Joyful Things 21

Yin Yoga, Sacred Dance, Sacred Women
Spout the Wonder Pup tries to play with his Yogi Mum.
Very cute Acro-Yoga Proposal, I love the woman’s reaction.
Sailaway Dress company have brand new home decor products, playsuits & day dresses, Woop!
I love this Belly Dancer, her name is Zoe Jakes, I love scrolling through her instagram.
I still really want these Oracle cards, may treat myself next month.
This poetry book looks beautiful and interesting, it’s a poetic response to mental health.
Found this Belly Dance Teaching manual, again something to purchase very soon methinks!
Fancy living a nomadic lifestyle? This couple living in a van are very inspiring.
I’m switching to using Bamboo toothbrushes & hair brushes to reduce my effect on the planet.
This & This Yogi Tea mug sets are super cute, I’ve been looking for a new mug.

Today I am just relaxing by myself after a long week of work and yoga, Jon flies back to the UK today from being in New York for 2 weeks, he’ll be in Plymouth later in the afternoon. I’ve been studying this Yin Yoga book tremendously as I think in the distant future  I’d like to specialize as a Yin yoga teacher (when I can find the funds!) but I think my approach might be slightly different to the traditional ideas of Yin and I’d love to incorporate Yang like Sun salutations as warm-ups to a belly dance lesson and maybe a short Yin cool down with a meditation to end? Who knows? I’m also studying ‘Sacred Women, Sacred Dance’ to freshen my knowledge of ancient and folkloric dances in the world in preparation for teaching my up and coming workshops and I’ve been asked to teach belly dance at a Yoga festival in Newquay, happening in September, this is totally for free as it’s a brand new festival and I’m happy to be a part of it all. I am in a really good place right now in my life, lots of things are brewing, although aspects to my life are far from perfect, it is the first time in a long time I am content within myself and where I am going, and it’s a beautiful feeling.

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