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Rhythm of Beauty now offer a beautiful range of yoga mat cleansing sprays which are 100% natural and organic, non sticky and utilizes gorgeous essential oils and flower extract, making your mat and practice feel fragrant and fresh.
As with all Rhythm of Beauty products, these mats are seasonal and flowers specific to that season will be used, all products are created with the moon cycles in mind as well- keeping in rhythm with the essence of mother nature at her finest.

Upon testing and now reviewing these sprays- They are just exquisite!

The word Shakti is Sanskrit for ‘Sacred Force’ or ‘Divine Feminine’
This spray has a gorgeously earthy and aniseed-like aroma to it that makes you feel grounded and primal, as though you’ve danced in a forest during a rainstorm. This rejuvenating and refreshing cleansing spray contains anti-bacterial and anti fungal fundamentals that work to eliminate sweat, odour and germs. its botanical ingredients include spring water infused with holy wood, rosewood, butterfly bush and lavender; to me, it embodies the primordial spirit of Durga, Hindu goddess of protection and courage. Selenite crystals are added which work with the crown charka and helps rid you of any stuck or stagnant energy to ensure a smooth flow of positive energy through your body, object a space. They are one of the most powerful crystals for energy clearing and energy cleansing.

Ananda Bliss
Ananda is Sanskrit for ‘Conscious Bliss’
This cleansing spay smells very soft and sweet with hints of a citrus-like scent.
This spray is my favourite because I’m a Libra and I love airy, floral scents. I’ve also been using this one as a room spray and it has been calming me down and aiding me in having a good nights rest. This gentle, soothing and nectarous aroma smells like spring dew on a tropical flower during sunrise, it contains anti bacterial and anti-fugal properties as well as herbal essences infused in spring water with botanicals such as Sage, Rose, Blossoms of Yarrow, Chamomile, and Lily working their magic to make your mat, clothing or room smell divine . This spray embodies the gentle nature of the goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of love, beauty, desire and abundance. rose quartz crystals are also included, which work with the heart chakra to bring peace, unconditional love and carries soft feminine energy that heals emotional wounds.

I feel that once I, myself am fully qualified as a Hatha and Yin (and possibly pregnancy) yoga teacher I would love to continue working with Louise and train as one of her Rhythm of Beauty Coaches and perhaps be involved in co-creating and promoting a collection of yoga sprays specific to different styles of yoga and meditation practices- I would even love to create a sacred dance (or belly dance) collection, that would be awesome!

These beautiful yoga mat sprays are mild and their scent is not overpowering, they can also be used as room sprays or freshen up your clothing. Just shake well to release a soft mist to cleanse and create a sacred space or blissful practice. These are also perfect stocking filler or extra gifts for a lovely yogi in your life this Christmas.

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