Quotes I like from The Book of Dharma

The book of Dharma is a wonderfully enlightening book. Easy to read but full of wisdom Simon Haas invites you to explore what Dharma is and how to invoke it in your daily life. Dharma is an ancient system for bringing out your full potential, how to make enlightened choices and practice mindfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I think I read it in one sitting and I wanted to share some of the quotes that I loved. There were so many I underlined and framed for future reference but I can not and do not want to showcase them all on here, I wouldn’t want to spoil your full enjoyment of reading this book. So here are my top 12 quotes to tease you and hopefully encourage you to buy the book!

Indian Philosphy

book of Dharma

the Dharma code

yogic philosophy

yoga book

book reviewer

read this book

wonderful quote

spiritual quote


Hindu Philosophy
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