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Day trips & mini breaks around the UK.

Yoga in Brighton & Worthing

About two weeks ago I ventured to Brighton to do an intensive Kids Yoga-Dance teacher training. I wanted to set myself this challenge for a number of reasons that I am currently working on for the very near future which I will discuss in a video when I am ready to announce it to the world. I made friends with a wonderful person I met on Instagram, Sarah connected with me and eventually emailed me out of the blue and a friendship blossomed. If it wasn’t for Sarah I doubt I could have afforded to do this training because I would have had to have paid for accommodation whilst down there but she lovingly opened up her home to me and I had such a great time traveling down to Brighton by myself and I felt so free from the constraints of peoples opinions or criticisms in my every day life, with Sarah I could literally be myself which felt amazing.

During my stay at her home in Worthing (which is 20 minutes away from Brighton) we did some Yoga on the beach whilst walking Bobby the dog, ate avocado on toast, celebrated our achievements with chocolate cake and danced to Mmmbop with our extra geeky moves! I felt so comfortable with Sarah and it felt like we had been friends for years, which was such a wonderful feeling. Above I have created a video for you all to watch which gives you more of a glimpse into what Brighton looks like and what Sarah & I did during my stay. This includes getting my first tattoo which I will blog about in another post. *This video can not be viewed on mobiles and some tablets*

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A Botanical Mini Break

DSC09618 copy
Jon & I decided at the last minute to go away for a few days to Cornwall just to relax and clear our minds from the daily grind. We both realized we had been super busy we had forgotten to just be in the moment. Jon is travelling here, there and everywhere with work and I am writing articles, organzing my workshop, studying and arranging numerous projects. Things needed to come to a mini hault, so we did just that. This is kind of like a mini break inbetween the big breaks (Nepal in March and Bulgaria this September). I suggested we go somewhere botanical based because I am currently gathering research for my latest art project that has been buzzing around the back of my mind for ages. As this winter sets in I wish to work on a set of Botanical illustrations which will also be incorporated into an illustrated poetry book. But also this mini break allowed my body to be a little at peace because I recently fell down the stairs and bruised my Coccyx bone, it has been suggested I take it easy so very little or no Yoga (and Dance) for a short while…However as you will see in my photos this didn’t stop me from doing some Yoga poses and in all fairness it took only seconds to take a Yoga photograph so there is no harm in that, my Butt bone was achy a little later though!
Our mini break lasted 3 days and we ventured to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, the Eden Project, Truro and a Cicrus (Truro and the Circus are not shown in this post).




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Welsh mini break: Swansea

Cheddar Gorge
Soon after our couple of days in Cornwall we ventured to the South of Wales and spent four days in and around Swansea. We stayed with his delightful Aunt & Uncle who are also keen adventurers themselves, telling us stories of their motor bike adventure around Europe and their most recent adventure on a huge sail boat around the Atlantic Ocean on their own! Jon’s Aunt & Uncle have been to so many places around the world and it was just so inspiring hearing their tales. It was just so lovely to be out all day and know we could come back to an environment that was very cozy and welcoming.



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