How I make Dream Catchers




I start by wrapping coloured ribbon around the hoop. If the hoop is smaller & thicker I tend to wrap wool around it instead. I then glue parts of it in place to prevent it from unraveling as I continue to wrap the fabric round the hoop.

Once secured, I choose to create a basic web, adding beads as I go or use wool to tie a vintage doily in the centre to give the dream catcher a bohemian, shabby chic look.

So after that, with the glue gun I glue ribbons, string and lace to the bottom of the dream catcher, this is in place of feathers. You can include feathers but for me they get damaged really easily and you can make your own using plastic or cardboard. Charms can also be tied to the bottom with the ribbons to make it personal to the person you are gifting the dream catcher too.

The dream catcher above includes a Bulgarian vintage lace doily and will have less beading tied to it and the dream catcher below is smaller with a thicker hoop and will be very bead heavy. I hope to start up an etsy shop in the new year to take custom orders and eventually develop my style.
This post is a very basic “how to” but I hope to create a step by step guide soon and will be teaching dream catcher workshops alongside yoga sessions for kids, teens & adults! Watch this space!




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