Dodie: Secrets for the Mad // Book Review

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Dodie (Pronounced Doh-Dee) is a British 22-year-old Musician, writer & youtuber. She is cute, complicated, talented and sincere. And she’s just published her first book: A memoir steeped in a collection of thoughts, songs, affirmations and poems.

I’ve always loved reading memoirs, I think because it gives you a glimpse into somebody else’s life which in turn reminds me that we are all essentially the same and want the same things like love, to be understood, to feel free, to feel good in our own skin, to lead a healthy, happy life whatever that means to the individual.

What I loved about this young woman was her sweet and quirky disposition; she’s not afraid to openly talk about her emotions- she wears her heart on her sleeve and she has a beautiful, courageous vulnerability when discussing her mental health and emotions and I think young adults suffering with similar issues will take comfort it that. Dodie writes about her daily life, thoughts and feelings in a very honest yet gentle and personable way, which I find very refreshing. Her writing style in this Memoir flows really easily in a beautiful young adult voice (as oppose to an adult trying to create a teenage character in a YA novel)- it is her voice speaking directly to the reader-her audience who are also around the same again as her (approx. 17-25).

Dodie secrets for the mad

Dodie’s writing is very lyrical, just like her songs. Although the stories are very personal, they’re also so relatable, so many of them are things that we’ve all gone through and what many adolescents & young adults are currently going through too like: struggles with depression and anxiety, to body image, eating disorders, and self-hate. Plus notes on crushes, first loves, sexuality and heartbreak.

The book also includes very cute illustrations, recipes, photos and poems- it’s so beautifully put together and so inspiring- This is a gorgeous way to encourage young adults to start their own journals to help them mindfully regulate their emotions but its also great for adults too as a pretty (but deeply moving) “coffee table book” that will lovingly sit on your bedside cabinet waiting to be read over a cup of tea.
Buy the book here: Dodie: Secrets for the Mad
Visit Dodie’s youtube channel here to listen to her songs & musings: doddleoddle

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