Hello I’m Katie & I’m an Artist

Hello Folks, I’m Katie and I am a holistic teacher of Belly Dance, art and kids yoga. I am a Northerner from Blackpool living in the South West (Devon) with my wonderful partner Jon.
In case you are new to this blog and want to know more about me and my many talents here is a refresher!

I am a professional Fun Maker:
professional artist uk

I am a 31 year old Artist:
illustration, sketching, drawing, fine art

And Belly Dancer (View latest video here) :
tribal belly dance, katie ness, tribal fusion

Kids Yoga Teacher
kids yoga teacher Devon

Writer: Check out my latest articles.
writer, yogi approved

Art Journal & Scrap bookist:
art journals, dan eldon inspired, scrap book art

On Occasion I dabble in Photography:
photography, magical photography, photograph

Installation Artist:

Video Arts Director & Editor (Fine Line) :
art director, south west artist, london based artist, Bristol, video art, short films, video projections, fine line, Katie Ness, Nicola Hardman
Performance Artist:
performance art, spoken word poetry, dance performance, Bristol

Model (Check out my Profile: Katie Ann Monica ):
Katie Ness model, modelling, fashion & beauty modelling, Devon, south west uk

Indian Head Massage Therapist:
Indian Head Massage, Massage Therapy

Wanderlust Traveller: I been to 17 countries and 166 Cities so far & lived in Cyprus & China. Check out my TripAdvisor.
Morocco, travelling yogi

Community Artist:
community arts, community artist, artist in residence, art therapy, art with special needs

Prop Maker & Creative Assistant:
prop making, set design, designer's assistant

Photographer’s Assistant: (Urban Decay & Tonia Couch/Olympic Diver Shoot)
photographer's assistant, photographic assistant, photography assistant, photoshoot south west Devon, uk, Tonia Couch, Urban Decay

Henna Artist:
Henna art, henna artist, Mehndi design

A Tarot Reader & Dream Interpreter:
Tarot, wild unknown

And a whole lot more:

If you’d like to know more about me and what I do here are a few more links for you to nosey at:

My Website: Sunflowerteeth

My Youtube: Art By Katness

My Facebook Fan Page: Sunflowerteeth’s Page

My Pinterest: Sunflowerteeth Pinterest

My Instagram: KatieSunflowerteeth

My TripAdvisor: Katie’s Travel Map

In case you missed it, Here is my modelling Portfolio: Katie Ann Monica

I love to create colourful, interactive, and meaningful art that make people stop, smile and contemplate dreams & life. If you’re interested in hiring me for a project you can contact me at Katie[at]sunflowerteeth.com and thanks for stopping by!
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