Quiet Pastimes

knitted mermaid tail
We spent the weekend relaxing in the Caravan in Par, Cornwall. It’s been so lovely to be wrapped up in my cozy woolly mermaid tail, listening to the heavy rain and reading the original Brother’s Grimm Fairy tales over herbal tea and chocolate cake.
Many people don’t like rainy days but it’s one of my favourite past times listening to the rain and watching birds play in the puddles.
It’s the simple things in life I cherish the most, I am not one to always like grandiose things because although sociable I’m also introverted. I just adore quiet things, cute handmade gestures, kindness, sweet kisses, the sound of my fingers leisurely turning the pages of a good book or enjoying a soft fruit smoothie.
On other news I’ve completed my third Pagan Priestess initiation. I’ve learned so much about the sacred celebration of Beltane and it’s symbolic flowers, colours, trees and deities.
It’s been quiet over here as we’ve been catching up on some much needed rest.
I hope everyone had a happy Beltane and May bank holiday.

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