Love Poems from God

Love poems from God

Through a friend I discovered this gorgeous poetry book entitled ‘Love Poems from God‘ and whilst I am not a religious person and the title did make me feel a little uneasy I still bought it because of the poem my friend photographed & posted to her Instagram was by a female Islamic mystic/saint by the name of Rabia, she was born five hundred years before Rumi and I wanted to learn more about her.

The poems in this book are short & sweet, some appear romantic, others almost erotic and then there are the beautiful prose poetry about God as well. It made me understand the title a bit more after reading more of the contents of the book. It is believed by mystics that we all have the capacity to act as channels or vessels to recieve an endless flow of love and inspiration from God (or the universe as I like to call it) and it is a beautiful idea to conceive since through out history artists and spiritual individuals tap into that power source that holds endless amounts of data; and somehow create astounding works of art. I am not a religious woman but I do believe in transcendental and sacred aspects of life and therefore my concept of “God” is Love which manifests in numerous ways and so I do understand why some of the poems boarder on eroticism, the individual has tuned into that powerful loving vibe and through the divine love within and from the heavens creates a sensual peice of written work. Sensuality, eroticism and the physical act of love are all forms of love so why not?

It really is a beautiful, thought-provoking book and I find myself smiling with delight at what these poets have to say which is basically: God is LOVE & LOVE is vast. Love is potent like a gorgeous elixir and to know Love in it’s endless variety is to know God. This is great medicine for the spirit and it has inspired me to create my own illustrated poetry book.
Rumi, Hafiz

love poems from God


mystical poetry

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love poems from God, Rabia, Rumi, Hafiz
I am also loving this song by John Legend. Loving the lyrics: “I was sent here for you, We were made to love. You were sent for me too, We were made to love. I was never sure of a God before. But I know he must exist: He created this…”

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