Domina Lunae Apothecary Product Review

Domina Lunae
Domina Lunae is exquisitely witchy and mystical. This shop offer a wide range of hand made lotions and potions as well as workshops and courses if you fancied learning how to create your own herbal soaps, spells, amulets, aromatherapy sprays, blessing oils and much more. I purchased two Lilith Mystic essences which smell divine and two Witches Vials which contained protection spells to ward off negativity- one of each are gifts for a close friend.

I really wanted to branch out from mainstream, commercial products and shop with local businesses who put so much love and devotion into their work. I stumbled upon Domina Lunae’s etsy through a youtuber I watch called Avalon and I just fell in love with the presentation and design of Domina’s products. I adore oldy worldy bottles and objects that look as though they’ve come from a witches house or enchanted place, I find it magical and it taps into my love of mysticism.

The products in this shop are of high quality, are completely organic and feel deeply connected to the earth. This is for the witches and the wayward women who seek out peculiar yet natural toiletries and hand made pieces .
Cristina Pandolfo is the owner of this beautiful shop, she lives in Wales and is a trained esoteric herbalist, Plant Spirit Healing practitioner and licensed landscape architect specialized in healing gardens, psychic gardens and eco-spirituality. In 2014 she was ordained as Dianic Priestess by the Temple of Diana, dedicating herself to female wisdom and awakening in order to support women and their spiritual needs.
witches vile, protection spell
Short review of the Lilith mystic essence and Herbal amulets
The Lilith mystic essences have such a heavenly scent. Reminds me of Autumn and cinnamon buns, My favourite aspect to these essences is that you can see the herbs inside it which gives it a charming vintage feel. People have complimented the sweet, earthy aroma on my skin which is unique in comparison to the chemical ridden perfumes in generic shops these days. The essence is easy to apply because the bottle has a roller-ball attached, helping to role the oil onto your skin. All of Cristina’s essences are made with herbs, essential oils and Jojoba carrier oil. The oil when applied to skin doesn’t feel greasy, it is very light and fragrant. The bottle is perfect travel size to take with you where ever you go.

The witches vials (herbal amulets) are actual spells for protection. Specific Herbs, essential oils and crystals are mixed together during an incantation and then that energy is transferred into a small bottle to wear around your neck. This for psychic and physical protection and keep away negativity and evil eye. I wanted to purchase these for myself and my best friend because we are both born close to Halloween and we both have a love of paganism and ancient magickal traditions, we joke that we are ‘witch sisters’ or ‘soul sister’s’ so Cristina created this protection spell with both of us in mind, we both own a piece of it-two hearts beating as one.

Both products were delivered very fast, well wrapped in small gauze bags with added pentagram charms which I thought was a such lovely personal touch . Christina is such a sweet heart, she’s also super helpful and responds to your messages rapidly. I can’t praise Cristina and her creations enough- everything she makes is so wonderfully witchy and wild!
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I’ll be buying more from Cristina’s shop soon, I think one of her moon candles might be next.
If you fancy browsing around her wonderful online shop, click here: Domina Lunae Apothecary
Want to learn more about Cristina? Click on her website here: Cristina Pandolfo
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