Joyful Things 22

eastern body, western mind book
Israeli artist creates funny & cute illustrations of every day life with his wife.
Youtuber book geek talks about all things books and she’s delightful to watch.
5 ways you are using magic when practicing yoga, there for you are a yoga witch or wizard.
A wonderful article about the dark realities of mermaids and their sexual power.
There was an amazing Thunderstorm in Plymouth, I’ve never seen a thunderstorm like it.
Meghan Currie released a beautiful piece of music called Le Grand Poem.
I’m treating myself to this surreal and mystical poetry book.
This young man hugs stray dogs and gives them the love they deserve, so touching.
This young woman creates mermaid tarot portraits, I think I might have a go at this myself!
This poetry magazine looks amazing, I may purchase a few copies to take to Bulgaria.

Apologies for neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks. Things have been pretty manic here for a short while with lots to plan and sort out. Jon, as you know is renovating the garden, he’s also started building the little book nook and seating area in our bedroom, we’re planning a week away to see my mum in Bulgaria for the end of June and I’ve been working more hours in my part time job whilst writing four articles to be published early this summer.
On top of that I’ve been attending my usual yoga classes, making time for yoga study, planning the yoga & Belly dance workshop and the Kiddo Yoga & art workshop (both happening in July) and also working on some new dream-catchers too. Jon has also been away with work a lot, a few weeks ago he spent two weeks in New York and last week he was in Paris and soon he’ll be off to Spain. It’s currently all go in the Roberts-Ness home and we are so looking forward to the restful week in Bulgaria, I’ll be packing quite a few poetry books to read by the pool alongside ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’ which is a phenomenal book about the Chakras and placing them in a Western context, exploring Jungian psychology, childhood development and body somatics; it’s truly ground-breaking ideas! And I’ll be taking my little note book too as I have plentiful prose poems swimming about in my mind lately which is great for my illustrated poetry book I hope to publish one day and I do still fancy having a go at performing at a spoken word poetry event in the near future.

So things for readers to look forward to in later blog posts include: New Dream-Catchers, New illustrated poems, my usual yoga updates, Interviewing inspirational people (new addition to the blog), published articles & poems, my Bulgaria travels and Jon’s renovation projects!
Have patience with me, lots of delicious things are coming!

*Photo of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Jon in the background building the book nook/window seat, buy the book here.

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