Happy Things: A catch up!

Manatee tea strainer, pretty mug
It’s Sunday and therefore my rest day. Many of my Sundays involve cleaning the house and dog walking plus numerous cups of tea. I feel like its been a while since I’ve had a sit down to talk about upcoming happy things so here goes.

Since the Yoga loft closed down in the Spring of 2017 my yoga practice has been sporadic and I’ve felt out of sync in my home practice, I’ve decided to free up my time on Tuesday evenings to attend Jodie’s yoga class- I am really looking forward to having a routine!

I’m also going back to the gym-next week I’ll have my membership renewed, not to lose weight but to weight train and tone up, primarily to help me find my core strength to feel confident with advanced arm balances in my yoga practice. I am not sure what days I’ll do my gym sessions, possibly Monday & Wednesday mornings, we’ll see, I’m a bit nervous but excited to include this in my fitness routine too!

My provisional driving license came through the post last week so in a couple of weeks time Jon & I are booking our CBT motorbike training. It’s a good thing to do since I plan to be in Thailand soon, its a convenient and low cost way of getting to fruit markets and go on day excursions.

My writer’s block appears to have lifted and I’ve had a surge of inspiration so I’ve got four drafts of articles to publish with Bad Yogi Magazine. As well as this I’ve also been writing some new poetry which I hope to showcase soon with illustrations and perhaps find online platforms to publish them on.

My good friend Jodie and I have started planning our next belly dance and yoga workshop. This one will expand upon our first session we lead together back in May 2017 and we want to create a Women’s Circle- a whole afternoon of healing via yoga, dance, meditation, paired Reiki, yoga Nidra, crystals and a flower ceremony. As well as this I am creating a yoga workshop for mums and daughters- I’ll be advertising that very soon!

I am now a member of Netgallery where I am allowed to read advanced copies of new books yet to be published this gives me the title of ‘Professional book reviewer’ and I’ll have more books to review and recommend on this blog!

Speaking of this blog, I’ve begun to create TEFL lessons, Teens & Kids yoga sessions and art activities which will be uploaded in blog posts with links to download them for free! I’ll also include some meditation & Yoga Nidra scripts that will also be downloadable.

We’ve started going through the house and finding odd DIY jobs that need doing. A few years ago when the house was finally fully renovated we kind of neglected the finishing touches, hoping we’d get round to them at some point. This is that point and Jon has started painting our cupboard outside the main bathroom- he built new doors for it last year and they’ve been waiting to be painted since then! The whole cupboard is being given a few coats of white paint and we’re buying new light bulbs, planning to carry on designing the garden this spring and preparing to clear out the basement too. This is in case by 2019 we decide to move and thus sell it or maybe turn it into a rental property- There is talk of us moving abroad to travel for a few months so obviously the house plays a big part in that talk and if we did move away or to a new home, we’d want this house to look its best when the time arises.

Another dream-catcher is almost finished and is being sent to its new home in Cyprus, before it goes I’ll post photos of it on this blog. There are three other dream catchers on the list to be made- One glow in the dark, one white one for my friend Louise who runs Rhythm of Beauty and the last one a commission for a red dream catcher from a woman who runs Red Tents and ‘Back to Love’ dance nights. As a small side project I’ll be creating Hand-fasting cords which are Pagan tokens of love used in marriages and engagements, to create these you need the same materials you use to create dream-catchers (ribbons, lace, charms) and I have a huge bag full of that stuff so why not! As stated in previous posts, I will be opening an Etsy shop soon if you wish to purchase a hand made dream-catcher or hand-fasting cord from yours truly.

And this is pretty much what I am up to over the next month, busy but also quiet- lots of planning, lots of reading, lots of creating, lots of writing and hopefully a bit more movement!

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