Finally renovating our Garden

garden design
We are finally renovating our garden after demolishing the old flowerbed wall over winter and having to leave the soil in a clump underneath some tarpaulin until now. We’ve already got a design created and the new plan involves building a semi-circular seating area that stretches from the back door to the back gate. Behind the seating area will sit the palm tree and two flowerbeds And the entire semi-circular bench will be built using breeze blocks, cement, wood for the top and it will be painted blue with a tiled feature piece. The aim of this new design is to create a sense of flow from the house into the garden and feel more communal. During the summer months cushions and lanterns will be added to create a Mediterranean feel also. To keep costs low, Jon is doing all the labour work himself (with a little assistance from me) and we’ll be taking clippings of flowers and plants from his parents garden, they’ve already given us three variations of blue bells.

I’m really excited about this project because I don’t know much about garden design or gardening for that matter, whereas Jon grew up with all this information from his parents. His Dad is currently building decking for their own garden and his mum knows almost everything you need to know about flowers and when or where to plant them. It is something I want to learn, primarily to study their medicinal properties and how to help local wildlife and one day I’d love my own herb patch to create my own herbal teas so this renovation project will be great for me to learn new skills to build my own herb garden one day.

You can find some of our garden ideas via my Pinterest board.


garden renovation

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