Dream-catcher workshops


Alongside setting up my kids yoga classes I mentioned I also intend on teaching art activities too, so the entire workshop will last for two hours every week (or fortnightly). The kids would spend about an hour doing yoga games and then finish the session with creating art. Dream catcher making is something I hope to include in this idea, probably for the tweenagers as it is a little bit tricky teaching younger kids how to make something so intricate and delicate (as well as teaching them to take care of something so fragile), especially when I have no intention of including parents in my classes because I personally don’t want my workshop to feel over crowded by overbearing mums fussing over their children. Sometimes it is nice for kiddos to have a rest from their parents too.

This is the reason why my target pupils will be tweenagers so I can bond with them as a teacher and friend, so I can be on their wave length and so that they feel free to talk to me without their parent cramping their style. I also feel like with the younger kids (6-10) the art activities and even the yoga will be simpler, centred around messy art rather than actually crafting something. We shall see, I have so many ideas but I do think teaching yoga-dance plus a dream-catcher workshop to tween girls will be a big hit.

I do love dream catchers, and these ones I am currently making are purely for personal enjoyment and as gifts for friends & family. It’s been a while since I have done something for the simple pleasure of it, everything I’ve done has been for a purpose related to my career and whilst I have enjoyed building up my career, it is nice sometimes to just do something for merriment. I have thought about potentially starting up an etsy shop to sell dream-catchers but I don’t want to take on too many projects right now. I’m a budding freelance yoga teacher to kids, I’m a writer, artist and a Belly Dance and soon to be yoga teacher to adults (2017). So once I’ve set up my business webpage, and I am teaching classes to kids and I’ve finished my last three training courses I will look more deeply into selling my art. I hope you like the two dream catchers I’ve made so far.


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