My trip up North, a time of Reflection

My time in the North of England visiting family and friends was good for me, it was a time of reflection and contemplation about the direction I want to go in with my career and life.
I’ve realized, Plymouth is not for me anymore, even though there are some loose ends to tie up and small things to do first before I move on (a sort of ticking things off the list so to speak), such as teaching classes in my local area, sorting out my teaching insurance, promo leaflets, website, Specialist TEFL teaching online course & attending my second Reiki workshop in May. Then after all of that, there is nothing in Plymouth for me anymore. By the end of March I’ll have also finished up the last two articles for Bad Yogi and Yogi Approved to give me a nice long writing hiatus to free up my time to put in motion my next step for my life. There is change in the air and I really don’t want to be in this part of the UK anymore or even this part of the world at all. I am searching for opportunities that suit me and thinking up ways to leave, I have itchy feet and a heart that has healed and is ready for the next adventure. I feel like something will happen over the next few months and although I am nervous because I feel like something is round the corner, I am also excited because I am bored out of my mind being in Plymouth.

Just spending time with my best friend performing and teaching in Liverpool showed me there is a huge creative and holistic hub where my line of work fits and in Blackpool I watched my Nephew attend swimming and gymnastic lessons at two different sports centres where their timetable may want to include a kids yoga teacher? And even in Preston, which is a big student city, is full of local, alternative businesses who happily allow teachers like me hire out their venue to facilitate workshops. The whole atmosphere up North felt more bohemian and more welcoming of individuals like me.

I am excited to have my website go live with brand new content but I will be keeping my Sunflower teeth website as an artist’s online portfolio and this lifestyle blog will remain the same. I am also creating new up to date resumes as an English, Art, Dance & Yoga teacher/holistic practitioner too. I have so much to work on and it feels like I am nesting in prep for the next phase, putting everything in order whilst I wait for the opportune moment, it’s all about divine timing.

Chatting for hours with my mum and best friend have given me the clarity I need. I found out certain aspects to my mum’s life are paralleled with mine and she has offered to help me fund the rest of my 200 hour yoga teacher training and to support me with this transitional period as I am with hers, and my best friend and I spent our days imagining running holistic music, art, dance & yoga workshops together around the North West. Another friend is in contact with a beautiful tea cafe owner who allows teachers to facilitate workshops in her cafe or assist her on her charity project in Gambia, these are all things I want to do and are within reach. I do believe before this year is up I’ll go back up North for a short while to promote my work in the community and to collaborate with friends. There is a Teen Yoga teacher training in Manchester at the end of October I am highly considering but between now and September I’ll be tying up loose ends here in the South West in preparation for a new chapter of my life.

In the mean time, alongside all of the little things I hope to do whilst I am still in Plymouth, I will be co-facilitating workshops with a few friends. One will be a two hour yoga & art workshop for tweens hopefully in May, another will be a monthly women’s circle involving yoga, belly dance & Reiki meditation at a local community centre and there is talk of me teaching children’s yoga at a festival in Dorset. So much is being planned, some of it may not come into being and that’s OK, but it feels good that these things are the final chapters to my time in Plymouth. It is coming up to the time now where I need to spread my wings and show people what I am made of after a few years of quiet servitude.

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