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Year of the Fire Rooster: Stoking the Fire

wild unknown tarot
This Imbolc I decided to do a short Tarot reading for myself and the months ahead. And it looks cracking!
So much energy flowing through these cards and it makes sense because 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. The rooster is an animal on farms that wakes every body up at sunrise to prepare farmers for the day and so this year will represent that energy. The fire rooster is here to wake us up and get to work, it will make us bring to reality all the things we’ve been manifesting from last year (the year of the fire monkey). Last year was also a wild year, monkey’s are mischievous, sociable and hyperactive and I did take small risks to get things going- like my Kids yoga teacher training in Brighton and starting my TEFL English teacher training. I had literally had enough of the year before and I began to take action to change my life, the fire Monkey energy kicked my butt! This year with the Fire Rooster it’s a new dawn, a new me and a new way of vocalizing what I want. Like the Rooster I will stand proud, show off my new plumage and cocka-doodle-doo my desires. The Rooster is independent and takes no shit, have you seen how they attack intruders? They can be quite volatile if they have to be and I kinda feel the same way, I’m tired of people seeing me as this pretty little gentle thing, I’m actually a tough cookie (when I have to be).
So lets get to the cards!

The Ace of Wands
This card represents new ideas and feeling confident about a new project, field of study or business venture I am working on or starting up. This is a courageous and bold card that represents high energy in the form of creativity. This is about boldly finding my own voice and insisting the universe makes room for this manifestation to become a reality. It is a moment of gregarious expansion (depicted by the vast landscape in the background) and can therefore represent the potential to include my project with travel. It is holding up my torch and allowing my inner flame to burn brightly. This is very true for me, my plan is to teach conversational English online throughout the rest of this year using my TEFL qualification and teach children’s yoga in my local community in Plymouth just to give me confidence, practice and a routine in teaching before I decide to potentially move to the Far East to teach English in schools and children’s yoga in a local studio over there. The potential is staring me in the face and I am visualizing myself doing this in a place like Bali- literally telling the universe to make room for this to happen so much so, I clearly see myself in a jungle-like place, where elephants come to swim in the sea and I’m eating lunch in a beach cafe in prep for my next lesson.

The Star
This is my soul card (you can find yours here). And so is of significant importance to me as a person, it represents my personality and general direction in life. It’s over all meaning for me implies there is a new, replenished sense of hope and faith. Inspiration is flooding in and I feel as though the universe is supporting me rather than putting external obstacles in my path. I need to continue having trust in myself and the universe that a better future is waiting for me. This card is also about personal transformation which I relate to very much right now. I am making changes to my physical self by opting to have tattoos (as a way to mark my right of passage), changing my style to fit who I am and not societal standards of beauty-essentially just being fricken weird and not caring if someone tells me my outfit doesn’t match my shoes and also changes to myself from within, I am on a spiritual quest and I don’t care if people once again think that is weird and I am also being unabashedly rebellious too.

King (Father) of Pentacles
This card represents worldly success, abundance, ambition and financial stability. Kings, Queens and Pages often represent a person in your life that have these attributes. So could imply I receive financial support or inheritance that helps catapult me to the level I need to be at in a much quicker way than plodding along trying to fund things myself in small chunks. Or it might mean this is a symbolic message telling me my fight is coming to an end and I will soon be rewarded with the fruits of my labour, after years of methodically saving, planning, studying and manifesting all I desire. It is time now to reap the benefits? Perhaps my children’s yoga classes gain popularity? Perhaps I acquire a good amount of online students in my English teaching? Either way, it is a sign that like King Midas, everything I touch (do) will turn to gold from now on, while it will still be hard work, it will feel less like I am trying to walk up a mountain with a piano strapped to my back and more like trekking on a walk through a valley and building bridges to cross the river. This is another card where creativity meets financial gain and you can see it in the original imagery of a king sat around material objects that are physical representations of what he has worked for and what he created.

King (Father) of Wands
This is a card of Entrepreneurship, of someone who embodies strong leadership and visionary qualities. I do believe these are aspects of myself I am working on because I am attempting to live a life away from the societal hamster wheel. People around the world are already doing this whether they live off grid in a home they built from found objects to freelancers who don’t need to be stuck in an office on a 9-5 schedule and yet still get paid for their services and can live anywhere in the world! What if I could live in the Far East, in a cute little beach shack (with the mod cons obviously) and teach about two online English sessions a day and teach yoga to kids, teens and adults at a local studio near the beach in the mornings and evenings? Why the hell not? It sounds like a far fetched dream but my partner and I have met people doing this already, we met a British man running his UK based business from Nepal! And because living in Nepal is cheap his profit from his company meant he could live very comfortably. Everything is possible! And this is what this card embodies, its having the drive and vivaciousness to do it! It is also about keeping to your goals to create your vision and striking when its hot. On a universal scale it also implies an opportunity will present itself to me and that I now have the power, skills and confidence to accept it if I wish.

Six of Wands
This is a wonderful card to end on because it means public recognition, victory, more progress and confidence. Perhaps people will recognize me through my writing? Via my online presence or perhaps I am given the opportunity to lead a retreat? Who knows? It could also simply mean being patted on the back by friends and loved ones for all my great efforts and finally qualifying as a teacher? Perhaps we celebrate with a fancy meal? The six of Wands also states, it is a new state of self awareness and acknowledging I’ve finally overcome past obstacles and I can take a (short) well earned rest. Which again makes sense because I am planning on visiting family in the North of England for some much needed respite but also my partner and I are planning our next backpacking holiday to the Far East too as a celebration of both our efforts. The Six of wands encourages the individual to be proud of who they are and what they have accomplished.

Daughters of the Red Tent (Oracle)
This card represents being on the cusp of a threshold. Things are changing and I will be passing into a newly transformed way of life. It is time now for me to surrender to the will of the universe when it presents me with a path of new opportunities very soon. I need to be willing to leave the secure life I’ve been leading the past few years in order to build my career and have courage to enter into unknown territory for a new dawn is rising. This is the willingness to die a death of the old self so the new self can emerge. I might have once taken refuge in a certain type of relationship, job, social group or ideology for a while and lived a lifestyle where my spirituality took a back seat because of society pressure and structure and now I am being asked to give up that old life. The Daughters of the Red Tent symbolize people in my life (primarily women) who fully support and love everything I do and a message of a new cycle is fast approaching so I need to be prepared because everything is coming to fruition and the phoenix will rise from the ashes.

And so, here are a few things that I am looking forward to as Spring arrives…
Eating: Homemade fruit smoothies!
Drinking: Plentiful green tea, always.
Practicing: My latest belly dance choreography and back bending.
Mastering: The Splits. I am even dreaming that I can do it.
Learning: How to use my Yoga wheel & doing my level 2 Reiki attunement.
Playing: With my Ukulele, totally out of tune but will learn it one day.
Finishing: My 140 hour TEFL English teaching course.
Starting: In April specialist TEFL modules in online teaching & teaching young learners.
Reading: The hidden life of Trees and Goddesses in every woman.
Listening: To Meghan Currie’s new EP, her songs are beautiful.
Wearing: More colourful outfits, I’m tired of woolly jumpers and thermal socks!
Making: Dream Catchers and erotic illustrations.
Working: On a temporary business website to showcase prices & schedule.
Traveling: To the North West of England Mid February to see friends & family.
Planning: A backpacking adventure to Vietnam & Cambodia.
Hoping: To set-up regular twice weekly kids yoga classes plus teach English online from home.
Wishing: For Summer, being barefoot, to wear sari skirts & maxi dresses!

A story of Alters & Magic

Pagan Alter
I was raised in a Catholic household, Irish Catholic to be exact. My Grandmother Monica was a devote Catholic woman from Kilkenny in Ireland and my Mother, Kathleen (pronounced Kat-Lin), being half Irish brought me up to go to Sunday school, Midnight Mass at Christmas and have my holy Communion & Confirmation all through my childhood years. However, from the age of five I would question life in my girlish existential way, I’d tell my mum not to shout at me because perhaps in a past life I was her mother and therefore our souls are equal (no joke) and I’d collect stones, twigs and dried leaves to create a pot of nature magic. It was also at five I had my first premonition. At 13 I desperately pleaded with my Mum to own a Tarot deck and I made my own cauldron from a broken water fountain bowl. At the time, all this freaked my mum out and she’d say “What is wrong with my child!”
However, now my Mum has become more open minded, whilst still a proud Catholic she also has healing crystals, Buddha statues, her own oracle deck & cleanses her home with incense.

I believe in magic, not magic tricks or the over exaggerated, fantastical magic in films, but magic in the mundane. How everything is connected and everything has energy, I find peace in the old Pagan traditions and I find the concept of deities fascinating and actually makes more sense than worshiping one “God”, for in essence the gods and goddesses of the Pagan communities around the world are simply personifications of the natural world and these deities do not declare themselves as perfect beings either, they have a primal and humanistic quality to them, they are relatable and reachable, they don’t sit on a far away cloud pointing the finger at our sins and they don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are-wild, unpredictable & beautifully primordial.

I believe in honouring the earth and trying (in this modern life) to respect it as much as I can. I find old remedies, herbal tinctures & old wives tales from all over the world fascinating. I adore talismans, animal symbolism and dream interpretation. I love reading about fairytales and their psychological significance, I love thinking about reincarnation or ideas about what happens when we pass. I believe plants are wiser than us and that they have a language or social network we can not see or grasp with our blinkered minds. I believe astronomy and astrology are two sides of the same coin and that ancient civilizations like the Babylonians and Sumerians were on to something fruitful. I believe “God” is everywhere, in every atom, in every space, in every creation, in every miracle and in every scientific discovery. I believe in the healing power of crystals, even science is catching up with evidence to support using crystal quartz in a machine to cure cancer. When I look at the moon I feel powerful, recharged somewhat and I enjoy receiving subliminal messages from the universe.

People call me a “Witch” as a way to understand what I am, we need labels in this world. I guess I am a Witch, for the word means “Wise” and even the old word “Wyrd” (weird) also means Wise or “to become” or “to have worth”. My skills lie in dream interpretation, Tarot reading and dancing or creating sacred/symbolic art, I value nature symbolism, animal spirits and finding goddess signs on my travels (specifically mermaids or anything tantric). I enjoy creating little alters for me to look at whilst sat in my bedroom and pulling daily tarot card readings for my day ahead, everything I do is meaningful, like Japanese tea ceremonies and I guess this is one of the reasons people fear or misunderstand “witches”, witches do things with meaning, everything in my life has to be cherished or sacred, I can not just “get on with it” as a meaningless consumer. I have to learn and gain more knowledge about myself and the world like “Why do I like this flower? What is the symbolic meaning of this flower in other cultures?” or “Hmm I know the health benefits of this herb but didn’t know it’s spiritual significance!” This is how I think and feel every day and I feel utterly shit when trapped in meaningless small talks or in a job that does not cater to my soul and I don’t understand why so many people opt for that life? To talk about money, that lamp they just bought for £50, how they look forward to Friday but hate Monday’s, the need to keep up with the Jone’s, the ridiculous questions asked over and over again at parties and gatherings, the lack of empathy for global issues but instead twitter on about their baby doing a poo, the selfishness, the greed, the vicious cycle of work-weekend-getting drunk-buy stuff you don’t need-work.

I want my life to have meaning to be of “worth” to experience the sacred in clouds dancing in the sky, to cherish ancient philosophies about life and to live without fear of the masses seeing me as an outsider.
A friend recently inspired me to go on a similar spiritual path to her, she is being initiated as a priestess to Greek Paganism and I am going to do the same, this is something for myself, it is a very down to earth practice to add to my life and simply encourages me to delve deeper into my knowledge of Paganism which is a spiritual path that is earthcentric and very practical. Many people who will read this will think I am utterly balmy and that’s OK, I personally find it utterly nuts to get angry over something you’ve ordered off amazon but it’s delivered late or totally insane to shout at a waitress because your food is incorrect or for pointing the finger at people like me because we refuse to worship money and material things. Ridicule me all you like because if we both looked in the mirror, I am not the one living in a fantasy world, I know who I am and I don’t need things to make me believe I am real or that my life has value or to fill some kind of void. This is me stripped bare, who are you when you take away the money, the house, the job you hate, the endless amount of shit you buy and your ego?
I believe in practical magic, the magic of watching herbs unfurl in a cup of tea, the magic of making love in a thunderstorm or the magic of listening to a song on the radio that makes me think of my best friend and in that exact moment she calls and I say “I was just thinking of you.”
I believe in world beyond the materialist veil that numbs us to our core and dumbs us down and I am not afraid anymore to be magically me.

Wicca Witch craft Plymouth Devon

Tea & Tarot: My Oracle Decks

So I did another video discussing divination decks but this time it wasn’t exactly about the Tarot, it was about Oracle decks which are kind of like the sister to the Tarot.
In this video I discuss my first ever Oracle deck “healing with the fairies”, a deck I won “Miracles Now” and a deck I recently purchased because it resonates with who I am right now and this is the beautiful “Wild Kuan Yin”. Also in this video there are little snippets of my family history, how I’d raise my future children, why I choose to live as frugally as possible and what it means to be a Witch.

There will be two more videos for this “Tea & Tarot” mini series coming up very soon. One is going to be playful (and very eccentric) and the last very personal. I hope you enjoy this current video and stay tuned for the last two!

Tea & Tarot: The Sacred Bridges

Here it is everyone! Finally my 3rd Tea & Tarot video is completed and on youtube for your viewing pleasure!
I will be doing two more (maybe even three) and these last two will be in a sightly different set up and neither will be Tarot reviews however still involve Tarot decks. The 4th video will hopefully be insanely hilarious and the 5th video will be a little more on the serious side, asking existential questions and discussing something very important to me, I’ll be using the cards to guide me through the talk over a cup of tea. I am excited about the next two videos but wanted the previous three to act more like introductory clips of my overall personality and general thoughts about different tarot decks.

I do hope you like this 3rd video, it’s playful and upbeat, the Sacred Bridges tarot really does make me feel like dancing and singing along to world music. It’s a gorgeous, vibrant deck for those who perhaps love travel, dance, world cultures and that comic book style illustration.
You can buy the Sacred Bridges deck here.
View more of my videos on my youtube channel.
Here is my Instagram.

sacred bridges

Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

I have been in search for a new Oracle deck for years. I have all the tarot decks I need now (two collectors decks and one travel deck) and I don’t need any more. I have owned the fairy oracle by Doreen Virtue since I was 19, it was the first deck I ever owned because my mother at the time told me I was too young to own a Tarot deck, looking back now, I know that’s ridiculous and if I had children who wanted to learn more about divination I’d probably help them choose their first Oracle in their tweens and their first Tarot in their late teens.

So for years I have felt I have grown out of my fairy cards, I no longer feel connected to them however I will keep them as maybe one day I will pass them on to one of my children. And so I have been casually on the hunt for a new oracle deck, not necessarily constantly searching for something and buying it on a whim but being content in waiting for the right one to captivate me. There are so many out there and I just didn’t want to rush.

By chance I watched a youtube video of a review on the Wild Kuan Yin oracle deck and fell in love. I shall be doing a Tea & Tarot video of this deck soon but I will say I just love the flying yaks and the paintings remind me of a favourite film “What dreams may come.” and I just couldn’t be any happier. The art is based on Tibetan tribal women and you all know I LOVE anything to do with tribal cultures plus I love how wild and airy it feels. I will be using this deck for daily card draws.

Reasons for purchasing this deck are:
1: My Chinese sign is Ox and I love the flying oxen in the artwork.
2: I love tribal cultures, the artist was inspired by Tibetan tribal women.
3: Wild is a favourite word.
4: I spent 3 weeks backpacking around Nepal last March, Nepal is next door to Tibet, I’ve spent time with Tibetan monks in Lumbini & both cultures heavily influence each other.
5: As a Libra I love the wild airy vibes from the cards, it’s as though the painter has opened my chest to find flying people and animals inside.
6: It reminds me of a favourite scene about heaven in the film “what dreams may come”.
I am in awe of this Oracle Deck, happiness is an understatement!