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Tea & Tarot: My Oracle Decks

So I did another video discussing divination decks but this time it wasn’t exactly about the Tarot, it was about Oracle decks which are kind of like the sister to the Tarot.
In this video I discuss my first ever Oracle deck “healing with the fairies”, a deck I won “Miracles Now” and a deck I recently purchased because it resonates with who I am right now and this is the beautiful “Wild Kuan Yin”. Also in this video there are little snippets of my family history, how I’d raise my future children, why I choose to live as frugally as possible and what it means to be a Witch.

There will be two more videos for this “Tea & Tarot” mini series coming up very soon. One is going to be playful (and very eccentric) and the last very personal. I hope you enjoy this current video and stay tuned for the last two!

Tea & Tarot: The Sacred Bridges

Here it is everyone! Finally my 3rd Tea & Tarot video is completed and on youtube for your viewing pleasure!
I will be doing two more (maybe even three) and these last two will be in a sightly different set up and neither will be Tarot reviews however still involve Tarot decks. The 4th video will hopefully be insanely hilarious and the 5th video will be a little more on the serious side, asking existential questions and discussing something very important to me, I’ll be using the cards to guide me through the talk over a cup of tea. I am excited about the next two videos but wanted the previous three to act more like introductory clips of my overall personality and general thoughts about different tarot decks.

I do hope you like this 3rd video, it’s playful and upbeat, the Sacred Bridges tarot really does make me feel like dancing and singing along to world music. It’s a gorgeous, vibrant deck for those who perhaps love travel, dance, world cultures and that comic book style illustration.
You can buy the Sacred Bridges deck here.
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sacred bridges

Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

I have been in search for a new Oracle deck for years. I have all the tarot decks I need now (two collectors decks and one travel deck) and I don’t need any more. I have owned the fairy oracle by Doreen Virtue since I was 19, it was the first deck I ever owned because my mother at the time told me I was too young to own a Tarot deck, looking back now, I know that’s ridiculous and if I had children who wanted to learn more about divination I’d probably help them choose their first Oracle in their tweens and their first Tarot in their late teens.

So for years I have felt I have grown out of my fairy cards, I no longer feel connected to them however I will keep them as maybe one day I will pass them on to one of my children. And so I have been casually on the hunt for a new oracle deck, not necessarily constantly searching for something and buying it on a whim but being content in waiting for the right one to captivate me. There are so many out there and I just didn’t want to rush.

By chance I watched a youtube video of a review on the Wild Kuan Yin oracle deck and fell in love. I shall be doing a Tea & Tarot video of this deck soon but I will say I just love the flying yaks and the paintings remind me of a favourite film “What dreams may come.” and I just couldn’t be any happier. The art is based on Tibetan tribal women and you all know I LOVE anything to do with tribal cultures plus I love how wild and airy it feels. I will be using this deck for daily card draws.

Reasons for purchasing this deck are:
1: My Chinese sign is Ox and I love the flying oxen in the artwork.
2: I love tribal cultures, the artist was inspired by Tibetan tribal women.
3: Wild is a favourite word.
4: I spent 3 weeks backpacking around Nepal last March, Nepal is next door to Tibet, I’ve spent time with Tibetan monks in Lumbini & both cultures heavily influence each other.
5: As a Libra I love the wild airy vibes from the cards, it’s as though the painter has opened my chest to find flying people and animals inside.
6: It reminds me of a favourite scene about heaven in the film “what dreams may come”.
I am in awe of this Oracle Deck, happiness is an understatement!

Tea & Tarot: The Wild Unknown

I finally sorted everything and we found out the reason why this video wasn’t uploading and it was because something is currently wrong with FireFox. Switching to Google Chrome, the video uploaded within an hour. So here is the second video of my Tea & Tarot mini series. In this episode I talk about how the Wild Unknown is not a shadow deck for me, instead it tuned me into the primordial, Vivacious wild woman. This deck has extremely raw, earthy energy like the Muladhara (base chakra) and I do enjoy working with it’s potent primal energy. I do hope you enjoy this video and in a few weeks time I will be uploading a third video, which will be a Tarot unboxing of an Indie deck I purchased on Etsy from America plus a loving review of a beautiful book I am currently reading. Stay Tuned!

Personality & Soul Tarot Cards

Prisma Visions Tarot Deck
I have recently discovered my personality & soul cards in a Tarot deck. It never before crossed my mind until someone I know mentioned that their soul card is the High Priestess so I wanted to find out mine.
It turns out that my personality card is the Star meaning on the surface I appear aloof, carefree, optimistic, bright eyed and full of wander for the world and maybe a little bit eccentric. I can appear effortless, graceful and full of exuberant creativity. My Soul card is Strength meaning on a deeper level, underneath my seemingly sweet and almost innocent, offbeat persona I have a lot of inner strength which can be confusing to some, how can someone who is outwardly naive to the real world and appears to have lofty ideas with her head in the clouds (or skies) have a deep rooted, practical inner strength?

With both cards, traditionally there are two female characters who are very active in their pursuits so you get a real movement based form of femininity, neither of these women are passive/submissive. With the Star being wild and naked playing with water and Strength taming a lion, these women are a beautiful fusion of creativity and adventure and both women show integrity for their true selves that radiates outwardly for the viewer to see, neither of these women are hiding, their true nature is ever present. I liken the Star to an exhibitionist who may delight in doing naked yoga and Strength could be a female circus performer showcasing her talents as a lion tamer.

The Star sees benign beauty and goodness in nature and herself. She trusts what she sees and leaves it alone. Strength sees the raw, immediate power in nature and in herself. She controls and contains it like a dam works with a river.

Together they are graceful, beautiful, peaceful and strong, with their powers and talents in perfect balance and harmony, and all their virtues at the service of the world. Although a part of me was a tad annoyed I didn’t get ‘The High Priestess’ as any of my cards, because she is a favourite character in the Tarot, I can’t deny that these two cards are actually quite accurate to my personality and inner psyche so I am overjoyed with the outcome.

Read more & find out what your cards are here.

Right I am off to have a brew, do some self study on the Chakras and catch up on some spiritual youtube channels I am subscribed to.