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The way Jon is planning to renovate the kitchen includes turning our original back door (which is at the side of the house) into a window for a small WC/Sink which means the new back door will be moved to were a current window is in the Kitchen that opens up into the garden. The great thing about this is that when you walk in the front door you will be able to see through the hallway, into the kitchen and out through the double glazed door into the garden, connecting the garden to the house and bringing in even more light.
This means we also have the garden in the back of our minds and how are we going to present it? The back door will have steps going down into the garden area, we hope there will be a small seating area too. It already looks like a little Mediterranean courtyard and it just needs a bit of TLC. The sky blue hue of the house and the palm tree adds to that flavour. I suggested looking into Moroccan gardens and how they incorporate gorgeous mosaics and lanterns as features. As artists I am sure Jon & I can create our own Mosaic features. But mostly I think the garden is going to be kept simple & Contemporary and include plants that can more or less look after themselves. I do want to stress the importance of making sure we have Bee happy plants as I do want to encourage wild life to enjoy our garden too. Our little garden already has an array of insects and birds in comparison to other gardens in our area which is a really good sign! I’d also like to have a little place either in the kitchen or garden where I can grow my own herbs for my herbal teas.
Although in all honesty I have a phobia of Insects in general I am looking forward to getting work done on the garden. In my teens I was addicted to watching ‘Ground Force’ and even now I prefer watching garden shows more than property renovations.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Garden Ideas

  1. Nilsa Brady

    I would like to make the Tea Cup water garden but can’t find the instructions..
    Thank you so much for answer.

    1. Sunflowerteeth Post author

      I am really sorry, I don’t know how to make that one specifically I just thought it looked nice and could adapt that idea to something else instead.
      I liked the idea for using a tea cup as a plant pot which is something I’d like to do in the future. I would probably just plant seeds in the tea cup in the conventional way with soil, maybe grow some Bee friendly flowers. Because those plants are water based with lots of water in the tea cup, research how to grow plants in a pond, or how to build a pond and grow plants in it, I think that will give you better information on how to grow plants in the watery tea cup.

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