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Our 10 day backpacking adventure up the Dalmatian coast August 2014.

Croatia: Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is about a 15 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik and the boats that take you there are constantly running throughout the day until 6pm. There is no fee to be on this island but there is a small cost for the journey on the boat and you must keep your ticket for when you decide to go back to Dubrovnik. Jon and I opted to stay on Lokrum all day, we left out apartment after a slight snoozy lie-in at 11am and walked to the small port to catch a boat. We took a packed lunch of fruit, water and home made sandwiches from a lovely ‘Sandvich stall’ and leisurely strolled around Lokrum until sunset.

things to do in Croatia visit Lokrum island





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Croatia: 4 Days in Dubrovnik

We spent ten days in Croatia, traveling up the Dalmatian coast in August of 2014. Jon & I wanted this holiday to be of a slower pace than Morocco, it was to be relaxed in nature and gave us the opportunity to explore the Dalmatian coast on our own without a tour guide; to help us learn how to travel around a country without the comfort of a tour company or package deal. Morocco in March 2014 was our first holiday together and so going on an adventure tour had the perfect balance of feeling safe with a certified guide yet having that back packer freedom to visit many locations around the country. This second holiday being European, reminded me a little of Cyprus and was rather easy going so backpacking on our own in Croatia was not a scary concept.
Our first location was Dubrovnik for 4 days. As well as this we also went on a day trip to visit Montenegro and another day trip to a nearby island off the coast of Dubrovnik called Lokrum and I will write about these places separately.
Dubrovnik being the first stop,was probably our favourite place to visit although we were glad we also spent time in about 8 other locations so that we can say we did actually visit the country.

perfect family holiday in Croatia

Dubrovnik old town

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Croatia so far

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jon & I have been in Croatia for about 5 days now and we have another 5 to go. We spent 4 days in beautiful Dubrovnik yet one of those days involved a day trip to a nearby island called Lokrum & another day visiting parts of Montenegro. We managed to enjoy the stunning sights of Dubrovnik’s old town, ate locally made ice cream, rode up the cable car and a swim in the sea. During the 4 days in Dubrovnik we became friends with the lady whose apartment we stayed in and an interesting young woman at a Pizza place. I really enjoy making friends with people around the world because not only does it become a cherished memory but it also expands the mind and encourages you to immerse yourself in their culture. Jon is really enjoying learning Croatian as it sounds like an intriguing mix between soothing Italian and rigorous Russian, he already knows the basics and we find ourselves savoring the relaxed lifestyle here. Croatians are very fond of the arts and on nearly every street corner there are painters, musicians, art galleries, jewellery designers and lace makers. Croatians enjoy creativity on all levels including theatre, a mixture of music, poetry, literature & dance and I have even seen a number of locals here actually reading books or Kindles in parks, at a bus stop or on the beach which is so refreshing since most Brits nowadays prefer to watch television shows or go shopping, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just find it difficult to fit in with that sort of lifestyle because I am such a history, culture & art geek.

This morning we hopped on a local bus for our 4 hour journey to Split & this afternoon we pottered about Split’s old town photographing the old ruins & architecture before another swim in the sea. We have plans for a day excursion although nothing is set in stone and we have 3 nights here before we head out to Plitvice Lakes & Rijeka.

Until the next update čuti ćemo se! (We’ll stay in touch!)

Croatia: Adventuring up the Dalmatian Coast

country flag patches
After Jon & I came back from Morocco in early April we decided to save again for another holiday in August, something last minute & reasonably priced. We looked on the world map and our terms & conditions were: It had to be somewhere with a balance of adventure & relaxation, somewhere in Europe that had that tropical look and somewhere neither of us have been. Morocco was out of this world, there are no words to describe how incredible that adventure trip was however it felt at times a bit rushed & because we went in March sometimes there was a chill in the air which made me uncomfortable because I have low blood pressure and I can get cold quite easily; when I lived in Cyprus for 4 summers I thrived during the hottest days, my skin was healthy and my hair had a bounce to it. Finding a destination on the world map became tricky because both of us have been to quite a few European places, when I suggested somewhere in Spain or Italy Jon said “Nah, I’ve been to Barcelona & Rome with work…” and when Jon suggested Bulgaria I replied with “I went there when I was 5 or 6 and now my mum has a house there, it is somewhere we could go at any time we want.” Neither of us wanted to go to places in France, Germany or Prague again because they are so close to the UK they are more like city breaks or long weekends away than a ten day adventure.

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