Imbolc Musings

yoga books and herbal tea

Our recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia had me contemplating my life and what I want from it, especially now we are settled back in the UK. In fact the culmination of all our adventures as whole has been making me ponder and therefore begin to make changes where changes need to happen. I feel like I have seen enough of the world now to realize living a mundane life is just not for me, maybe not yet anyway.The plans I have for myself are far bigger than a conventional 9-5 working day.

Right now I am preparing to run a second Yoga & Belly dance workshop with my good friend Jodie, I’m writing a three part article series about Yoga for Teens and I’m making myself known as a Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher in local schools and colleges. So this February I’m super busy! But looking at the bigger picture- I want to work for myself and travel with it! Whether that is as a yoga teacher or TEFL teacher or both! Perhaps Jon & I do have a dwelling we call home and can come back to, maybe we won’t, who knows? I do know I’d like a place to call home that has a room or building attached to it where I can renovate into a home studio with perhaps a wild flower garden and herb allotment?
For Jon as the senior photographer and creative director for a sports company, he resides in Plymouth, he works primarily in Newton Abbot but at least once a month he is also on location somewhere in Europe and I want that work life for me, I don’t want to be stuck behind corporate rules and regulations, either sat behind a desk or cleaning up after the public in a retail job, for some, that’s OK but for me, I feel like a caged leopard, roaming the shop or office floor, attempting to figure out how to break the glass and escape.

So, In the earlier part of this year I want to learn Thai foot massage, how to drive a Moped and I’m going to enroll on a Mental Health awareness course as well as counseling skills training and an understanding dyslexia short course too.

Soon this year I’ll embark on the 200hr yoga teacher training intensive on the Thai island of Koh Phangan and I’ll go on to study Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

A lot of these early months will be spent writing and studying and I feel like the direction I am taking is Yoga for Mental health and Yoga for Women’s health, I eventually want to become a yoga therapist but all in good time, it’ll come and I feel good that my life feels easier right now and I have so much clarity.

I am getting ready to change up a huge part of my life and turn everything upside down, which is very scary!
This Imbolc I am manifesting change and the courage to make that change happen. I’m also manifesting motivation to get smaller projects (like my writing & studies) completed so that all my energy can then focus on my yoga teacher training and teaching yoga.

What are you currently manifesting?

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