Franklin’s Flying Bookshop TEFL (ESL) lesson for Young Learners

Franklin Dragon TEFL lesson for kids

In a TEFL (ESL) English class with children, specifically young learners it is important to include a variety of fun, communicative activities and games in all your lessons to keep them engaged since their attention spans are short. When setting up any games or activities remember to show your students what to do, rather than tell them. Another good tip: Choose some of your more advanced or confident students to help demonstrate an activity as this will encourage the rest of the class to join in.

This lesson plan is tailored around a current favourite picture book Franklin’s Flying Bookshop because who doesn’t love dragons? I’ve kept the entire lesson varied with singing, dancing, story time (mime/puppets) and an arty game to end but at its core the main focus of the lesson is to encourage listening and vocabulary skills. I hope you like it and you can download the word document for free, just scroll down to find the link!
TEFL Young Learners Franklin the Dragon

You can download this TEFL lesson plan here for FREE: Franklin’s Flying Bookshop dragon

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Franklin’s Flying Bookshop is written by Jen Campbell and Illustrated by Katie Harnett
You can buy the book here: Franklin’s Flying Bookshop

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