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Mount Edgecombe with Millie

boat to mount edgecombe
The weather this weekend took a turn for the worst and it’s pretty grey outside with plentiful torrential rain, making it not likely to venture out into nature. Last Sunday was a different story, we took Jon’s parent’s puppy Milly out to Mount Edgcombe nature park. We took her by boat as that is the quickest way over there. Once over on the other side, you are literally in Cornwall, pretty strange feeling that Plymouth and Cornwall are separated by a river!

I have lived in Devon for nearly 5 years now and I am surprised I have never been to Mount Edgecombe considering it’s right on my door step! Since Milly is still a puppy, it is really important to encourage her to encounter new experiences and adventures as much as possible so all in one day she experienced the Royal William Yard which is an up and coming residential area with cafes and galleries on the harbour, being on a boat and going for a run around Mount Edgecombe. Needless to say, she was exhausted the next day from so much stimulation.

Mount Edgecombe is a beautiful nature park with botanical gardens, small coastal beach, woodland and a country estate house that looks like a small castle. The house is usually opened to the public but it was closed the day we went. During the summer months Mount Edgecumbe holds a number of events and festivals and you can imagine how lively a place it is with picnickers lounging in the sun, kids playing tag as they eat Cornish icecream and couples with dogs going for an afternoon stroll. I’ve said to Jon we must venture back here when it gets warmer and perhaps we should arrange a big family picnic for his birthday (weather permitted) in March?
I do hope we go back there so I can document the pretty gardens for you when they are in full bloom!

mount edgecombe boat

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Looe, Cornwall




As stated in a previous post, we’ve been in Cornwall for a few days. We ventured to Looe which is not that far away from Par Sands where we were staying. It’s one of those places we kept meaning to visit, perhaps as a pit-stop on the way back to Plymouth but never got around to it until now.

Looe is a pretty coastal town with cute gift shops, plentiful boats and even an arcade. The weather wasn’t the best but as long as it wasn’t torrential rain and we were wrapped up warm then all was fine. In fact I do enjoy the rain and don’t mind being outdoors in less picturesque circumstances because life isn’t always sunshine and pretty flowers. Sometimes its cloudy and a bit brisk, you know?

We didn’t stay too long in Looe because it wasn’t the right time of year to be there, I am sure in the summer months this place is thriving and there is more to do and see but then would we like to be there when swarms of tourists are crammed in every street corner? probably not. Sometimes the best time to visit a place is during the off season, the weather may not be perfect but it means you have the location mostly to yourself, prices are cheaper and you can really soak in the environment as oppose to battling for a parking space or queuing for a burger whilst seagulls rob you of your candy floss.

I’m an introvert with a hint of extroversion. Meaning I love performing on stage and playing around with characters and do I love going to a coffee shop to meet good friends but as primarily an introvert I really dislike the public, I hate mass consumerism and crowds of people so sometimes for my well-being I NEED to get away from society and the dullness that comes with it that makes me feel numb inside. Being in Cornwall was a welcome break from the rat race but we are looking to try having mini breaks in Europe in the near future, especially over winter when flights are cheap, I’d much rather spend 3 to 4 days in Prague than the UK but until then Cornwall has a quietness I desperately needed.

Par to Fowey: A Coastal Walk

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Par Sands

Par to Fowey coastal walk

Fowey to Par coastal walk

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About a week a go, Jon and I spent a couple of days in Cornwall just to get some peace and quiet. Jon’s parents own a caravan at Par Sands which is an hours drive from Plymouth and whilst we regularly visit here for a short break at least twice a year we’ve never walked the coastal path from Par to Fowey so we took up the challenge!
It took us four hours altogether and I’d say this is a good walk for intermediate walkers, definitely not ideal for beginners, those with small children or have a disability. What makes this walk slightly challenging is the winding and uphill paths. I attend yoga on a weekly basis, I am a professional belly dancer and my BMI is 19.49 so I am quite clearly a fit and healthy person but I struggled on a few occasions, I was breathless and felt out of shape so this is definitely not a relaxing leisurely walk! If you feel like you would be up for it, the walk has spectacular views with pit stops in sweet bays and coves for a picnic or maybe stop off at Polkerris beach which is a popular hot spot for tourists as it provides restaurants, accommodation, water sports and an art gallery. The coastal walk from Par to Fowey was reasonably difficult but not impossible, we did make it to Fowey hurray! Then we took the local bus back to Par and treated ourselves to Cornish fish and chips!
Get more information about the Coastal walk here: Par to Fowey
This is the caravan site we stayed at, you can rent caravans at a good price: Par Sands

Before the walk Jon treated me to some pretty yoga photos on Par Sands beach because he was testing out a new lens. The photos will definitely be used as promo material for my new webpage because they are a good combination of light, airy, earthy and cute. These are the perks of dating a photographer but then in exchange I do assist and support him on his photo shoots, I never just expect him to take photos of me, there has to be balance and a positive exchange of energies don’t you think? Sharing is caring.

Salcombe & Start Point Lighthouse

salcombe bay
A couple of weeks back we ventured on a day trip to Salcombe and Start Point Lighthouse for the day. The weather here in the UK has been glorious and Jon had a very days free so we wanted to enjoy the sunshine! Salcombe is a lovely little coastal village in Devon, a tourist hot spot and a perfect place to have a stroll whilst tucking into traditional Devonian fudge. This sweet little village is home to some lovely quaint boutique shops, galleries and you can hire a paddle boat to sail to the opposite side of the estuary to relax on a small beach.
We only stopped here for an hour to have some lunch before heading out to Start Point Lighthouse.

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At Start Point Lighthouse we took in the breath-taking views, we climbed rocks, laughed, enjoyed being in nature, soaked up the sun’s rays and did some yoga. What is not to love? On a warm day like this it is easy to enjoy this location but I am guessing this place is not such a lovely experience during the winter months, there is a constant, strong sea breeze and very little cover from the elements so I’d suggest to wrap up in your thermals. On a day like this however I didn’t need a light jacket and loved the warm breeze brushing my face and flowing through my hair. Start Point lighthouse was built in 1836 to protect shipping off Start Point in south Devon, England. Open to the public in summer months and it is a grade II listed building. I highly recommend visiting this place, it’s so pretty and peaceful and it is an excellent location to watch the sunset.

start point lighthouse

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We’ve missed going on day trips around our local area so much. We used to do this quite often on Sunday’s and we’d also take a picnic along with us, some books and photography equipment and we’d just spend hours out exploring. We are trying to do this more often, especially now that Jon’s work contract has changed and the weather here is still reasonably pleasant. We hope to venture back up to Swansea in Wales to visit Jon’s Aunt & Uncle again and I’d like to venture to parts of Cornwall I have yet to see.

Yoga on Dartmoor








Jon & I have been super busy these past couple of weeks, organizing and sorting out small tasks involving the house, preparing it for our lodger to move in with us on the 1st June. However last Sunday the weather was glorious so we ventured up to Dartmoor for some fresh air and the opportunity to have meaningful discussions about life and our future. We did some yoga play and Jon wanted to attempt some arm balances which I felt he was pretty good at and in fact much better than me and I managed to secure a very strong wheel pose, hopefully soon I might be able to kick a leg up into the air!

Dartmoor is a wonderful place for a day trip or potentially spend a week here if you wish. With it’s rolling hills, waterfalls, craggy rocks & quaint Bed & Breakfasts and local pubs tucked away in small woodlands you can’t go wrong. We come here often even in the rain or blustery weather because often when it’s warm, many people flock here which kind of ruins the tranquility. Many people from around the world venture here to meet the wild Dartmoor Ponies, go wild camping or attend a trekking group. You can go on walking trails off the beaten path to find old Tors such as Hexworthy & Devil’s Tor; and numerous rock climbers, lone runners & cyclists can be seen all year round in the elements. Families bring their children here on hot summer days for a picnic or BBQ, lovers can be seen holding hands under trees and dogs are free to roam and swim in nearby streams & rivers. Probably not as stunning as the Lake District or Snowdonia but it is a place of gorgeous natural beauty in the UK so it is worth paying a visit, especially if you are a nature lover and photography enthusiast. Surrounding Dartmoor are Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes & Torquay if you wish to be near the sea or fancy a bit of shopping. There is much to offer here in Devon and Dartmoor national park so do come and visit.
Learn more about Dartmoor here: Visit Dartmoor
There is more info about Dartmoor here: The Dartmoor Visitors Centre
This is a riding centre that also offer accommodation: Shilstone Rocks
This website offers walking trail information & advice: Dartmoor Walkers
This site offers information about accommodation: Dartmoor Accommodation

I feel really good right now in this moment of my life, it is by no means perfect but I am super stoked for all that has recently come into my life such as becoming a qualified kid’s yoga teacher, being published with elephant journal, being featured in DoYouYoga & having had a lovely mini break in Brighton; these are all such wonderful events that I am so thankful for! But I am also excited for what is coming between now and early next year such as our 2 week holiday to Romania & Bulgaria this June, becoming an activity leader for a summer school from July to August and setting up my kid’s yoga-dance classes & adult belly dance classes at the beginning of September plus much more! Both Jon & I have big things to look forward to which is why we are busy bees putting the foundations and framework in place now in prep for the bigger events waiting to happen, the fruits of our labour should be reaping in October and I’m literally on the edge of my seat, I can not wait.

For the first time in a really long time I feel like there is a massive change in the air, I feel my wheel of fortune spinning faster and it feels like I can finally sigh “Thank Fuck for that!”
I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and remember: Be kind to yourself, you are where you need to be, you’ll get to where you want to go. So don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy your short life, enjoy being you.

All photos © Jon Roberts Photography 2016