so it seemed right to mark our skin with something small and meaningful to both of us.
This symbol of the triple moon has so many layers to it for me that I probably would have gotten it on my own at some point because it’s meaning resonates very deeply with me.

The triple moon is a symbol of the goddess and of a woman’s passage through life as the maiden, mother and crone. It is also associated with Artemis the goddess of the hunt and the moon. I resonate with this symbol also as someone labelled a ‘witch’ which is essentially a woman living on the fringe of society, a woman who does things differently and will not conform to societal ideals of how one should live, it also represents a woman who practices the art of herbalism, sacred art, alternative remedies and essentially living a lifestyle that does not fit the shallow, materialistic ways others lead. I do not do this on purpose, I am naturally rebellious, it is who I am and all I’ll ever be and simply put, many witches or pagans associate with or carry a talisman of this particular symbol around with them.

On a cosmic level, the day I was born (October 11) is linked with the moon, even though I am a Libra, the moon is a governor of my birthday personality and so I am extremely feminine, intuitive and sensual. This symbol will remind me to continue devoting myself to the deeper meaning of life and to work with the goddess within me.
As someone working very hard to become a mystical and holistic teacher, it seemed right to adorn my skin with the moon and I may include stars at a later date. There are more reasons why I got this tattoo but I do want to keep some things for myself. I hope you guys like it? It was created by a woman named Sheldon at Ursa Minor Tattoo studio.
I plan to get two more tattoos at a later date, both will be a bit bigger than these current ones (moon, bee & wild flowers) I have and then that’s it, I don’t fancy getting anymore. The next one I hope to have will be on the back of my left arm and the last will be the main, feature piece on my back.

Read about my other tattoos in the links below:
My Honey Bee wrist tattoo.
My wildflower & feather forearm tattoo.

moon tattoo

Fiery Changes

wild thing {Photo Source}

Things are changing for me, I can feel it right in my bones. There is an aching to break free and to complete this journey of finding myself. For almost 3 years I’ve been working so very hard to gain plentiful professional experience in mental health, teaching assisting, activity leading, promoting myself through writing as well as many qualifications and now there is a new dawn arising, a new chapter that comes from emerging from my apprentice cocoon to literally going out into the world and practice teaching what I know. There are still a few more things I need to gain qualifications in for my resume to look the bees knees but other than that it is finally time to fly.

I’ve already stated I will no longer be writing regularly for Yogi Approved and Bad Yogi because I am kind of tired of pouring all my energy into writing articles (and writing essays in my studies) every week. It takes a long time to think up something,to research ideas, to draft it, to edit, to include photos (or art work) and finally get it published once a month. This needs to stop to make room for more focus on going to more yoga classes, gym sessions and dance choreography. I think I am tired of sitting down to write every single day, my body needs more time for movement plus my writing is going in a different direction. I am writing my last two articles for Yogi Approved and my final three for Bad Yogi this month.

The last few qualifications I want to do for this year are:
*Reiki level 2 attunement to make me a Reiki practitioner in May and I can combine that with the Indian head massage.
*A week long fitness instructing level 2 intensive in August, this will act as a foundation for teaching Yoga & dance as a form of fitness and will qualify me to teach in gyms.
*Teen yoga teacher training, however dates are not set for that yet.
*And finally prepare for my 200hr yoga teacher training (which I am saving & doing lots of study/practice for).

I am booked this year to teach three yoga for kids workshops in Plymouth, Dorset and Totnes plus I’ve just been asked to cover one kids yoga class at the yoga loft. This is wonderful as it shows things are now happening for me and I now have the courage to find my own venue to teach freelance classes for the 6-9’s and Tweens in Plymouth. This also includes belly dance classes for women.

Projects I am working on are as follows:
*I am working on an illustrated poetry book I hope to have published with Amazon, not only that but to promote my poetry you’ll see it being published on online platforms and I may find the courage to do a spoken word performance.
*Meditation music EP with my best friend. I plan to write poetic short meditations and she will produce the quirky, pretty and calming meditative music but it won’t just accompany my voice, it will blend with my voice, it’s going to be called “Wild & Free” and can be used in yoga classes, for meditating at home or even for dance warm-up.

Going Freelance/Career focus:
*Very shortly I will be a TEFL English teacher, there is hope that this will become my main source of income instead of my retail job, I can teach online or decide to take the risk and live abroad.
*I have decided to create a temporary tumblr website of my teaching, schedule and prices until a professional one is built.
*Friends are currently designing new promo leaflets.
*There is going to be a lot of focus this year on trying to get plentiful bookings to teach kids yoga & art sessions as well as belly dance workshops.
*I have taken the plunge to become a Pagan Priestess in order to facilitate women’s ‘goddess within’ healing workshops, some of you may think I am down right bizarre but this is who I am, I am a healer, I am a mystic, I am a teacher, I am a leader and at it’s core this Priestess initiation/training enables me to guide women’s circles, meditation sessions, mystical poetry & art classes and ritualistic belly dance classes devoted to showing women their inner radiance, I have just done my Imbolc initiation and I have 7 more to do.

As you can see things are finally taking shape and it’s going to be a very busy year for me! I am excited about what I am capable of and excited I am finally blossoming, I’ve been patient and I think I’ve struggled through the mud for too long, it’s time now to sprout and bloom.