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Apologies for the hiatus, I’ve been poorly with a cold virus which primarily affected my throat and I lost my voice.

Took some time away from everything and ventured down to Cornwall for a few days. I’ve enjoyed reading books whilst listening to the rain in the caravan, we spent an afternoon in a quaint town called Looe and I completed two pretty dream catchers which will be sent to two ladies in America and Canada. I’m really enjoying making these, they have a collage feel to them and each one has its own personality. I wanted to photograph these two by the sea because water is an element I resonate with.

Every dream catcher I am making includes charms specific to the person it is for plus a clear quartz tied to the side of the hoop for clarity and positive vibes.

The next two will have bigger diameters and the middle of their hoops will hold Bulgarian lace doilies as oppose to beads. One dream catcher will be soft greens and the other will be orange, autumnal hues.

This has been a lovely, restful mini break and I am now on the mend with the help of plentiful herbal teas (and chocolate). Happy Sunday everyone!

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