I’m a TEFL Teacher!

TEFL English Teacher
I am now officially qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language! So where do I go from here? Nothing is set in stone but I do have a general plan of action. I realize I’m not a young whipper snapper who still lives at her parents anymore, I have commitments and responsibilities to sort out so I am not going to rush over to Kuwait or Kathmandu any time soon. I don’t have that luxury like those fresh out of Uni and intend on traveling as a gap year.

So what do I want to happen? Well first I need to discover my teaching voice and boost my confidence by teaching English online and continue to set up children’s yoga classes in and around Plymouth. I am going to do this over the rest of this year whilst continuing to acquire the last few training courses for my professional development. These include: A Fitness Instructing Level 2 (Fitness to music pathway), Teen yoga teacher training plus a couple of specialist TEFL courses in ‘Teaching Online’ and ‘Teaching Young Learners.’ This will make my resume look the Bees Knees to employers/schools. Not only am I knowledgeable in Nutrition, mental health, creative therapies and child protection but I’ll be a skilled teacher of English and fitness (yoga & dance) to kids and adults. Also this year, there will be a lot of emphasis on my body too, so more yoga, dancing and gym sessions. I really want to be as strong and fit as possible for a 200hr yoga teacher training intensive I hope to do next year.

So alongside gaining teaching experience and finishing off my professional development, I am also in a long term relationship with Jon who owns a house and pays a mortgage every month. So again, I can’t just jump on a plane to Tibet right now! Jon and I are in talk about perhaps renting out the house and for him to try and get a sabbatical. This is difficult because it is a very good job and he is a senior member of staff and is therefore not seen as a disposable employee.

In early 2018 I do intend on going to Thailand for a 2 month long yoga teacher training, after that I may decide to stay a little longer to teach English at a local school on a short contract (and teach yoga and belly dance on the side) and Jon can just visit me as a holiday. We are potentially thinking about spending Christmas backpacking around Thailand before Jon drops me off at my yoga teacher training and then after I am qualified 2 months later he’ll hop on a flight to meet me again in the far East, perhaps in Indonesia? Who knows?

We both have the wanderlust bug, it is just a time in our lives where we need to figure out what is best for both of us. We may eventually move abroad or I may be content in being an online English teacher (& run my own freelance yoga, dance & art classes) in the UK but go on awesome backpacking adventures twice a year? Who knows? All I know is, this TEFL qualification is life changing for me because it will replace my retail job and catapult me into the role of teacher and leader as oppose to a number who registers her shift at a clocking in machine and is treated like dirt by consumers. It is important to me to live a life I can be proud of and feel free to tailor it how I want, it’s not about money to me (although that is a bonus), I’d rather be happy in the present moment, doing what I love and making my own choices than being told what to do every single second of the day by the Zeitgeist.

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