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The Rialto Poetry Magazine
I had been meaning to purchase a copy of the Rialto for a short while now, because I love poetry so much I am so glad such a magazine exists! This latest edition’s cover by Artist Alexandra Dvornikova really spoke to me and I know they say to never judge a book by its cover however this particular one really drew me in, probably because of my love of folkloric and pagan stories, the illustration reminded me of the pagan Kukeri costumes of strange beasts roaming through the villages of Bulgaria so I treated myself and bought it.

The Rialto magazine has been around since 1984 and was created by Michael Mackmin in Jurnet’s Bar at Wensum Lodge, Norwich, UK. Michael is still dedicated to the magazine to this day as the senior editor and continues to read the submissions and edit the content for all the books and the magazine. Mackmin has a stubborn idea that poetry is very important (which I agree with) and he works very hard to seek out new voices to be read.

The paper stock is a beautiful matte finish and of very high quality, there are 64 pages in this particular issue and 70+ poems covering a wide variety of subjects. Some of the poems selected are finalists from the Rialto’s pamphlet competition and the Rialto are very dedicated to supporting new talent, being inclusive and they are always hosting competitions and offer opportunities to write for their blog or create your own pamphlet which can be sold through them. Both Simon Armitage and Carol Ann Duffy are advocates for the Rialto also .

Since the weather in the UK has been absolutely gorgeous I ventured to our local park, lovingly called “Squirrel park” because it is home to many friendly squirrels and I sat in the sun, upon the grass to read the Rialto’s current edition. I have not read the magazine in its entirety due to wanting to savour every page but so far my favourite poems are “Pu” by Sean Wai Keung who is a British-Chinese poet and his poem “Pu” has a dream-like simplicity to it that I adored, I will be checking out more of his poetry soon and I also loved Rosemary Norman’s short poem entitled “Scent” with my favourite line at the end of the poem being “Let drop, a love surpassing sex and sonnets?” because of its raw sadness mixed with sensuality.

The Rialto brings a fresh new look at poetry and offers readers an array of poems, some simple, others difficult. Some by well known poets, others by unknowns from around the world. It has so far been a pleasure to read and I believe I will subscribe to their year long subscription. I would also love to see even just one of my poems published in their magazine, not just for myself but in honour of my aunt who was an amazing poet and playwright however she passed away in her early 50’s and lead a tragic life. A lot of my passion for writing is with her in mind.

I highly recommend purchasing this magazine if you love poetry or if you want to get more into poetry and you are not sure where to start? The Rialto’s selection of poetry is so varied and so beautiful, there is something in there for everyone.

You can visit their website for further information about subscriptions, submissions, pamphlets, books, competitions and written material on their blog. You can purchase back issues also.

Click here to visit their website: The Rialto- The poetry magazine

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