D.I.Y Shabby Chic Table

Its taken me a while to finally publish this! I made this table back in 2013 when our house was being renovated which you can view here: Our home: The before & after

I guess my life got a little hectic after the making of this table and this blog post got lost in my list of drafts. But at least you get to see it now!

I like using my hands to create things, I’ve always been rather creative and I like to try new things- I currently quite fancy learning pottery and the Japanese art of Shibori (Blue Tie-dye). I think I’ll always be this way and I look forward to being elderly and retired so I can have more time attending numerous art classes just like Jon’s aunt who is always doing something new and interesting.

I’m really proud of this table, it is my first DIY furniture project and it has inspired me to play around with this kind of craft even more one day. Especially if I have a yoga studio built. I’d include shabby chic mirrors, dream catchers, saree-like drapes, feather wall pieces and lace tapestries. It would have a very Boho vibe to the space.

So, here are photos of the table as it nears completion.

If you want to see what the table looked like when I bought it & it’s first stages of prep work, click here

Jon’s Fire Surround D.I.Y project is finished and you can see it here: Jon’s Fireplace




swan lake crank music box













I bought this little table from a charity shop for a fiver, when I saw it I instantly fell in love with it because it was slightly odd in comparison to other furniture pieces in that it was also a working clock! At first I wanted to keep it as a working clock table because it had a very Alice & wonderland quality to it. But as I continued to sand & paint the table I felt like it needed my own style worked into it, so the clock went. Instead I had the mad idea of turning the table into a music box with a bohemian decorative look under the glass surface. Jon cut away some of the wood underneath the table so that the music box can be fitted in & a hole was drilled through the front, above the draw for the crank.

The Fox & Hare draw knobs were discovered in a quirky little lifestyle boutique called Ebb & Flow during our visit to St Ives, Cornwall and the purple/grey pebbles were found on Whitsand Bay.
I enjoyed revamping this table and I would like to do something like this again. Perhaps when I am a yoga studio owner?

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