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20 Things I want to do before I become a Mum

ustrasana, camel pose, Spring
A friend of mine Cara, who is also a lifestyle blogger recently published a blog post about turning 29 and listed all the things she’d like to try and do before she is 30. This inspired me to do the same, obviously I am no longer 30, I turned 31 last October but I have plenty of things I wish to achieve before I do the whole settle down-get married-have kids milestone. A lot of the things on this list will be travel related but there is no particular order. So this is my three year plan of things I want to do before I become a mum.

1: Get my 4th and 5th tattoos. I am already planning the 4th.
2: Publish a book, I’ve always wanted to do this & I’m working on an illustrated poetry book.
3: Visit Ireland & Scotland because these places are part of my heritage.
4: Learn how to drive a car and a moped.
5: Do my yoga teacher training in Thailand for 2 months in the distant future.
6: Visit Bali (after yoga teacher training).
7: Go skydiving just once, I’ll be petrified but I’ll do it!
8: Start learning how to grow my own herbs.
9: Organize or be a part of a yoga & belly dance community project to help others.
10: Attend Spanish evening classes, I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish.
11: Learn to trust people again, create close friendships.
12: Try doing a spoken word poem performance.
13: I’d love to be published with Kinfolk magazine.
14: Be able to do the splits (childhood dream).
15: Teach internationally (alongside my local classes), perhaps Spain and Portugal?
16: Visit Cambodia & Vietnam (perhaps before yoga teacher training?).
17: Swim with Dolphins (Making sure they are not in captivity).
18: Pluck up the courage to attend a Latin dance classes.
19: Go hot air ballooning somewhere amazing (not the UK).
20: Visit a place of paradise (like the Maldives) as part of my honeymoon.

Wish me luck! That’s a pretty epic list! A lot of these things I know I will achieve within the next few years (I hope) and you’ll notice I didn’t include any European destinations to travel to and that’s because, whilst I may go on mini breaks to maybe be a guest teacher (who knows), I am fully aware that places like Italy, Czech Republic and Spain are easy to visit with kids, so certain destinations will be put on hold until I have kids to go on family holidays in Europe. It’s a lot harder to visit the Far East with children and sometimes less fun when you know have to be responsible for little people. I already have ideas for a potential wedding and honeymoon and knowing me, it will be unconventional, not on purpose but if I ever did get married I really don’t want the fuss of dealing with a huge bunch of people, my wedding day will be simple and very minimal with a bohemian flare. I’d be totally happy getting married on a beach somewhere (for example) with only a small group of loved ones present with flower garlands and dream catchers dotted about.
In regards to number 11, I realized I’ve never truly enjoyed close relationships with others and it’s a massive shock when someone is kind to me. I’ve unfortunately had a rough time growing up in a difficult family life and meeting dishonest people who took advantage of my kindness. This, over the years made me reserved and I question peoples motives. I do have one best friend who I love dearly but I now want to cultivate strong bonds and happy friendships with more people, this has already started, I met two beautiful, sweet young women I consider my younger sisters and my yoga teacher is slowly becoming a true friend. It’s finding people on my life journey who truly love me no matter what and my heart is slowly healing, this feels good.
cherry blossoms
Photos by Jon Roberts.

Exciting News: Collaborative Yoga & Belly Dance Workshop!

yoga and belly dance

Last week I spent an afternoon with my good friend Jodie who is a newly certified yoga teacher. I am happy to announce we are organizing a collaborative workshop together which we hope will be delivered in May although an exact date has not been decided. The workshop will consist of 2.5 hours of Yoga, Belly Dance and a Chakra meditation. Both of us are Reiki practitioners too so Reiki will be included throughout. This is a tester workshop which we hope to facilitate in our local community centre and if it is successful we hope to continue creating workshops together as well as Reiki gatherings and sacred feminine circles not only in the community centre but perhaps in other venues around Plymouth too eventually.

This workshop will be open to all levels and even though it is targeted to a female audience, men are welcome too because men can belly dance (there are male belly dancers in Turkey).

We are at drafting stage so we are making lots of notes and exchanging ideas but we’ll be promoting the workshop very soon, we’ve already chosen a title and will be creating flyers to promote it.

I am also working very hard on setting up my Kids Yoga & Art workshop (age 7-12) too which I hope to be held at the Yoga Loft once my teaching Insurance is processed. My promo flyers for this are nearly finished and I currently planning a Tween Yoga & Belly Dance workshop for girls (age 9-13) to be facilitated in early summer also.

So, lots to plan and initiate, I’m excited because I finally feel ready within myself, I’m being patient for things to get started and to overcome mini hurdles (like waiting for insurance paper work) but I do believe in divine timing, it will all happen when the time is right. So stay tuned for more updates on my workshops!

January Thoughts

It’s been a quiet time here at our place. Must be the January lull. Jon is researching new lenses to buy as he wants to decrease the weight of his camera bag and I’m finishing my TEFL course (with one module left to go) and drafting up the latest articles, one is taking a while as it includes illustrations.
Soon I won’t be writing for Yogi Approved and Bad Yogi much anymore, I’ll remain a writer but only when I feel inspired to write. I have other endevours to concentrate on for the most part of the year and that includes travel, setting up my kids yoga classes (including creating promo material), and preparing myself for my 200hour yoga teacher training. I’ve found the training I like and not just like but feel drawn too, it resonates with me and I’ve spent the past 2 years saving for it as well as studying the Yoga Sutras, Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, The Chakras and learning different yoga styles; with my favourites being Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin.

I feel like it is time to start planning for that big event. I can see myself clear as crystal on this training and I am both nervous and excited because it is a huge life changing thing for me. Never in my life have I ever done anything big like this for myself, never have I put myself first and as a child I didn’t get a great start in life, not that I am not thankful to be alive, healthy and living in a part of the world where things are more accessible to me but I am aware I wasn’t fortunate to grow up in a stable family and we were very poor, so poor in fact, when I turned 16 my Mum couldn’t afford to help pay for driving lessons (or a car) and so I never learned to drive. Learning to drive is still on my to do list, it was just never something available to me during a time when most teens my age were enjoying that milestone.

My mum couldn’t ever afford to send me on extracurricular activities even though I desperately wanted to attend dance and piano classes. I remember when my mum sent my sister and I in our school uniforms with pigtails to fancy-dress parties and told us to tell everyone we were from “St Trinians”, I cried because I didn’t understand why my mum didn’t bother to make an effort, I understand now it was because she couldn’t afford to rent or buy a princess costume. I was that kid with holes in my shoes and dirt on my neck because sometimes we had no running, hot water or spare cash to buy the fancy Clarks shoes. I remember sharing the last cookie with my sister because that is all that was left in the cupboards, I remember learning to Iron mine and my sister’s school clothes at the age of 7 and cooking sausages under the grill for tea at age 8.

A lot of things I wished for myself weren’t ever going to be in my grasp, as a young artist I couldn’t afford art supplies and family didn’t support or understand my artistic streak so I’d use make-up brushes to paint my pictures and eye liners as charcoal. My mum was hardly there to watch me grow because she had to work and any kid who is in a harsh environment quickly learns to harden, adapt and accept. And so as an adults I’ve already had it ingrained in my very being that all the nice things people have, I will never have or never be allowed. There is a feeling of guilt and a feeling of undeserving.

But wanting to be a Yoga teacher is not a selfish thing for me and becoming a teacher keeps me balanced, it is both a treat and discipline. I may not be able to afford to attend classes every week but its the one happy thing in my life that remains reasonably consistent and it teaches me patience, kindness towards my body (and roaming mind) and the act of self-love mixed with being humble.

It is something I want and need to do for myself, to bring something beautiful into my life but I want to give yoga to others. With all my knowledge in creative and movement therapeutics, holistic health and in Yoga, why not fuse the three? Why not teach them to cancer patients, the homeless, the mentally ill, refugees and children from broken homes?

I know I am deserving of this and I know I can do it and I hope it will happen towards the end of this year, giving me plenty of time to truly focus on my practice, enroll at a gym and organize the travel itinerary and then off I go to Thailand for almost 3 months!

Manifest Your Dreams: Set Intentions, Not Resolutions

manifest your dreams in 2017
A few weeks before Christmas just as I was winding down, I felt this urge to write! It started out rather angry at the world, at people who; like horses on a narrow road can only see a tiny fragment of the world through blinkers. I couldn’t understand why many individuals need to judge others for essentially taking their blinkers off and gasping “My gosh! There is a beautiful world out there!”

Then I began to soften and talk about how to manifest dreams in a slow and steady way by ignoring the critics who foolishly tell you “you’ll never get there” because it hasn’t happened yet and just fully concentrating on yourself, taking baby steps to nourish your soul, to be patient with what is and what will eventually come if you put the work into it. Dreams do not happen over night, like the sea carving away at a jagged rock it takes years of personal/lifestyle/career development before you can stand back and view your master piece and even then the work is not finished. In the next stage, once the seed turns into a sampling you now need to invest time and energy into your dream to watch it grow.

Like most things worth waiting for, it needs to bake in the ether before it is ready. It takes 9 months for a baby to be born, it takes 3 years to attain a degree and it took my own mother 10 years to finally move to Bulgaria permanently.
This article is me telling the world “When I say I am going to do something, I will do it, it will take time but it WILL happen!” and it will for anyone who has set intentions for themselves.

This whole concept is centered around New Years Resolutions and why it is better to set Intentions to manifest because then you’ll stick them and it will make you feel good about the positive changes you are making.
Read the full article here on Bad Yogi: Manifest Your Dreams: Set Intentions, Not Resolutions

Farewell 2016, Hello 2017

2016 was a great year for me, it was a year of finding my confidence and I’ve achieved a number of things.
~ I got my first tattoo.
~ I qualified as a kids yoga teacher in Brighton.
~ One of my prose poems was accepted & published on Elephant Journal.
~ My blog was considered one of the top 25 European Yoga blogs by “DoYouYoga”.
~ I became a writer for Bad Yogi Blog.
~ I did my practical training to become a TEFL English teacher.
~ I modeled in London for a sports & leisure clothing company.
~ I became an Activity Leader for a Language School for their summer camp.
~ As well as this, Jon and I spent two weeks in Bulgaria, including the beautiful city of Plovdiv.
~ To end the year we had a mini break in the Algarve Portugal.

For 2017, it’s a year I find my power, It is really important now for me to truly focus on myself and really build on the foundations I have set so that my career can firmly take shape. This is the year I will:
~ Set up and promote my freelance kids yoga & art sessions.
~ In March I’ll be a qualified TEFL English teacher.
~ I’ll be getting a couple more tattoos- A flower and a mermaid.
~ Planning a much needed week up North to visit close friends & family (& to perform/teach).
~ I’ll be going on a Teen Yoga teacher training in Somerset.
~ I hope to do a week long Level 2 Fitness Instructing course with YMCA.
~ Jon & I are going on another big backpacking adventure somewhere in the Far East.
~ I am attending a Pagan Priestess initiation for spiritual development.
~ Organize the 200hour Yoga Alliance teacher training in Thailand for the end of 2017.

The overall plan for 2017 is to finally facilitate art, belly dance & yoga workshops to adults and children alike, I’ve worked so hard and been so patient for years so 2017 is all about encouraging great change.
You’ll see my freelance teaching business come to life with all my skills finally being utilized. I want to offer combined sessions in Yoga with art for children and belly dance with yoga, reiki and meditation for teens and adults.

The idea is to be a teacher of English from home and teach creativity, leisure and holistic fitness out in the community running classes, workshops and I am also open to being involved in festivals and retreats.

What are your 2017 aspirations? What are you manifesting?
Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2017 and I hope this year brings you good health, joy & plenty of wonderful experiences