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Natarajasana Dancer Pose

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REVIEWS & PRODUCT SUBMISSIONS: We mostly cover anything Yoga related, accessories, travel, books, belly dance, art & health care products (e.g, Yummy Herbal Teas) but are open to others that fit the Sunflowerteeth blog aesthetic and would appeal to our readers.

If you would like to submit your work (e.g artwork), want an interview (lets talk about your craft) or have a product shown (e.g yoga pants) that you think would suit our readers you can send your submissions to Katie[at]

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reminder: please understand that what you read on a person’s blog is never their whole story. I share a lot of happy times and try to keep this place here online a mostly positive one. It’s a place for me to reflect and put down memories into words and pictures. It’s an outlet for me to share things with family, friends and all of you. I enjoy inspiring others and creating a colourful place in this world.