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Rachael Rice, moon paintings

I’ve been studying the zodiac in correlation to the moon and planets since I was 13 years old and I am from Iberian and Romany gypsy heritage- My great Aunt was a tea leaf reader and fortune teller. I love all this stuff but its only recently on the path as a Pagan priestess able to facilitate sacred feminine circles and moon blessing ceremonies I’ve researched and concentrated more on the moon and its impact on us as individuals and collectively.

So, your sun sign (star sign) determines your basic approach to life and your general nature. Are you extroverted and grandiose? You might be a Leo. Are you idealistic and altruistic? You could be an Aquarius. Home-oriented and sensitive? Probably a Cancer. Mine is Libra- in general I am fair, playful, a lover of beauty and art and I do well in harmonious environments. But your astrological makeup is more complex than just your sun sign.

Two other signs that contribute greatly to your character, dreams, relationships, and temperament are your moon sign and your rising sign.

Your Rising sign illustrates your outward self: a social mask of sorts, it influences people’s first impression of you, how you interact socially, and how you view and relate to others, Your rising sign is so outward, it can even influence your physical characteristics and mannerisms-Your rising sign is simply where the sun was RISING at the time of your birth. Those with an Aries ascendant most likely walk quickly, have broad shoulders, and are prone to headaches and sinus problems. Those with a Gemini rising are often tall and slender with dark hair. Librans are often good looking and Scorpios often have piercing eyes. My rising sign is Scorpio, meaning on first meeting me I can appear mysterious, inward, introverted, brooding and sharp tongued, which is why I’m very misunderstood. I also have the piercing Scorpionic eyes that I’ve been told can make me look intimidating, if I let my guard down, you’ll get past this first impression to meet my Sun sign in Libra.

But today we are talking about the Moon and your moon sign.
moon painting by Rachael Rice

Your moon sign reveals your inner self. It can give insight into the way you handle your emotions and fears; it can also give insight into the way you love and feel. The moon also governs your moods. Have you ever met someone with your same sun sign and found that person to be nothing like you? You probably have different moon signs. When you go home after a long day, get into your PJ’s and crash on the couch, this is when your moon sign comes out. It is the unguarded you, the you only those closest to you know. It is your subconscious.

it’s in times of significant stress that your moon sign can truly reveal itself. During trying times, your actions are influenced by emotion and instinct, so the side of you that you normally keep hidden can suddenly come to the surface and conflict with your usual outward personality. This can make you feel crazy, like you aren’t acting like yourself, but it’s in these times that you might be more “yourself” than ever.

Your moon sign also makes itself known in your intimate relationships. It can determine how you love and whether or not love is important to you—it can even play a role in the type of people you are attracted to. Scorpio—an intense and passionate sign—may be attracted to fiery, sensual types. Taurus—a steady and balanced sign—needs stability and may be attracted to the “strong, silent” type. Sagittarians need freedom; Aquarians can be unemotional and detached.

My Moon is in Virgo, meaning after a day being the chatty and glamorous Libra with an air of Scorpionic intrigue, I’m happy to emotionally let go- I wear my comfy old sweat pants, oversized jumper, bare feet and no bra- I very rarely choose to buy matching, expensive PJ’s. I’m earthy, natural and sensual- I’m unafraid to be ‘scruffy’ and very down to earth, which is why although my sun is glamorous Libra and most typical Libras won’t be seen dead somewhere rough or crude, my Virgo moon will backpack around gritty places with a hole in her shoe. I am also a list maker and detail orientated- hence why after my ‘normal job’ I still get to work on other tasks from home, like this blog and other writing pieces.

This is the real me, if I let you in to my world- knowing me on this level is best friend territory, a handful of people only see my Libra sun and most people only see my Scorpio rising for I am a very private person, if you only ever see my Scorpio rising, it means I just don’t trust you at all so my rising sign masks everything in secrecy and I appear shy, if I feel comfortable around you, the Libra in me will show itself by being playful and quirky and if I truly trust you- you’ll see me Au Naturale, possibly nude or slouched on the sofa unabashedly discussing sex stories or smearing avocado on my face for I love being earthy and primal!

So on the topic of the moon and moon signs and how this affects who we are in our daily lives, I want to show you all these two books that accompany each other beautifully! This is for those who wish to learn more about the power of the moon and how to harness its magic during different phases and also how each phase impacts you through out the month.

Moonology by Yasmin Bond

This book is easy to digest with tons of information. If you are a newcomer to moon magic this book is a great starting point and reference guide.

I love the content which includes such aspects as an essential oil, mantra, meditation, dos and don’ts, chakras and more for every zodiac House and  there are  interesting details about the new and full moon meanings and rituals.

Bond teaches you how to work with the moon via your sun and/or rising sign, she also guides you to using moon phases, new moon manifesting or wishes, how to conduct forgiveness ceremonies during a full moon and how to make an annual moon manifestation calendar. You will also learn affirmations, visualizations, and chants to use during each phase of the moon, and will discover the role of Angels, Goddesses, and Ascended Masters during the New and Full Moons. This is a book for all those wishing to deepen their connection with nature and take their spiritual practice to a new level or as a reference book for those leading sacred feminine groups, Red Tents, Magickal Yoga classes and Moon Blessing Ceremonies.

Buy the Book here: Moonology

Moon Journal by Sandy Sitron

In conjunction with Moonology you need a note book to jot down your findings and to discover more about yourself as you delve into your personal moon magick journey.

This beautiful and empowering journal from hypnotist, writer and astrologer, Sandy Sitron, is designed to help users unleash their full potential, guiding you through moon phases, zodiac signs, daily routines, rituals and manifestation.

For those with a love for journalling as well as an interest in the mystical- Moon Journal introduces the benefits of journalling in tune with the moon’s cycle, using its phases to reflect, set intentions, process, release and celebrate and enjoy life in all its facets. This journal is about reconnecting with the rhythm of nature, living at a gentler pace and in a state of flow, tuning into our lives and allowing us to harness our energy to create a more harmonious inner state that reflects outwards. Insightful, educational and beautifully designed, this journal is just so divine to read and use. Using the cycle of the moon and signs of the sun to evolve with awareness and create with intention, it empowers its users with possibility and potential, it encourages us to explore, develop, create and restore as well as celebrate the lives we are consciously manifesting.

Buy the Journal here: Moon Journal

Both these books together make great stocking fillers or birthday presents for a loved one who adores all things mystical and magickal!

I’ll be writing more about my priestess path, Tarot and being a ‘Yoga Witch’ alongside book and product reviews on mysticism and magick in future blog posts, but until then, here are a few links I believe you’d enjoy reading if this is a subject that interests you.

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Moon Paintings featured on this article are by the lovely Rachael Rice, do check out more of her work from her website: Magical•Radical

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