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Day trip to Vienna from Budapest 2015

Budapest: Vienna, Austria Day Trip

During our five days in Budapest we found out we could hop on a train (5am start, on the train at 6am) and spend a day in Vienna, Austria! Arriving in the city at 9am we had until the last train of the day (9pm) to cram in as much site-seeing as we possibly could. The train ticket for the three hour journey cost about 13 euros which is just over £10. I am unsure if prices change or have changed since we visited but at least this gives you a ballpoint figure. Prices may also vary depending on the time you go and if you want first class, I am pretty sure we booked a generic ticket as we don’t mind sitting in the cheap seats, all you need is a good book, music and good company and you are all set!

Vienna is very elegant and pristine. You can see that the locals are extremely proud of their city. It feels safe, very well looked after and very sophisticated. All the buildings and streets are flawless and many Viennan’s can be seen walking out of opera houses, theatres and concerts in their luxurious cars and stylish clothing. This city is needless to say, expensive to live in, let alone visit but if you are someone who enjoys culture, history and opulent lifestyle then Vienna is for you. Although I am glad I visited Vienna, I did not like the aloof atmosphere and it felt almost too immaculate to enjoy, whereas Budapest had a slightly grungy, boho vibe that implied the lifestyle was down to earth and vibrant, Vienna felt like I was walking around a huge exhibition I was not allowed to touch.



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