Joyful Things 25

dream catchers, Devon
These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. My partner has been working away a lot and I’ve been juggling many different projects. Needless to say we are both very tired. We have just come back from a week away in Bulgaria which was nice however the moment we came back we were flooded with work and things that needed to be worked. I’m on the verge of completing my last TEFL training. I decided after the initial 140 hour teacher training I would do a couple of specialist modules to help me stand out to employers and future students so I’ve gone on to do the ‘Teach English Online’ course and I’m now working through the ‘Teach English to Young Learners’ course. Those two extra modules plus my training as a kids and teens yoga teacher should make me a strong candidate for applying for work abroad in schools. The general plan is to perhaps work full time as an English language teacher and maybe the school might ask me to also teach yoga to their kids in an after school club or for some P.E sessions. I’d also love to teach yoga & belly dance to locals in a studio space a couple of evenings a week and I’ll reserve one day a week to teaching English online and any earnings from that will go directly into savings. As you can see, a lot of thought has gone into this life changing plan which I hope will commence before Christmas this year.
I’ve also created a small batch of dream catchers to gift to friends and I’ll be creating a bigger batch soon so I can open an etsy shop and sell them. I’ve also just taught a co-facilitated yoga & belly dance workshop with my good friend Jodie who lead the yoga session first. It was a lot of hard work organizing this first one but it was a hit with our students. 11 out of 15 turned up and our feedback was glorious, the ladies can’t wait for the next one and are referring us to friends! Jodie is away in the Czech Republic until August now so when she gets back we plan to create a few more combined workshops in and around Plymouth and perhaps Totnes also, more information on yoga & belly dance will be posted soon. On top of all this I’m catching up with writing book and product reviews plus more interviews on this blog alongside a couple of articles for Bad Yogi Magazine and prose poems for other sites. Jon & I still have our garden to renovate and our window seat to complete. So lots going on and I feel like my head is spinning sometimes however I feel good, I’m in a happy place right now in my life because my wheel of fortune is turning slightly faster.
Speaking of happy things, here is my current ten Joyful Things to brighten your day!

Artist carves beautiful totem figurines using the Avocado stone.
Meghan Currie offers a new yoga video bundle, deliciously titled Honey on CodyApp.
Have you seen this enchanting Pythia Botanica Oracle deck?, Oh it’s gorgeous!
Comic illustrator creates hilarious sketches of women’s every day problems.
80 people form human chain to rescue a family drowning in a rip tide.
Funny list of things us Brits do that confuse Americans, like fridges in kitchens!
Illustrator remakes Disney characters happily ever after in our modern world.
I am currently reading The Clay Girl. This is a beautiful lyrical, magical realist novel.
Funny yet weird panoramic photo fails that look like something from a bizarre horror movie.
New favourite, magical yogi instagramer. I love her! She is so inspiring.

*Photo of me with my dream catchers taken by the lovely Jodie Hansen.

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