Mount Edgecombe with Millie

boat to mount edgecombe
The weather this weekend took a turn for the worst and it’s pretty grey outside with plentiful torrential rain, making it not likely to venture out into nature. Last Sunday was a different story, we took Jon’s parent’s puppy Milly out to Mount Edgcombe nature park. We took her by boat as that is the quickest way over there. Once over on the other side, you are literally in Cornwall, pretty strange feeling that Plymouth and Cornwall are separated by a river!

I have lived in Devon for nearly 5 years now and I am surprised I have never been to Mount Edgecombe considering it’s right on my door step! Since Milly is still a puppy, it is really important to encourage her to encounter new experiences and adventures as much as possible so all in one day she experienced the Royal William Yard which is an up and coming residential area with cafes and galleries on the harbour, being on a boat and going for a run around Mount Edgecombe. Needless to say, she was exhausted the next day from so much stimulation.

Mount Edgecombe is a beautiful nature park with botanical gardens, small coastal beach, woodland and a country estate house that looks like a small castle. The house is usually opened to the public but it was closed the day we went. During the summer months Mount Edgecumbe holds a number of events and festivals and you can imagine how lively a place it is with picnickers lounging in the sun, kids playing tag as they eat Cornish icecream and couples with dogs going for an afternoon stroll. I’ve said to Jon we must venture back here when it gets warmer and perhaps we should arrange a big family picnic for his birthday (weather permitted) in March?
I do hope we go back there so I can document the pretty gardens for you when they are in full bloom!

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