Cicada Earrings

Cicada Earrings

A the moment I have a mild obsession with insects, I have my main totem animals that I love and have loved for years such as the Elephant, Whales and Manatees as well as Dogs, the Leopard, the Honey Bee and Hummingbird but every now and then new animals pop into my life, perhaps as a messenger or as a symbolic representation of my life in that moment in time.

Back in college and during my Art A levels, I was encouraged to study and draw insects contained in boxes and I borrowed them from the Biology department. I still find botanical and insect illustrations highly interesting and I adore looking through books of vintage illustrations and photography from artists and biologists who studied plant and insect life in the Victorian era, there is something beautifully nostalgic and creepy about vintage drawings I just love.

So, much like my college years, I’ve gone full circle and I’m now interested once again, in studying bugs, I want to draw them and add these drawings to my illustrated poetry book- I feel like they’d add an earthy and eerie vibe to the book which displays themes on love and magical realism- I want it to feel slightly of this world but have elements of other worldliness too.

For some reason, I have been drawn to the Cicada insect (pronounced Sic-kay-da). We discovered this flying insect when we ventured to a small island off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2014. Many people mistake them for Locusts and in a way they can be, they are considered pests by the locals and they do swarm at certain times of the year.

Upon this new found obsession I found some cicada earrings on etsy that I just had to have. There was just something so gorgeous yet creepy about them. They looked almost Egyptian, very mystical and strange, so I bought them. Out of interest I researched the meaning to the Cicada beetle to see if perhaps they’re symbolism is relevant to my life and thus could be the reason why I am drawn to them?

Here is what I found:
The cicada can live underground for years before emerging alive and intact. Because of this, it is an ancient symbol of resurrection, immortality, and transformation. Feng Shui wisdom says if you are about to have a career change, or you’re about to marry, or moving to a new house, graduate from school, migrate to a new place or country, then you will be drawn to Cicadas and their magick, carrying or wearing a cicada will help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Reading this I couldn’t stop smiling. All of the above is true. I have been waiting for years for the culmination of my teaching career, so many people were impatient with me and asking why my career hadn’t taken off yet, and whilst a lot of it was to do with external factors beyond my control, it was also realizing there had to be a right time and so I kept a lot of things underground to stew and now I am emerging and ready to take flight. I am now promoting my yoga classes and actually teaching!

I do feel like I’ve been reborn or transformed from the person I was two years ago. In 2014 I suffered with an episode of depression and high anxiety, I was seeing a cognitive behavioral therapist every week to help me through the pain. Today I feel like I have my charisma and confidence back, I feel alive and full of hope.
*I also feel like I am on the verge of a career change: Leaving my part time job to teach more and more classes and group workshops as a community activity leader for a mental health organization.
*Migrating to a new country: Has been discussed for a while, Jon & I have talked about moving to the Far East (hence why I did my TEFL teacher training) or even to New Zealand.
*Graduate from a school: I’ve almost saved my target amount to do my 200hr yoga teacher training, I’m now deciding which training I opt for and where-either Thailand or Bali?
*Moving to a new house: Our current house was an investment project and still is, it helped us get on the property ladder and our lodger’s rent pay’s our mortgage. We might rent the house out completely to live abroad and have a small income from the house or sell it to buy a suitable home to perhaps start a family wherever in the world.

The fact is, the Cicada has come into my life as a message of great change, after years of waiting patiently, lying dormant and slowly manifesting the right tools for the great change. Read more about the symbolism of cicadas here:
Cicada spirit animal

You can buy them Here: The Moon & the Sea Etsy

I do find it so interesting, animal spirits come into your life when you need them most. The Leopard came into my life when my depression was lifting and I had this craving to feel sassy and sexy so I bought leopard print knickers!
These big cats are also silent but deadly- meaning, I know people underestimate me because I’m quite a quiet person, but they really shouldn’t as I can be a force to be reckoned with. Unsurprisingly, my shadow animal is the moth- I have a phobia of moths and they represent the soul or identity- which is something I have struggled with for years, acknowledging my soul journey and valuing my identity.

We should take note of the animals that appear in our daily life, they have a message for us from the divine cosmos, what animal are you drawn to or keep seeing at the moment? Does its symbolism correlate to your current life situations and endeavors? Do some research as to what animal you are most drawn to and why?

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