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Being back from Bulgaria and reflecting on all the traveling I’ve done these past few years has really made me think clearly about the life I want. I know most people come back from holiday with the blues and the stress of going back to work but my sadness runs much deeper. I genuinely dislike coming back to the UK and its because I know in my heart I do not belong in that culture at this time in my life, maybe I’ll feel settled in Britain in the later years?

The moment I woke up the first morning in Bulgaria and I felt the warmth of the sun kiss my skin, the freshness of water melon upon my lips and the creak of the old wooden floorboard upon my bare feet, I was in heaven. I felt alive.
There is a deep yearning within me that wishes to live in a place that has a gentle atmosphere to its way of living, with a soft spiritual undertone. I dream of a place where I live in a simple abode near the sea or surrounded by never-ending woodland on the fringe of a small town. Of I place where I wake up and I don’t feel cold or damp and constantly need to wear slippers to keep my toes warm. Of a place that actually smells and sounds delicious.
I dream of a place where the fireflies sparkle at night and the wolves howl at the moon from a distance. Where the crickets sing and I watch bumblebees leisurely slurp nectar from flowers.

Whenever I go on a trip, it’s not just to relax and forget my stresses back in the UK, Jon & I actually research the country and it’s towns we visit to see if it could be called home? We even look at what properties are available in local estate agents and we weigh up the pros and cons of the location’s lifestyle, so far we’ve both agreed that Pokhara, Nepal is our favourite location to possibly live, in the future. I know people who live abroad and (for example) teach English online to earn money, who run tours and workshops, one friend on a whim went to work in a yoga studio in Portugal for a year and before that she was teaching SUP Yoga in Australia. I have read an article of a man leaving behind his horrible job as electrician for street lights in which he’d spend the cold winter months in rain jackets fixing lampposts on a meager wage to now running his own small boat cruises in Spain and being financially comfortable. The concept of having a job and working is changing and many jobs can be done wherever in the world. I know graphic designers who work from home, as do HR business assistants and even beauty therapists who’ve converted a room in their house into a small salon/therapy room. So, ‘home’ as well as ‘work’ can be ANYWHERE you want it to be!

The realization that living abroad is actually a possibility for me makes me happy. I just need to do my Teen yoga teacher training this August and get a few belly dance and kids yoga classes done to boost my resume then I think I need to take the risk. I want to experience drinking coconut milk from an actual coconut, to wade in the sea with manta rays, to learn new tribal dances from the locals, to slowly learn their language and read a book on a hammock right on the beach as I eat healthy, locally grown produce. To sit on the beach and not feel a chill in the air, to see the sea shimmer Bioluminescent waves created by blue algae and to be greeted by hummingbirds or exotic looking parrots on my balcony in the mornings would just be pure bliss to me.

To also be in a place that doesn’t treat me like a weirdo for my spirituality. Bali for example has this beautiful, feminine spirituality in its culture. They have small temples in their gardens dedicated to spirit guardians of the home and you have to honour them with flowers and food. How beautiful is that? I want to be in a place where I’m treated like I’m normal for talking about the chakras, moon blessings and dream interpretations.

I don’t need a big fancy house that’s worth a lot of money when I die or a luxury car and a massive paycheck every month. I just want to enjoy what I do (most of the time- no job is perfect), be financially comfortable, live simply and humbly, be as Eco-friendly as possible, travel as much as I can and love every moment that I’m alive and experiencing amazing things.

I dream of teaching English perhaps in a local Thai school as well as teach belly dance and yoga classes or retreats on the side.
Jon dreams of working on his travel photography, create videos of his explorations and perhaps run photography tours around the country we have chosen to settle in whilst continuing his freelance work as a commercial photographer for brands. And we don’t have to do any of this in the UK.

My mum always says “What is meant for you, will never go past you.”
So we shall see if we can manifest this life for ourselves, even if it’s only short lived, I’d love to be able to say “I did that.” and one day tell stories to my Grandchildren of all my adventures!

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