Jon’s super cool DIY Fire Place.

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DIY creating a feature fire place

getting rid of the horrible 70's style electric fire and making a period fire place

how to make your own fire surround at a lower cost

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beautiful upcycled fire place, looks authentic period feature

Jon has finished his fire place for the living room! Hurray! Isn’t it marvelous? It’s simple yet elegant and it looks like a grand period feature that is in keeping with the house but works really well in a modern lifestyle.
Total Cost includes:
Second Hand wooden surround: £20 from ebay
Second Hand Cast Iron Fire Place: £18 from ebay
Pieces of left over Dado Rail: Free but usually cost £6
Spare Tiles from bathroom renovation: Free but usually cost approx £2 per tile (2×5= £10)
Spare paint from painting previous rooms: Free but usually cost approx £20
Cost if he was to buy a fireplace from a shop or the internet: Approx £400 plus labour
Cost if we had to buy all the materials needed to upcycle our own: £74

If you want to see how the project began click here: Sunday Photos: D.I.Y/Home Décor
Soon after he decided to find a place for the feature clock I bought him for Christmas. After just over a year & a half of solid graft & renovation we are now at a place where we can add furnishings to turn this house into a home!

vintage clock, interior design

home furnishings

house decoration

how to make a house a home


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